The Assassin
Author: Phoenix Heart

Chapter 6
Chapter V

Chapter V

I dreamt that night. I was back at my home and I was lying in my bed. Diana climbed on top of me and straddled my chest. She smiled down at me and I smiled up at her.

     Suddenly her chest exploded in blood as Rook’s saber burst through her chest. Diana let out a gasp and blood trickled out from her mouth before she died. I cried out her name before I woke up suddenly, bringing the hidden blade out of my Gauntlet and pointing it right at Ali’s face.

     She looked scared.

“Calm down, it’s just me,” she said, looking past the blade and right into my eyes.

     I relaxed and retracted my blade.

“You were having a bad dream; do you care to talk about it?” Ali asked me.

“No,” I muttered, shaking my head.

“Okay, Ramón,” Ali said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

     She turned and walked out of her quarters.

“Feel free to walk around, but do not start any fights, we cannot afford to lose any soldiers,” Ali said, winking at me.

     I let myself smile weakly and watched her leave for parts unknown.

     I sat there before the growling of my stomach made me stand to my feet. I dressed quickly and walked out of the quarters.

     Several of the refugees were still asleep, so there was no worry that a fight could start between one of them and me. I ran into Rosa, who was sitting in front of a fire pit, poking at the embers with a curved sword.

“Morning,” I said to her, nodding curtly.

“Morning,” she responded, smiling.

     She stood to her feet.

“Is that your sword?” I asked her.

“It was my father’s before he was killed…,” Rosa said.

     I looked away.

“It wasn’t you, it was a rookie assassin,” Rosa said.

     That still didn’t make me feel any less guilty.

“I realize I am solely responsible for placing half of these people in this situation,” I muttered.

“But you cannot dwell on it like a fear,” Rosa said, smiling at me.

     I nodded.

“So what kind of training are we doing today?” Rosa asked me.

“We will find out,” I said.

     I walked away from her and went into the back part of the catacombs where a waterfall came out from the ceiling and made an underground spring.

     I looked around and saw no one, so I stripped down to my undergarments and dove into the spring. I came up and stuck my face into the waterfall to see the other side.

     I heard a scream and saw an unclothed Ali from the waist up staring right back at me. I backed up immediately and turned my back to her. I honestly didn’t know what to say.

“What are you doing!?” she asked me.

“I was going to bathe,” I said.

“That’s what I was doing,” she said.

“Well, I hadn’t a clue,” I responded.

     We then went into a silence.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized.

     I started to go back toward where my clothes are.

“Ramón, wait,” Ali responded.

     I turned back to the waterfall. She then appeared right in front of me.

“Don’t worry, I’m clothed now,” she said.

     She swam around me and smiled slightly before splashing water at me. I dove underwater quickly, leaving Ali to look around nervously. I grabbed her by her ankles and pulled her under. She kicked at me and slipped out of my grip.

     We both emerged and laughed a little bit.

“We do need some recreational activities such as this to keep a level head,” I said.

     Ali nodded and then moved in close and put her lips against mine. I immediately pushed her away and turned away from her.

“Not that recreational,” I muttered, swimming out of the spring.

     I grabbed my clothes and walked back to the quarters, leaving Ali on her own.


I found a towel in the quarters to dry myself off and I dressed. I sat down on a chair and thought about what just happened.

     Ali soon stepped in and we didn’t look at each other. She was already dried and dressed and she tossed a wet towel wrapped around her wet clothes into her section of the quarters.

“I’m sorry,” she said timidly.

     I didn’t respond.


Later that day we began more training. Ali and I stood side-by-side and looked down at the revolutionaries-in-training.

“How many of you have a weapon of any kind?” I asked them.

     Rosa pulled out her sword and only a handful of others pulled out small knives, daggers, and an ax along with crossbows. Ali pulled out several small daggers.

“We need to get these people armed,” I said to her.

“Well, we’re not an armory, we’re a refugee camp,” Ali responded quickly.

“Then we need to go up to the surface to receive some weapons,” I said.

“You mean steal them from the Holy Church’s Armory?” Ali asked me in surprise.

     I nodded.

“No, we’re not thieves,” Ali said.

“We’re stealing from the very people who have stolen our families, our homes, our lives and our freedom! I think that is justified and forgiven!” I snapped.

     Ali flinched and nodded at me. She then turned to the people.

“Ramón and I will go up to the surface and get as many weapons as we can,” Ali said.

“I have a few bags that are big enough to carry a great sword that you can use to carry them,” a man said to us.

“That would be much appreciated,” Ali said to the man.


I strapped my crossbow to my back and fitted my Gauntlet onto my right hand. I slid my hood over my head and looked at Ali.

     She had wrapped her cowl around her face and fitted her smokescreen glove around her hand. She also had several daggers sheathed in a belt that she hung over her chest off of her shoulder. She hid it behind a cloak and slid her hood over her head.

“There is an underground entrance to the Armory,” Ali said to me.

     I nodded in confirmation and followed her through the catacombs and to this entrance.

“Damn it, the ladder must’ve broken away from the rust,” Ali muttered, pointing out a broken ladder.

“I got it,” I said, firing my grappling hook at the entrance.

     It hit the door and opened it before locking onto the ceiling of the Armory.

“Hold on,” I said, wrapping an arm around Ali’s waist, and pulling her in close to me.

