Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 9
Have Mercy in Fate.

02:30, Marcus was taken by an elite team by the prophet of Mercy along with Jessica.


          “Marcus there is something wrong in my point. Why would a prophet want to see us?” Marcus did not say a word back, but he kept on walking along side the elites, studying their every move each one makes, not taking his eyes off each one as he moves.

          “We are close to our vessel human, be prepared for any thing that happens in our ship, it is not like your craft, ours was build for space travel.” The elite said with its split open jaws. Each word he would speak was unclear but Marcus managed to understand what he said.

          “Don’t mind my brother; he is just too eager to see what prophet Mercy would like to do to you two. I would like to see her make peace, not war or violence.” The other elite spoke more clearly with no muffling sounds, almost like he was a human for a second. Each step was agony for Marcus as he knew the ship was not close enough to his liking. Jessica was taking it calmer then Marcus. She enjoyed the long walk, her long slender legs needed to stretch from being in that cramped saber.

          “Here’s our ship now we can see prophet Mercy and get off this rock.”

          “The prophet, how do you describe her?” Both elites glanced at each other, puzzling in thought. One of them turned back to face Marcus.

          “Mercy is human.” Marcus almost gave off a small sigh of relief. But that could also mean his last breath. So he thought, ‘The Prophet Mercy of the covenant bastards turns out to be human? This must be some sort of a trick.’ Then he found himself next to Jessica on their ship.

          “The trip to prophet Mercy’s ship is a long and wretched flight. Most of our ships were destroyed by falling rocks and destroyed frigates. But we managed to survive long enough to land. And that is when we found you two near the terminal.” Jessica saw two shimmers of light, leaving the gas giant in a hurry. Jax activated their auto-pilot in both Sabers’. As both of the shimmering stars dissipated, it soon followed by a huge explosion that caused the ship her and Marcus was in to shake. A red light flared, along with a sound of compressed air leaking out of the ships hull.

          “We have a breach in the lower level window.”

          “Seal it off brother.” Three seconds went by, and the sound quietly faded, and the red lights were brought back to blue.

          “Something tells me we’re not alone.” The elite checked their radars, clean across the borders. That’s when Marcus saw Mercy’s conduit. Following Mercy’s ship it’s self.

          “Don’t under estimate Mercy’s conduit’s humans. They can out fly any of your ships, and out gun them as well.” Mercy’s citadel was the hugest citadel in the covenant’s fleet.

          “The citadel of the holy Mercy her self, with her trusty Conduits right by her side!”

          “Have you ever seen a more magnificent sight human? Your own hands helped build this citadel.” Only Jessica took noticed on each Conduit in formation by the Citadel. Four per battle group, plus three corvettes, and phantom transporters, and she knew this Mercy chick was well prepared for a star side battle.

          “Jessica.” Marcus called out her name to only get a small grunt from her. Marcus only chuckled grabbing onto her hand to help her up.

          “Come on you, we are here.”

          “Mark, did you ever noticed how their ships were set up?”

          “I don’t pay any attention to their ships Jessica, now stop babbling and follow me. We don’t want to keep Mercy waiting for us.” With one swift motion, Jessica smacked Marcus in the back of his head.

          “OW!” Was all he said as Jessica giggled down the corridor from the hanger of the citadel. Grunts were seen sleeping up against the citadels bulk heads. Jessica shook her head thinking how lazy these vermin were. Only a few elites were seen carrying cargo down to storage.

          “Mercy, we have found the two humans you wish to see.” Both of the elites knelt down to one knee, bowing their heads in respect and honor.

          “That will be all my minions, leave us be to speak of what is to come soon enough. You will have your reward soon.”

          “Yes my prophet.” Both of the elites left the humans to speak to their prophet Mercy, which then signaled Marcus to come forth first.

          “Do you remember me Marcus? Do you remember your birthright and your birth place? Do you know who your surrogate is? Instead of your actual mother and father who created you, Marcus. It was I, who became your surrogate. I am your mother, and I called forth to you not to be harmed by my minions. My child of the holy Citadel, who shall carry out my name until the day I will be brought down by the other humans who sought out an answer to devastate the covenant who are trying to help protect every sentient life in different quadrants of space!”

          “Enough! Even though you might be my mother Mercy, I still don’t trust anyone who sides with the covenant for killing my mother, my father, and my sister back on Star-4! It was your Citadel I saw lingering over my city! It was your elites who slaughtered my only family! You took them away from me when I was only six years old!” Marcus took his pistol out of his holster, cocked the receiver back, and aimed at Mercy. One elite Honor guard took action by activating its energy sword, and sliced Marcus hand off that was holding the pistol.

