The Assassin
Author: Phoenix Heart

Chapter 2
Chapter I

Chapter I

I had just one target to take out this night. His name was Eduardo Suarez and the Holy Church wanted him dead. He had been witnessed swearing there wasn’t a God in the tavern. The Church does not care that he was in a drunken stupor at the time, the crime was done, and he was to face the consequences.

     It was around four in the morning and Suarez was walking away from the tavern. He was drunk and stumbled around like a mad man with a bottle of liquor in his left hand. I watched him from the rooftops and tried deciding which way to end him. Finally I decided.

     My Gauntlet was a specially designed, metallic glove that slid over my right hand. At the bottom was a slot where if I clenched my fist, a hidden blade would extend. There was a second button on the end of it that would activate a grappling hook that I used to propel myself throughout the city.

     I aimed my Gauntlet at Suarez and fired the grappling hook. It went right past the front of him and then retracted, stabbing the barbed blades into his throat. Suarez screamed out in pain as I retracted the grappling hook, dragging him along the ground. He hit the wall and was dragged up the side of it, leaving a trail of blood. I ripped the grappling hook out of his throat and he immediately began to bleed out. He looked up at me with pleading eyes as my grappling hook disappeared back into the top of my Gauntlet.

“May God have mercy on your soul,” I muttered, blessing Suarez before driving my Gauntlet’s blade into his chest, ending his suffering and his life.

     I stood erect and sighed. I walked away and immediately began cleaning my blade before bringing it back into my Gauntlet.


I walked back to my home and snuck in through the window. My beloved wife was asleep on our bed. I walked to my oak desk and slid my Gauntlet off and laid it onto my desk.

“Ramón, is that you?” my beloved asked of me.

“Shh… yes it is me,” I said, trying to quiet her.

     I walked over to her after dropping my crossbow to the ground. I saw her shift in bed and her face illuminated in front of me as the clouds unveiled the full moon. She was wearing a white nightgown that hung loose against her body. I took the belt that hung over my shoulder off and let it fell to the ground. I then took my silk, hooded coat, leather vest, and cotton shirt off and climbed into bed with her.

“Diana, I love you,” I said, kissing her on the forehead.

     She smiled at that and nuzzled up against my side, resting her arm on my chest and her head on my arm.

“I love you too, Ramón,” Diana responded, falling asleep against me.


I walked away from my home as soon as Diana left for the market and went for the Holy Church. The Holy Church was the largest building in the city. It was a massive, five-story square fortress with a courtyard inside the walls and a massive, twenty-story bell tower in the middle of it. The canal that cut the entire city in half laid right outside of the Holy Church’s walls.

     I walked into the building past the armed guards. They knew who I was and they feared me. I sat myself down in the study. The study was a large room with a few lounges and a fireplace off to one side. The other three walls were covered from floor to ceiling of Bibles and other religious books.

The Holy Church’s messenger arrived and handed me my assignments before leaving without a single word.

     I read over my three assignments and memorized myself with them. I walked over to the fireplace and threw them into the cackling inferno. I then walked out of the study without a word.


My first target was a protestor, Eduardo Gutierrez that has been trying to convince the city’s people of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It is illegal to speak of the works or words of such radicals within the city’s limits.

     I followed him through the city and watched him make a shortcut through an alleyway. Now that we were alone, I pulled out a strand of piano wire. I clenched it in both hands and pulled it into the front of his neck. Eduardo tried to struggle, but I just pulled the piano wire into the flesh of his neck, cutting through his jugular vein. He fell over onto his face and didn’t move.

     I used my boot to flip him over onto his back. He was dead and was staring right at me. I knelt down and closed his eyes as a sign of respect, before pulling the garrote out of his throat and walking away.


My second target was a noblewoman, Angelica Rosso. She was a downright Atheist and she was not afraid to flaunt it all over town like a whore.

     I stood perched atop a roof and waited for her carriage to pass by the main street as it normally does. I aimed my crossbow and fired an arrow into the side of her carriage. I saw blood splatter all over the inside of it. The driver stopped and turned to see what had just happened as the people on the street began screaming and looking around frantically from where the arrow had come from, but I was already moving on to my next target.


My third target was a worker, Benito Gonzalez, in the factory who proclaimed that the Sun was the center of the universe and not the Earth. He was in his home and I knocked on his door. He opened the door and made it quick, stabbing him through the chest with my Gauntlet’s blade.

“No!” I heard a woman scream.

     A woman inside of the home, whom I presumed to be Benito’s wife, stood to her feet, and grabbed her son. I pulled my blade out and threw the deceased man to the ground.

“I am so sorry, but I have to do this,” I said as I walked into the house and closed the door behind me.

“No! Please, God don’t let him do this!” the woman screamed.

“Shh…,” I said, bringing out my crossbow and loading two arrows.

“It will be over soon,” I said, aiming the crossbow at the woman’s skull before firing.

     I looked at the son. He must’ve been only about five years old. I sighed and loaded a second arrow. The child just stood there in absolute fear as I aimed it at his skull.

“God, protect his soul,” I muttered under my breath as I pulled the trigger.


That last assignment left me so unnerved. I ran back to the Holy Church and burst into the Cathedral to have all of it washed away.

     I stripped naked and dunked myself into a tub of holy water. I submerged myself completely under the water and screamed it all away until I needed to emerge for air.

“Hello, Ramón,” the leader of the Holy Church, Padre, said to me.

“Greetings Padre,” I responded, nodding as water dripped from my hair.

“Remember, this is all what God wants,” Padre reminded me.

     He knew that I go here to wash it all away when an assignment affects me like this one did.

“I just don’t comprehend why His will is to kill a child so young,” I muttered.

“No one knows of His will,” Padre responded.

“This world is changing,” I said.

“Yes it is, the world is changing, but against God,” Padre said.

“They claim such ridiculous assumptions and yet I feel so drawn toward them,” I admitted.

“Don’t be a fool, Ramón, do not be a fool,” Padre said to me sharply.

“Yes, Padre,” I responded, nodding.

“Good boy, now dress up, and go home,” Padre said, handing me a towel.


After I dried and dressed, I moved out of the Cathedral and made my way from the Holy Church, but bumped into another assassin, Rook.

     Rook was a large man that towered over me. He was stronger, but I was faster and more skilled of a fighter.

“Watch it,” he growled.

     I ignored him and kept on my way.



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