Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 9
Facts Personal Info, & First Times










Dear Journal, (Sorry, I forgot to put the date!)

I know it’s been awhile since I wrote in here but I have been kinda busy!=)

Well, to continue with facts about Enrique, I will start with personal facts.

Enrique’s Personal Info


Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (sometimes people called him “Quique”, his nickname)


May 8, 1975 in Madrid


6’ 4”


178 lbs. (could be more now)

Eyes & Hair:



Julio Iglesias & Isabel Preysler Arrastria


Julio Jose, Miguel Alejandro, Rodrigo, Maria Isabel “Chabeli”, Tamara, & Ana

Resident of the U.S.:

Came to America at age 8


2 dogs, Lucas & Grammy (but as I said, Grammy’s dead now; Enrique dedicated his album “Euphoria” to him)

Shoe Size:

10-in U.S. measurement

That’s all for the personal facts, though there’s definitely more of them than that…just of a different kind. =)

Okay, onto Fun & Cute Facts! Haha. Here we go!=)

Fun & Cute Facts

1. “I travel so much I think I can fly the plane with my eyes closed.”

2. “I have to exercise my throat before every concert. I also take alka-seltzer to soften my vocal chords.”

3. “It doesn’t matter how many people are in the stands; I go on stage and the best I can do: sing.” He says it’s the same if there are 10 million people or 1 million people.

4. “I donate the stuffed animals that the fans throw up on stage. I assume that to this moment there are probably 5 million stuffed animals donated.” (could be more now, Idk)

5. There is always yogurt in the fridge

6. He believes in outer space. “If there is life in this land, then why not in others?”

7. He’s great at singing jokes but he only does it with his friends because he’s a bit green at it. (Hey, Enrique, I’m your friend! Hint, hint…haha).=)

8. He can rap freestyle

9. He hates to get up before 7 a.m.

10. He never uses a watch

11. He doesn’t carry more than 20 bucks in him. (be careful with that 20 bucks, Enrique! I lost 20 bucks in Chicago)=(

12. Every night he says his prayers

13. He studies business administration before singing (that’s weird…jk).=)

14 He sleeps with a pillow between his legs (maybe that’s why they’re so skinny! He’s not letting his muscles expand! Haha. JK! I was just having fun! But seriously…No, jk).=)

15. He doesn’t wear cologne (Shoot! I was hoping that he did!=) haha.)

16. He brushes his teeth 5 times a day! (maybe that’s one of the reasons why I like his teeth. I know that’s weird to like someone’s teeth, but his are the exception, cuz I mean, they’re so perfectly white and nice and straight and perfect. Haha).=)

17. He was happier living the “normal life”(But he hates to complain…he said so himself…to quote him exactly he said “I wouldn’t change it for the world.” So, there, you see, he loves what he does…he said that too).=)

18. When he gets married he wants to stay married forever and he would drop everything.

19. He can’t dance at all! (That’s a sad fact! We’ll have to change that, won’t we Enrique? Haha).=)

20. He thinks his legs are too skinny (they are, Enrique, but I don’t mind)=) and he would never change his stare (I wouldn’t want you too either! It’s way too sexy to change!).

23. Knowing that he has to wake up early to work keeps him from sleeping.

Well, that’s the end of some of Enrique’s Fun & Cute Facts…onto First Times

First Time

1. First Love: At 6 years old, his math teacher (Haha, that is hilarious, Enrique!)=)

2. First Platonic Love: Marilyn Monroe

3. First Kiss: At 16 years old

4. First Let Down: His parents divorce

5. First Thought of the Day: “What will I do today…?”

6. First Erotic Dream: “I can’t say, it’s a sin.” (Haha, Enrique, you crack me up!)

7. First Bad Thing He Did: “When I was very young I burnt my dog.” (Enrique, you bring out all kinds of emotions in me…first laughing, now astonishment! Haha).

8. First Punishment: “When I burnt my dog.” (I’m sure that’s true)

9. First Sin: “When I make my erotic dream a reality!” (Oh, believe me, Enrique, that will be a sin when you make your erotic dreams a reality! Knowing you…jk. Btw it will become more so when it’s with me. Haha. Having fun! I’m just having fun…but seriously!)

10. First Idol: Superman (good choice, Enrique, but I think Batman’s better).=)

Well, that’s it for now with all the facts I have about Enrique. Next entry, I’ll list some more things I’d like to do with Enrique since I added some more onto my list. Surprise, surprise! Haha. Man, I wish I could be with him right now doing whatever with him, just relaxing…and talking and whatever else there would be to do. *Sigh*…someday…someday…hopefully. Please, God, make it come true and all my other desires having to do with Enrique, please!

Well, I should stop writing now…my dog is getting restless…probably cuz there’s stuff going on outside and cuz I’m not giving her attention…well, bye!

Enrique’s Forever!,

Brown Eyes




















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