Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 56
Dinner with Vampires

From Maggie's P.O.V.

I could feel the speed of the vampires around me. The trees swayed with the force of their winds. They were quicker than me and I could sense they weren't familiar with traveling at such a slow pace. However, I couldn't push myself any farther than I was going. I had never been in these unfamiliar trees before and it had been quite a while since I had eaten.
There was a soft tingling in my heart that told me Christopher was still far away. Would we ever find him? Would I ever see his bright yellow eyes again?
Suddenly, I was stopped. The path in front of me was blocked by Persephone's pale feel. I looked up. Her finger was held to her bright red lips. She shushed me but her eyes were on something else.
I turned in the dirt slowly. Slake was tiptoeing through the trees. A small distance away I saw a fire burning.
Time to eat.
Persephone and I waited where we were while Slake slipped closer to the campsite. A few moments later the fire went out in the distance and Persephone motioned me to follow her into the trees. Slowly, we crept into the trees.
I heard Slake whisper, "I get the bigger one, you get the smaller one. She gets the leftovers." Persephone smirked.
In the dim moonlight I could see Persephone and Slake moving quickly and could hear the quick movements on the ground along with the beating of a body and the cries of a man and women.
The woman's face fell to my side. She looked in horror at my beastly figure and let out a scream as Persephone knelt down beside her and pulled her head upward. She bit into the woman's neck and let out a sigh. She closed her eyes in relief. A clear drop of venom slid down the woman's skin. The rest had successfully made it into her body despite her thrashing around and her body shook ferociously. Then her eyes went cold and her skin turned pale and she was still.
I turned my gaze away but I could still hear the slurping and sucking from Persephone's mouth.
What would it feel like to literally have the life sucked out of you? Like being stabbed with a straw and slurped till every piece of you is dead.
I shuddered. The body fell in front of me, lifeless. Then another was thrown on top of her.
It was the body of a broad man. He had the same dead look on his face that the woman did.
Slake wiped his mouth with his hand and drops of blood splattered onto the dead man's face. He chuckled down at me, "Eat up," He gave me a quick smile and then him and Persephone walked into the distance behind a tree. I could Persephone pick up Slake's hand and lick off the blood he had wiped from his face. Then Slake and put his hand into her hair and went closer to face when they slipped into the darkness.
What a dream living with vampires. Getting all the dry meat.
I decided vampires were not my favorites. At all. I felt lower than dirt.
I sloppily ate the meat of the couple. By far the worst meal I had ever eaten, but it was something. I hadn't eaten in a while and it felt good to have a full stomach.
We began searching the minute I was finished.
I felt something surge through me a bit. My connection with Christopher grew stronger and I knew which direction I should start heading.
Christopher had changed.
He was looking for me.
I stopped quickly and slid in the dirt a bit. A few moments later the vampires had realized I had stopped and were standing in front of me.
Persephone put her hands to her hips, "Whats the problem beasty?"
I narrowed my eyes at her, "The feeling is strong. Christopher is looking for me. It might take less time if we wait for him to find me. It would make more sense just to get some sleep while he searched instead of wandering the forest."
Slake laughed, "Good plan. You sleep. We'll wait."
Persephone pursed her lips, "The dead don't sleep, precious."
I laughed, "You should probably get in the trees."
Persephone scowled, "What am I a monkey?"
"If you don't hide, when Christopher finds me, he'll see you as a threat and cause trouble before I can explain things. It's best if you get in the trees."
Persephone opened her mouth to protest again but Slake cleared his throat and motioned for her to follow. She slumped off and followed him to a tree.
I curled up on the dirt floor and slowly closed my eyes with a smile.
I could feel Christopher getting closer.


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