The Assassin
Author: Phoenix Heart

Chapter 5
Chapter IV

Chapter IV

Ali and I stood side-by-side on a ledge that overlooked the whole refugee camp.

“Excuse me, could I ask of your attention?” she asked them.

     Everyone gave her their attention to show their respect. Ali then nodded at me and I stepped forward.

“I’m not going to start off with a lie; I am an assassin for the Holy Church,” I said.

     The entire area went into uproar and I looked at Ali.

“Told you they wouldn’t take it lightly,” I muttered.

“Quiet down!” Ali called out.

     It took them a few minutes, but everyone quieted down.

“Now that that’s settled, I am going to train whoever wishes to join the revolt against the Church,” I said.

“Why would you help us?” a man asked.

“Because I want to see the Holy Church burn to the ground,” I responded.

“Why?” a woman asked.

“It’s a long story,” I muttered.

“Anyways, Ramón is going to help train us for the revolt. I know I cannot ask of any of you to trust this bastard as far as you can throw him, but I ask of you all to put your trust in me,” Ali said.

     I looked at Ali and she smiled at me. A few men stepped forward, but definitely not enough to stage an assault.

“He has the skills and knows the layout of the Holy Church better than anyone,” Ali pointed out.

     A few more men and women stepped forward. Finally enough to stage the assault stepped forward. I looked at Ali and nodded.


She led us all to a large courtyard within the catacombs.

“This will be our training area,” she said.

     She then looked at me.

“First, we will be learning about hand-to-hand combat, now I’m going to need someone to spar with,” I said, taking my Gauntlet off of my arm and putting it in a pile with my crossbow.

     No one stepped forward. I heard Ali let out a sigh.

“I’ll spar with you,” she said, walking out in front of me.

“Alright… punch me as hard as you can,” I said.

     Ali then threw a very fast punch that even I was surprised at, but I caught her fist in the palm of my hand, twirled her arm around her back, and pinned her up against the wall, placing my hand on the back o her neck.

“Take your opponent’s momentum and use it against them,” I said, releasing Ali.

     She looked at me.

“You okay?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she responded.

“Good. Now throw another punch,” I said.

     She looked at me and hesitated before throwing a second punch. I caught her fist again and twisted her arm out in front of her and placed my hand against her elbow.

“Hit their elbow with enough force, you’ll break their entire arm back,” I said.

     I let Ali go. She glared at me.

“Alright, I’ll throw punches and you try to block,” I said.

     I threw a punch using only half my strength and speed and Ali caught it easily and twisted it behind my back. She slammed me up against the wall rather hard and she got cheers from the refugees watching.

“Good, you learn fast, but you made a mistake,” I said.

“What mistake?” she questioned me.

     I used my superior strength to spin her against the wall. I raised a fist and held it an inch from her face.

“You never try to pin a larger target, you will never succeed. They’ll overpower you and then kill you,” I said, stepping back from Ali.

     She looked down at her feet, but I grabbed her chin gently, the same way I usually did with Diana when she felt down.

“Don’t feel too bad, you’ll learn,” I said.

     Ali smiled and nodded.

“Now I want everyone to pair up!” I shouted.

     Everyone started pairing up.

“I never expected a murderer like him to be sort of kind,” I heard a woman mutter to her partner.

“I still don’t trust him,” her partner muttered.

     Ali and I watched as the men and women began sparring.

“Stop!” I shouted suddenly after seeing several wrongs.

     Everyone stopped and looked right at me.

“That was pathetically wrong,” I muttered.

     Ali looked at me like I was crazy. I walked out into the middle of the group. I stopped in between a man and a woman.

“You’re stronger than she is, use that!” I snapped at the man.

“And you’re faster than he is, use that!” I snapped at the woman.

     The woman nodded timidly. The man just glared at me.

“Let me spar with you!” the man exclaimed at me.

“Fine, let’s just end this early, throw a punch,” I muttered.

     The man didn’t waste any time and threw a really sloppy punch that I just sidestepped and watched him fall over his own feet.

“I really expected more,” I muttered.

     The man stood to his feet and threw another punch, but I ducked under it, and threw him over myself. I looked at the woman he was sparring with.

“Maybe you can do better,” I muttered at her.

     She smiled at me and blushed slightly.

     The man tried to punch me from behind, but I spun around, and caught his fist. I punched him with his own fist and pinned the man onto the ground. I then pulled a knife from a sheath wrapped around my ankle.

     Everyone was at a standstill as I pointed the point of the knife at the man’s right eye.

“You’re lucky I don’t just kill you right now,” I said.

     Ali got the bravery to place a hand on my shoulder. I looked over at her and sighed. I stood to my feet and sheathed my knife.

“If you ever try to hit me when I’m not looking again, I will kill you without any hesitation,” I warned the man.

     He looked at Ali for assistance.

“I’m not going to help you, Fernando,” Ali said.

     The man stood to his feet and stormed off.

“Alright, what is your name?” I asked the woman.

“Rosa,” she said timidly.

“We’ll spar,” I said.

     Her eyes widened and she backed away.

“Come on, spar with me,” I said.

     Rose shook her head. She was obviously scared.

“Rosa, spar with me or you will have to leave. I cannot have you in the militia if you’re scared,” I said.

     Rosa stepped forward. She threw a punch at me that I caught in my fist easily.

“Again,” I said, giving her hand back to her and letting my hand fall to my side.

     Rosa threw a second punch, but I caught it despite it being faster.

“Again,” I said.

     Rosa kept throwing punches, but I kept catching them in my hands. We did it for about twenty more times before she stopped.

“I’m not going to be able to punch past you,” she said.

“I know that,” I said.

“Then, why do it so many times?” Rosa asked me.

“So you won’t be afraid,” I said.

“How is that supposed to make me not be afraid?” Rosa asked me.

“Before we did this, you refused to say a word. Now you’re talking to me with full sentences,” I said.

     Rosa looked at me for a moment to think over what I had said. She didn’t look as timid anymore. She then smiled at me and nodded.

“You’re going to make it, kid,” I said, patting her on the shoulder.


     We kept the hand-to-hand training going throughout the night and by morning, we were all exhausted.

“Alright, you all deserved some sleep, I suggest you get some food, some water, and get that sleep,” I said.

     Everyone left Ali and me alone in the courtyard.

“You deserved some sleep as well,” she said to me.

     I nodded and she led me to her quarters. She laid out some sheets on an old mattress.

“Um… here’s some bread,” Ali said as I sat down on one of the chairs in her quarters.

     I took the bread and just nibbled on it.

“Um, I have to get undressed,” Ali said.

     I nodded and turned away as she changed into a nightgown.

“Alright,” she said.

     I turned back around and took another small bite out of the bread. I finished the bread and then took off my trench coat and shirt.

“What are you doing?” Ali asked as her cheeks tinged scarlet.

“I’m getting ready for slumber,” I said.

     Ali looked away awkwardly as I walked over to my mattress nonchalantly.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked her.

“Nothing…,” she muttered.

     She then quickly disappeared behind the curtain where her mattress was and didn’t come back out.

     I laid there on the mattress and looked at the ceiling above me.

“Good night, Diana,” I said before falling asleep.



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