Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 11
Guest Star: Channing Tatum








Dear Journal, July 2011

I know I said this journal was going to be devoted/ dedicated to the subject of Enrique, but I have been finding that it’s been more about me and the stuff I want to do with him and all my problems and now this entry I'm going way off subject! But things after this entry, will be all about Enrique, news about Enrique, and my opinions/ observations on Enrique…so keep in mind, things will shape up…no longer will I divert from the real subject! Haha.

Okay onto the brief subject of Channing Tatum, our guest subject for today’s entry!=)

So let me start at the beginning…I started to get really into him when I watched “The Eagle” two weeks ago, about, and have checked up on him a little bit…of course! First off, he is really sexy! Second, he has one of the best voices and laughs I have ever heard. Third, he is so ripped and fit, he can dance, and is just very skilled as he did pretty much every single job under the sun…he said so himself. Of what I’ve seen, he’s got that gentlemanliness that only comes from the south (most of the time it only comes from the south…sometime from the north)=) He grew up in Alabama and is of Irish, French, and Native American decent…man if being of that decent makes you that sexy, I gotta have some of it!=) What really shocked me though was when he said he used to be a stripper in an interview. I was like “Wow, Channing, you sure do get around!” He was also a model before he was an actor and he had some spicy pics where he pretty much only had his underwear on. But speaking of his underwear, this is one thing about him that disgusts me most…he wears briefs! Why does such a hot, sexy man wear briefs?! But after such negative information, we must follow it up with positive information…his eyes…they’re so green and perfect and they just stand out…his eyes just mesmerize me. He likes to workout to stay in shape and I hope I become like that…I really don’t like to exercise…but I need to, cuz I really need to get into shape…not only just for soccer but just to be in shape and look shapely.=) What makes me jealous of Channing (I actually am very jealous about a lot of things of Channing Tatum) is he can really truly break dance and he knows how to fight…like Kung Fu fight! Amazing, huh? Thought so.=) There is so much more I could say about Channing Tatum, but I’m gonna keep this entry short so my heart’s devotion to Enrique doesn’t come in to question. Haha. But I’ll start Channing Tatum’s own personal journal, so I can rant and rave about him in there as much as I want!

Well, gotta go!

Enrique’s Forever!,

Brown Eyes


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