The Assassin
Author: Phoenix Heart

Chapter 9
Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII

I sat down on a chair in the quarters and Ali stormed in after me.

“You bastard, why did you just leave him to die!?” Ali screamed at me, getting in my face.

“It was a hopeless attempt to save him and a waste of energy and supplies,” I said.

     Ali looked at me and I could see the tears growing in her eyes.

     I stood up and lifted her chin so she could look me in the eyes.

“It was hopeless, he’s with his parents now,” I said.

     Ali then practically fell against me and I wrapped my arms around her.

“I’m sorry, I wish it could’ve been differently,” I said to her as she sobbed.

     Rosa then appeared and looked distressed.

“What is it?” I asked her, moving away from Ali.

“Rook… he’s here,” she said.

     Ali and I looked at each other and then we all ran out to where we could hear screams.

     Rook was trashing several different quarters belonging to the refugees.

“That bastard!” I yelled, firing my grappling hook up at the ceiling.

     It gripped on and I swung through the air and kicked Rook in the chest. He didn’t fall, but instead grabbed my legs and threw me into a tent.

“There is the traitor, kill him!” Rook shouted and the two other assassins appeared.

     The one with the twin wave swords, Jose, came swinging his weapons at me. I pulled my crossbow out and began firing arrow after arrow at him, but he blocked each one with his swords.

     I shot my grappling hook up at the ceiling to get away and then dropped back down behind Jorge with my blade out.

The other assassin, Alejandro, appeared and swung his ax at me, but I ducked under it, and Ali appeared and kicked Alejandro squarely in the jaw, knocking him through another tent.

He stood to his feet and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Wanna dance, chica?” Alejandro asked.

“Sure, I’ll lead,” Ali responded in a very dangerous voice, rolling across the ground, and thrusting upward with her daggers.

     Rook drew his saber and Jose began swinging his wave swords. Rosa appeared on my left and began blocking Jose’s swipes, so I directed everything on Rook.

     I blocked his first strike and punched him in the face with my other hand. He elbowed me in the side of the head, knocking me to the ground. I rolled out of the way of his saber as he thrust it downward, and kicked out his legs from underneath him. I tried to cut out his throat, but he blocked it with his saber and kicked me in the chest.


Ali was ducking, jumping, sidestepping, and doing everything in her power to avoid Alejandro’s ax. She turned and ran and Alejandro followed her.

“Quit playing hard to get,” Alejandro commented as he chased her.

     Ali ran up the side of a wall and did a back flip over Alejandro, but he caught her by one of her legs and slammed her to the ground. Ali began kicking him right in the face several times, causing Alejandro to release her.

     Ali got to her feet and stabbed one of her daggers into Alejandro’s shoulder. He punched her in the face and lifted her up by her hair before throwing her against the wall.


Rosa was struggling keeping up with Jose being down two weapons to one. We had our backs to each other, blocking and swiping our weapons at our opponents.

“Get down!” I shouted, taking both of us to the ground.

     I had seen Gerardo approaching Jose from behind and began firing arrows at him. Jose wasn’t prepared and took five arrows in the back and two through the back of his head. He fell over dead and Gerardo kept firing arrows at Rook who grabbed a large plank of wood to use as a shield.

     Rook then took a spear off of his back and threw it at Gerardo, impaling him in the chest. I watched as the best archer being taught by me fell over and died.

     I glared at Rook and began plowing my blade against his makeshift shield, yelling out in anger. Rosa used my back as a launching point to jump over Rook’s defenses and swiped down onto his back with her blade. Rook grunted in pain and glared at us.


Ali was hiding behind a tent as Alejandro walked by.

“Come out, come out wherever you are, beautiful, heh, heh, heh,” Alejandro growled.

     Ali watched as he walked away and let out a sigh. Suddenly he burst through the tent and threw her aside.

“Found you, honey,” he growled.

     Ali rolled onto her back and started crawling away. She started smiling as Alejandro stood over her.

“Yeah, smile before I kill you, babe,” Alejandro growled.

     Ali then slid forward between Alejandro’s feet, slicing two daggers through his ankles. Alejandro yelled out in pain and dropped to both knees, dropping his ax in the process. Ali grabbed his ax and kicked Alejandro onto his back.

“Be sure to smile before I kill you, babe,” Ali said dangerously before slamming the ax blade down onto Alejandro’s face, vertically splitting his face in half.

     Ali stood erect and walked away.

I was viciously hacking away at Rook’s makeshift shield with my Gauntlet’s blade then ripped it out of his grasp, throwing him off balance.

     Before I could deliver a fatal blow; however, he grabbed Rosa and held his saber against her throat.

“Let her go!” I shouted at him.

“Nah… I’m gonna take her with me, and if you follow, I will kill her,” Rook said.

“Ramón, kill him, do not fret about me!” Rosa called out.

“No, I will not allow him to kill another,” I said.

“What happened to you, Ramón, you used to be our best assassin, but then you grew a damned conscience!” Rook snapped at me.

“I grew a damned heart, something you clearly lack. Maybe you weren’t close to your whore mother,” I responded.

     Suddenly smoke began to fill up the area and I lunged at Rook, pulling his saber away from Rosa’s throat with my Gauntlet and threw her out of the way. Rook then punched me in the face and I fell onto my back. As the smoke cleared away, Rook was gone.

     Ali approached me and helped me to my feet. I looked over at Rosa and she was okay.

“He’s going to tell the Holy Church where we all are, they are going to slaughter all of us, kids, women, men, even the elderly,” Ali said.

“They will not care who they slaughter as long as they believe that they’re doing it in the name of God,” Rosa added.

“Then we need to accelerate our plans and begin the assault on the Holy Church, and then we can watch them all burn in Hell!” I exclaimed in anger.



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