Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 10
Things I Want To Do With Enrique 3



















Dear Journal, July 10, 2011

I have finally gotten back to writing in here and will stay true to my word and write down what I was planning to write down and maybe a little more since things and new developments have occurred since last I wrote in here.=) So here goes adding the newest stuff that I want to do with Enrique, starting right in at #21.=)

#21. Have a conversation with him in Spanglish; I suppose I’ve always wanted to do this but I guess I never thought of putting it on my list of things to do with Enrique. I’ve always had the thought that when people are foreigners (not saying that Enrique is a foreigner) they appreciate it when people talk to them in their own language…and I want to speak his language (literally and figuratively) to him fluently. By figuratively I mean I want to truly understand and know him and be that picture perfect best friend (not that anyone can really be perfect, but you know what I mean) or girlfriend/ wife. There’s more I could say on that, but I have forgotten it and plus I wouldn’t have enough room for the other stuff I’ll be writing down from my list.

#22. Talk with him about your song lyrics, if you could improve them, how you could improve them, let him read them, etc.; Man, that took a lot of words to say! Another thing I could add to this is wanting to write up a song with him…that would be so epic!...at least for me.=)

#23. Talk with him about making appropriate music/tunes for my song lyrics; Hum de dum dum…I wish…haha…something else that I wish is making up music/tunes together for the song we’ll write together…haha.=)

#24. Write a song for him and give it to him; I’ve written songs about him but not for him, but they’re not that good.

#25. Write a song about him kind of similar to the one you wrote about Dad on Father’s Day and show it to him; I’ve written (like I said earlier) a couple of songs about him but (and also like I said before) they’re not any good…at least I think so. I just want to write something for him and about him that would be majorly epic and awesome! Ya know what I mean?!=)

#26. Get wet with him on accident/ have fun with him in the water; I would so love this one if it ever happened! It would be so epic! Haha. I could say a lot more about this! But whatev.=)

#27. Go to a Miami beach with him in a bikini, get a ride on his boat, lay in a hammock, relaxing-talking about whatever; Mmmm, that sounds so balmy and yummy and sexy! Haha. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m weird! Hey, this even goes along the lines of two songs that I wrote!=) One’s called “Infatuation In Miami” and the other one is called “My First Date”. Pretty cool, huh? Though so…haha.=)

#28. Talking to him about personal stuff & nonpersonal, random things as I soak in a warm bathtub as he sits in a chair a couple of inches away listening & talking; Later sharing a couple of kisses as he feels up and down my wet skin all over=); Haha, wow! You wanna know where I got that idea from? Enrique himself from one of his music videos…=)

#29. Hang out with some of his friends and him at an all night party and have a water balloon fight; Man, that would be so much fun!=) I haven’t ever really had a water balloon fight and if my first one was with Enrique and his friends, then I’d love it forever! Haha.

#30. Be tired with him with his arms around me and fall asleep with him in his arms; I’m starting to get tired and can feel his strong arms wrapped around me already! Haha.=)

#31. Have Enrique take me on his plane and teach me how to fly; I would love for him to teach me how to fly in many ways!=) But man, if he taught me how to fly, that would be so awesome!

#32. Have a movie night with him; Definitely three movies that we’d watch would be “Prince of Persia”, “The Eagle”, and “She’s the Man”…my top three favorite movies.=)

Now, there’s only 33 of these now b/c I added another one while I was writing these new ones down. Even though I had mentioned it already in this entry I decided it was kinda one of those ones that was kinda separate in itself…so, here’s #33, the very last one…for now.=)

#33. Write a song with him; Man, I would totally love that! That would be so epic! Haha. I guess Enrique is just an epic person and everything about him is epic! Haha.=)

Enrique is so glued to my brain that I keep wondering what he’s doing this very minute! And when I was buying my swimsuit I kept wondering “Would Enrique think this swimsuit is sexy/ makes me look sexy or would he think it is stupid/ looks stupid on me and is very unflattering?” I also keep imagining he’s always with me…especially in certain situations…which I can’t go into detail b/c I can’t remember all the certain situations and also b/c it would be very confusing and long to explain. But with this I imagine what he would say, what he would do (his actions, facial expressions, body language, etc.)

Oh, and as for the new developments, I’ve started to like Channing Tatum as well.=) But I’ll talk about him in my next entry, so you’ll just have to wait!=) But something else I’d like to mention is my little episode I had this morning with my mom and my thoughts on it.

Okay, so I was getting ready for church and thought that I would wear my dangly earrings from my brother’s wedding with my outfit…bad idea. Mom sees me wearing them and says I can’t wear them to church, but she tells me to call Dad and ask him if it was okay for me to wear them, so I did. Surprise, surprise he said no. So, I get all in a tizzy (drama queen, I know, but I’m gonna change that…I WILL! I MUST!) and then Mom gets all in a tizzy cuz I’m being disrespectful. So, I go back upstairs angry and all since I have to go change my earrings, thinking all the while “If I was Enrique’s or Channing’s daughter I wouldn’t have to change my earrings…they’d let me wear them. If I was their daughter I could do whatever I want!” That’s exactly what I want! To do whatever I want, when I want to. I seriously hate this place and my family…I wish I could just leave here and never come back. I lead a boring and confused life. I wish I could have been Enrique’s or Channing Tatum’s daughter…then my life would be so much more awesome than it is. What I am I wasn’t meant to be…what things I have I wasn’t meant to have…I was created for something different…something better…something more worth my life…What’s in my life is not supposed to be there…I deserve something better…I want fun, wildness, and partying, but I can’t have that b/c of what I’ve been placed on this earth with. I can’t help but think how wrong God was at placing me where I am. I can’t help but think how wrong God was about me…I was meant for different people…I was meant for different parents…I was meant for different things. This is all I’ve got to say about myself…I’m out.

Wishing For Something Better,

Brown Eyes

P.S. Sorry for complaining…I’m the queen of complaining…and I’m also trying to work on that…I’m also sorry for any content that in this entry and the last one before this is offending and whatever else it might be. Please don’t think I don’t understand that a celebrity’s life has it’s problems as well…I sure as hell know that it does.








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