Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 57

From Christopher's P.O.V.

The feeling was strong now. I could almost touch Maggie with my heart. I knew I was close to her now. I sped my pace. slime slipped off my back and splatted the trees.
The thought of seeing Maggie again made me kept going. My body hurt from pressing for so long but my find focused on her and I knew it would be okay.
No one had ever put so much pressure on me. I had never had anyone in my life want to be with me. No one had ever even spoken to me unless they had too. Including my mother.
But Maggie was different. Even without the connection we have. I still think she wouldn't have said anything when she saw me coming out of the bushes that one night she was with her friends.
I still remember how it felt to see her the first time, to know that she was something different. She was better than something different. She was like me. She was beautiful, still is.
I stopped.
There she was. She was lying on the dirt curled up, still changed.
I crept closer to her side. Her breathing was deep and even. My body changed back to normal and I took my fingers and lifted the tangled bits of messy hair out from her eyes. I smiled.
Her body changed back to normal at my touch and she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to look at me. Her face lit up, "Christopher!" She shouted and wrapped her arms around my neck. I lifted her to her feet and held my arms around her.
We held each other for a while and then she sobbed, "I missed you so much, Christopher. I thought I was a goner the entire time. I tried to be strong but I could only hope for the best. I could only hope that we would find each other again." She let out a few gasps and tears rolled off her face onto my shoulders, "I was so worried about you. I'm so glad to see you."
I squeezed her tighter and held the tears in my eyes in, "I'm so glad you're safe Maggie. I'm so glad you are safe."
We released our grip on each other. I stared into her purple tinted wet eyes, "We need to get back now though, Maggie. Hailey needs us."
Maggie's face was concerned. She knew nothing of Hailey.
I was about to explain but then two pale figures dropped down from the trees above us and landed in the dim light of the morning. It was a handsome man with dark hair and a young blond woman with bright red lips. She looked familiar.
The man spoke, "Maggie didn't mention a Hailey." He took her fingers and pulled the hair away from Maggie's shoulders and onto her back. "You didn't mention Hailey, Maggie." He whispered into her ear.
I took a step closer to him, "Maggie doesn't know who Hailey is and I don't know who you are. Maggie didn't mention you either" I glared at him and he smirked.
"How could she have?"
"Is there a reason you're here Vampire?" I spit with disgust and the smile fell from his face.
He was about to speak when Maggie stopped him, "Stop it. Christopher, they are on our side. They are helping us."
Persephone laughed, "Don't get the idea we are in this for you, precious. I'm only hear for Madalla."
Christopher looked puzzled, "Why would you be in this for-"
Slake interrupted him, "That's a different story. What we need to hear is who Hailey is, and why there is such a rush to get back."
Christopher sighed, "Hailey is a fairy I rescued from the hospital. She is watching the-"
Maggie interrupted, "Hospital? When did you go to the hospital?"
"Maggie, stop. I'll explain later." I paused, "She is watching the tunnels for Madalla."
"Tunnels? She's alone? What about Gustus? Where is he?"
"The dog, Christopher?"
"I-" I had no idea where he had went. One minute he was telling me about fairies and the next he is gone. "I don't know."
Slake spoke, "Enough nonsense. I don't care about Gustus the dog. I don't care about Hailey the fairy. I care about Madalla! Madalla! Persephone cares about killing Madalla! That is why we are here. So lets go!"
I coughed, "Why would she want to kill Madalla? What do you two have against her?"
Slake laughed, "Who doesn't have something against her? " Then he explained who Persephone was to me.
I was shocked really. I couldn't speak for a moment. I had no idea Madalla even had a daughter. "How are you so much older if Slake changed you when you were a girl?"
Slake sighed, "I held myself together for a few years okay. I wanted to wait until she was old enough to change her."
"Old enough for what?"
"None of your business, beast."
I glared. Maggie smiled at me, "Its a lot to catch up on Christopher, I know. But now can you tell us why there are two tunnels?"
"One is the real thing and one is a fake. We thought maybe if Madalla got there before we did then it might slow her down."
Persephone laughed, "I didn't know you beasts could be so smart."
I gave her a rude smile, "Thanks, Miss murder your own Mother."
Persephone growled at me.
Maggie raised her hands to us, "Lets go. We don't have much time."
Slake laughed, "We will never make it at the pace of you two."
Maggie furrowed her eyebrows, "Well what do you suppose we do? Climb on your backs and let you carry us?"
Slake raised his eyebrows and smirked, "That could work." He walked to Maggie and lifted her up in his arms like a princess. She laughed and then put her arms around her neck. I looked to Persephone who was glaring. Obviously, jealous of Maggie. We were on the same boat.
Slake nodded from me to Persephone, "Carry him, Seph."
Persephone's mouth dropped open, "I'm carrying him?"
"Who else?"
She stomped over to me and let me climb on her back, "Why do I have to carry the dirt?"
Slake laughed, "Because I'd rather carry the pretty dirt."
Something inside me twinged at his words. Persephone's shoulders sank, she wasn't too happy with what he said either.
I didn't like Slake.


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