          “Marcus!” Jessica yelled out and all she heard was Marcus screaming in pure pain, agony, and hatred to Mercy.

          “You are a fool, did I give you such order to attack my son! Be gone with you clumsy fool!” Marcus grabbed his pistol into his other hand, aimed at the honor guard, and unloaded the whole clip into its chest. The elite fell hard onto the metal bulk head on its back, bleeding its purple like blood out of the eight bullet wounds in its chest. Marcus staggered to his feet due to a massive amount of blood loss.

          “I shall not stand here in front of a traitor to the human nation!”

          “Will you quell your tongue and let me explain my self Marcus! Just for a brief moment please…” Marcus stood still with his pistol aimed high at Mercy. Two bullets left in his MAG, and only one option to take. Getting Mercy to join the UNSC against the covenant was trashed. Now Marcus seeks vengeance, for his family, for his home world, and for his friends that he will never see again in his life. All because of this stupid war against the Covenant and Humans, and it shall not claim any more lives to this day on what Marcus will do.

          “Live or not to live, that is the question my dear son. Weather it is pride or vengeance you seek, only action can tell. But you must hear me out first Marcus. The reason why I joined the covenant, well it was a hard choice to make. June, 23, 2538 the year you were born on the battle carrier Infinite Life. You were named after your father, Fleet Colonel Marcus Avery Jonson, and he was a damn good Fleet Colonel. You were destine to follow into his foot steps, and when it was time to give birth to you, it happened.”

          “What happened on that day Mercy, before I blow your head off?”

          “The covenant attacked your father’s fleet, destroying all but one ship. During the battle over Sion-2, I gave birth to you. And when we were the last ship still in tact, the covenant sent boarding parties to attach to the ships outer hull. Our ships on board marines did the best they could to push them out. But they had one of their kinds that over powered even the strongest marines; the elite wore a dark silver armor that no other elite wore. They advanced all the way back to Med-bay, and your father and his handful of marines did the best they could’ve to push them away. I sealed you in an escape pod along with your older sister Kat. And when it was your father that was the only one alive, I slammed the lock down and jettisoned your escape pod. And that was the last time I saw you Marcus, I even left you a gold locket of me, you, and your father. So the covenant killed your father by executing him in front of me in cold blood. I was taken captive and brought in front of the prophet of Peace. He said that I was nothing like the others they fought, and he said he would make me a prophet of the covenant, which I am now.”

          “Marcus please make the right choice! I believe her story! She is your mother!”

          “Marcus please.” Marcus glanced back at Jessica for a second. He saw elites gathering out of the bridge in the main hall, pouring in one by one with their plasma rifles at the ready. All Marcus could do was to look around at the quantity of Elites around him. Different colors, armors, and ranks all had their rifles aimed at him. With a small sigh that escaped his mouth, Marcus dropped his pistol on the ground.

          “Thank you god…” Jessica muttered under her breath before looking straight at Mercy.

          “So what of it, you’re the Prophet Mercy and I am a Field Marshal of the fourth ORON regiment of the UNSC fourth slip space fleet under command of Commander James Kate. Serial number 902-16782-89780-12 MZ, you will not get any information out of me for as long as I am breathing.”

          “Oh Marcus…” Jessica felt an urge to slap him in the back of his head again. She knew not to say her name, rank, position, and serial number to the enemy unless she was interrogated.

          “I am proud of you my son. You’ve made your way up on the high ranks. And my minions knows not to kill an HPV I hope!” All of the elites lowered their rifles but doesn’t break their gaze on Marcus.

          “I am astound that you know the UNSC ranking systems Mercy. What else do you know that you’re not telling me about?”

          “All will be told until you comply with my question. Would you join the covenant to save sentient life from complete destruction?”

          “I would rather die in front of you then to join these filthy hounds!” Marcus swiftly grabbed his pistol up off the ground, he shot once at Mercy. And the second time he aimed at him self.

          “No traitors shall have a second life.” Was his last words, and then he pulled the trigger. Sending the last bullet through his cranium, and Mercy’s shields deflected his shot. And what Mercy saw was her son, falling to the deck of her Citadels bridge. Dead with no other words, or other chances to change his mind, and she felt sorrow washing through her mind.

          “Marcus!” Was all that Mercy could say, sobbing with tears of the lost in her eyes.


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