W.W.3 In The Beginning...
Author: inksoul9809

Chapter 1
Caught In The Act

Ahh! Colbie suddenly woke up to the sound of screams, she awoke as soon as she heard the racket, for she recognized that scream anywhere, she knew it was coming from the upstairs dining hall, Colbie quickly slipped out of bed and tip toed upstairs in her stocking bare feet, to find the window open right above the counter top, she climbed onto the counter and peaked outside to once again spot her sister Payton standing on the edge of the building, a drop that was about 50 feet above the ground, that could easily break someones neck if they fell.

“ Payton! What on earth are you doing out here come back in”, “ Colbie, I really don't know how I got out here, I think I must of slept walked again”. “Well, come over to the window very slowly and take my hand, I don't won't you to slip or catch a chill on such a cold evening”. “ Ok I think I got it”. “ all right just a little farther, now grab my hand”, “ I got it now pull me through”. “ Payton you just scared me half to death, your lucky I heard your scream”, “ I'm sorry Colbie”. “ Thats Okay just be more careful for now on”. “ Um, Colbie look behind you”. Colbie turned around and saw head mistress Wanda starring at them with that looks can kill frown, and with her arms crossed like a pretzel, as she proclaimed.
“ Well, Well what do we have here, a couple of our orphans trying to escape, why leaving so soon”, “ Oh head mistress, I'm sorry my sister was sleep walking and she was out on the edge I came to fetch her”. “ Likely story Colbie Tallis, for this in the morning no breakfast for
either one of you, and both of you will be locked in your rooms until further notice”. “ Head mistress! Colbie is telling the truth”. “ I don't think so, you really think i'm going to believe tales from an abandoned
14 year old girl, now go back to your rooms, Now!. “ Yes head mistress”.

Colbie scurried down the orphanage halls , and took her sister back to her room and tucked her in, and then she left without a second thought and headed back to her own room.


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