     I began retracting the wire back into my Gauntlet and it hoisted both of us up into the air.

“I wanted to apologize again for kissing you,” Ali said.

“It’s not that you’re unattractive or anything, it’s just that I still love my wife,” I said to her.

“I understand,” Ali said.

     We were in the Armory and I pulled my grappling hook back into my Gauntlet.

“We have to be careful, this is where the assassins get their weapons,” I whispered to Ali.

     She nodded and we began filling up the three bags with as many knives, daggers, short swords, and arrows as possible. I grabbed a large handful of arrows and loaded them specifically for my crossbow. I then saw a whole rack of swords and shields that would be perfect, but there was no room in the bags.

“Drop them,” I whispered to Ali.

     She nodded and dropped the bags down into the catacombs. I pushed the rack forward and began unloading the swords and shields down into the catacombs.

     Ali was behind me when the door to the Armory opened up and Shadow had caught us. I brought the blade out of my Gauntlet, but I was kicked down through the doorway and back down into the catacombs.

     Ali reacted fast and began swinging one of her daggers at Shadow, but the female assassin easily ducked and dodged her strikes and kicked Ali in the stomach.

     Shadow grabbed Ali by her hair and pulled her head back, placing one of her daggers against her throat.

“Time to die, bitch,” Shadow smirked.

     I then appeared on my grappling hook and kicked Shadow in the face. She fell off of Ali without harming her.

“Come on!” I shouted at Ali as Shadow got up to run off.

“No, we have to stop her before she tells someone about the entrance!” Ali called out, running after Shadow.


Shadow ran into the lobby, but found out that no one was there. Ali then appeared and tackled her from behind.

“Time for you to die, bitch,” Ali spat.

     Shadow then elbowed her in her face and knocked her onto her back. Shadow stood to her feet and brought out her dagger and Ali took out her own.

     They lunged at each other and lashed out their weapons, but both came up empty in delivering a blow with their weapons.

     Shadow then tackled Ali to the ground, but was slashed in the face with Ali’s dagger.

“Aww, did I cut up your pretty, little face?” Ali teased.

     Shadow punched her in the face and tossed her dagger aside. She tried to stab Ali with her dagger, but Ali sprayed smoke from her glove in Shadow’s face and punched her in the face, knocking her back.

     Ali kicked Shadow’s dagger out of her hand and took the assassin to the ground. Ali grabbed a hold of Shadow’s hair with one hand and began punching Shadow in the face.

     Ali sat down on Shadow’s chest and continuously punched her. Shadow then lifted her legs and wrapped them around Ali’s neck and began choking her.

     Shadow knocked Ali off of her and kept her in the hold. Ali reached out and managed to grab Shadow’s dagger and stabbed it into Shadow’s leg.

     Shadow yelled out in pain and Ali punched her hard in the stomach to get her off of her. Ali stood to her feet and had her back to the fireplace. She grabbed Shadow by her hair and pulled her up to her feet and began punching her in the face several times. Shadow then grabbed Ali’s hair and slammed her head into the mantle above the fireplace.

     Ali fell to the ground and looked up at Shadow who stood over her. Ali’s head was near the cackling fires of the fireplace as Shadow sat down on her chest and began choking her.

“Time to send you to hell, bitch,” Shadow spat, grabbing a fireplace poker.

     She swung her arm back and Ali looked at the fire above her head and managed to smack a chunk of burning wood, spitting sparks and embers onto Shadow’s face and chest.

     Shadow screamed out and fell off, dropping the fireplace poker. Ali grabbed the solid iron fireplace poker and slammed the spike that stuck out to the side of it into Shadow’s chest.

     Shadow grunted and blood sprayed from her mouth. Ali pulled her weapon out and then stabbed the end of it straight into Shadow’s face, killing her.

     Ali was sitting on her stomach, breathing hard.

“Good job,” I said.

     Ali looked over at me and saw me leaning up against the wall.

“How long were you there?” she asked me as I approached her.

“The whole time,” I said, helping her to her feet.

“And you didn’t think once to help me?” she asked me.

“No, this was your fight, and I needed to see if you could handle an assassin,” I said.

“And what would you of done if she did kill me?” Ali asked me.

“She wouldn’t have, if she got the upper hand for too long, I would’ve shot an arrow straight into her head,” I said, showing off my loaded crossbow.

     Suddenly the Holy Church’s messenger walked into the study and I fired the loaded arrow into his throat.

     I then grabbed both the messenger and Shadow by their feet and dragged them away. I threw their bodies down into the catacombs.

     I then cleaned up the study and the Armory and then dropped down into the catacombs. Ali dropped down after me and I caught her.

     I fired my grappling hook at the door and closed it. I grabbed all three of the bag full of weapons and dragged Shadow’s body behind me as Ali and I walked back to the refugee camp.

     I dropped the weapons in front of the revolutionaries and pinned Shadow’s body up to a wall of the training area with an arrow through her chest.

“Ali has just killed an assassin, her first one, she deserves your respect!” I shouted. 

     Everyone began applauding her and I supported her as she waved at them, accepting the applause.

“Now, I want you all to weapon-up,” I ordered.

     Everyone went to the bags and the swords and the shields to armor up.

     Ali moved to grab her own weapons, but I grabbed her shoulder.

“No, come with me,” I said, leading her away.



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