Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 55

From Christophers P.O.V.

Hailey nodded, "There is a possibility that Maggie is now a witch, considering she has been with a group of them for a while."
I sighed, "Well she is with them now is she?"
"I don't exactly know whats going on Christopher. I'm a new fairy, my powers aren't steady yet."
"And what would you know about being a 'New Fairy'?" I yelled in anger, "You know nothing of what being a Fairy is! You don't even know who you are anymore!"
Hailey was silent. I spoke again, calmer, "Hailey, I need Maggie. If she is danger I need to help."
"What did you do before Maggie came along?"
I didn't say anything.
Hailey smirked, "Why do you need her now, if you were just fine without her before?"
"I don't need her or anyone else! I just want to have her."
"What is she a trophy?"
"No! It doesn't matter why I want her here! Just stop being so stupid."
She sulked, "You should have never taken me from that hospital. You should have left me there to die."
I stopped. How could she say that? Deep guilt filled me, "Hailey, I didn't mean it." I lightly touched her wing and it flinched, "It's just that I can't handle this very well. I didn't mean what I said."
Hailey gave a fake laugh, "If you want to find Maggie so bad why don't you just go out and find her already?"
I took a step back, "I can't just find her Hailey! Sorry, but it isn't that easy."
"Make it easy then. Change, stupid."
"You're connection will be stronger won't it?"
"Connection? How'd you know about our connection?"
"Because," She paused, "I feel one with you."
I didn't speak. My mouth dropped open. I hadn't felt anything with Hailey. No special connection at all. Why did she with me?
Hailey clapped me out of my daze and yelled, "Change Christopher, now!"
Without hesitation I fell to the ground and morphed my body.
Hailey gave a short smile, "You won't need me along the way. I'll stay here and watch the tunnels."
I hesitated to move but then a soft light spiked me inside.
I could slightly feel her.
I could feel Maggie.
My body thrust forward and I was swept away into the trees.


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