W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 3
Visitor x 2

Knock! Knock! “ Colbie open up”, “ No, no I'm not decent”. “ Colbie, it is me Camden”. “ Oh all right give me a second”, “ How are you this morning Colbie”, “ Never better, how's Talon?”. “ He is doing fine, I have
come to tell you the plans for tonight”. “ Okay tell me””, “ Well, at midnight Talon and I are going to break into the orphanage's unused funds, and steal them, then we are going to collect Payton from her room,
then Talon will unlock your door with his universal key, then from there
we will make our way out through the upstairs dining hall window, then we will come to the edge, then we will go down the fire escape, and make our way to the Yorkshire Docks, and we will board a ship and it will take us straight to Canada as planned, then from there we are home free”. “ I like that plan, who came up with it?”, “ That would be Talon”, “ Of course it was, what was I thinking, By the way do you happen to know the time Camden?”. “ Yes it is 4 pm, wow you slept in”, “ I know I did not have much else to do being locked in my room”, “ Good point, see you tonight I need to go prepare”. “ Wait, please tell Talon I said Hi, and thank you for everything”. “ Ya, sure no problem”. “ Thanks' bye”, “ Your welcome bye”.

Colbie had not much else to do so she decided to get a little more rest until
Talon, Camden, and Payton, came to get her. Mean while Camden and Talon are preparing their escape.

“ Talon! I told Colbie about the plan, did you tell Payton?”, “Ya, I did, did Colbie say anything about me while you were talking”. “ Yes, she said she wanted me to thank you for being so caring, and helpful to her and her sister”. “ Well, I would do anything for Payton, but especially for Colbie, I just really care about her and I have had a major crush on her since I first saw her”, “ I think she knows that, but I don't think she feels that way about you Talon, but I think she loves you as a really good friend”. “ I think your right, I need to focus on more important things in life at the moment”. “ All right, not exactly what I had in mind, but I guess that works too”, “ Well, enough small talk we have a plan to do lets get started”. “ Works for me”.


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