Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 8
Enrique's Likes & Dislikes

























Dear Journal, June 12, 2011

Today is not a good day! I’m fuming mad. I wish I was Enrique’s daughter! I would then have all I’ve ever wanted: money, fame, a life of music, and a relationship with Enrique. Gosh! God never does anything right! He gave me to the wrong parents, made me ugly, and always makes my life difficult. Wtf?! If Enrique was my dad I would probably already have a music career going and be receiving lessons from him. God really messed up on me, that’s for sure! And I mean BIG time! If Enrique was my dad I wouldn’t have to have pictures of him to memorize and admire all his fucking amazing, steamy, hot and spicy good looks…I would probably actually take them for granted! What my life is, is not what I want…I wish for a better, different, adventurous life where I’m allowed to do whatever I want, and I could probably have that life if I was Enrique’s daughter. Fuck reality! Fuck my stupid life! What my life is should have never happened! What should have happened was a father/daughter relationship life with Enrique! I wish I could rant more, but this book is supposed to be about Enrique, so I’ll get down to business.

Well, today I’ll discuss the wonderful things about Enrique including facts and personal info as well. I will also add my own personal opinions on these things as well, so be prepared!=)

Okay, so wonderful things about Enrique would be his smoking hot looks, his amazing voice (I, personally, wish I had his voice, no matter how weird that sounds.=)), his relaxed personality, the color of his hair and eyes ( I LOVE brown eyes, especially his brown eyes…I dislike blue eyes, there’s too much blue in this world), his muscularness, his height, all those body language stuff, his facial expressions, his laugh, his smile (it’s way better and more attractive than mine), everything that he says (except when he’s mad…especially at me…but I haven’t seen him mad, so I don’t know), how he doesn’t realize how sexy he really is, the sound of his voice (I LOVE the way he talks…I could listen to it all day…I just wish that when I hear his voice he would be talking to me), he loves his dogs Lucas and Grammy (Grammy’s dead now, though), his hands (they just look like they would be so gentle and soft in touch…I wish I could feel the touch of those hands and also knowing the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around me…seriously that guy’s got guns!=)), he’s never gotten mad at somebody really that I know of (so he’s not a big fighter and I kinda like it), he’s kinda a private guy and doesn’t broadcast a lot of stuff like other celebs do, and the last three wonderful things I can think of (though I have no doubt there’s probably more wonderful things about Enrique that I can’t think of right now or I don’t know about) is the appearance of humility, he respects women (I hate it when guys don’t respect women, it just makes me feel even more like trash, and he realizes that our life is much harder than a guy’s life, and when guys don’t respect women their usually not sensitive to us and I hate it when guys aren’t sensitive), and his sincerity (though he hates that quality about himself, I love it!).

Okay onto Enrique’s likes, dislikes, and facts and personal info!=) Enrique’s likes (some of them anyways) can be summed up into 18 things.

Enrique’s Likes

#1. His profession

#2. The perfume of the body (I wonder if that includes the smell of fresh/stale sweat?)

#3. His few but good friends

#4. His fans, “I admire the sacrifice they make to follow me and stay with me.”

#5. Go out dancing at night and sleeping during the day

#6. His blue hat

#7. Windsurfing in the Caribbean

#8. Going out on his boat in Miami; It’s peaceful…he said more than that about it but I can’t remember what it was…something else I need to go check up on the internet! Haha.

#9. The color black and convertible cars; Man, do we have a lot in common! Haha

#10. Watching television bloopers; porn on his computer…Wow, Enrique, you’re getting close to going over the line!=)

#11. Eating hamburgers and fries…I like to do that too!=)

#12. Hiding before a show and watching people come in, “It’s an incredible sight.”

#13. He likes to feel like a winner…doesn’t everybody?

#14. The contact with his fans during his shows

#15. Water sports (I love that too!0=)

#16. Playing jokes (Wow, I love to do this also!)

#17. Book: The Old Man and the Sea

#18. Cologne: Obsession (Anything cologne, I love)

Onto some of Enrique’s dislikes which can be summed up into 11 things.

Enrique’s Dislikes

#1. Drugs, cigarettes…man, are we like twins or something? I wish! =)

#2. Jealousy and being hurtful

#3 Going to his room after a show, “In those moments I feel terribly alone and I can’t sleep.” (You wouldn’t have to be alone if you took me with you!)=)

#4. During a photo session when the photographers say “Yes, this is the last one.”

#5. The fame that his father is a womanizer

#6. ”I inherited his work habits and his conscious.”

#7. Having a day off, “I don’t know what to do. When I have a day off I go crazy. I would never be able to vacation for a month because I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I think I’m wasting time, that I’m losing a part of my life.”

#8. How the newspapers keep making confrontations with him and his father

#9. Cockroaches “I hate them!”

#10. He’s too sincere. “It’s my worst defect.”

#11. When someone judges the way he is without knowing him…I hate that too, Enrique.=)

Well, that’s it for now. Next entry I will continue this with fun and cute facts about Enrique and his personal and “first time” info

It’s time for me to put this away…I have to go feed my dog Jazzy. She’s waiting for me patiently.=) I’ll stop writing with this sad fact that being Enrique’s daughter will never be…I mean the other stuff are likely not to happen because he’s a celebrity, but this one will never happen because he never got his girlfriend pregnant with me so I’ll never have the life I want because I’m not his biological daughter. Man, I hate God right now! He deprived me of my perfect life! There’s much more I could say on this matter, but there’s not enough room and I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say anyways…Well, bye=( I feel like crying and no one understands.

Enrique’s Wannabe Daughter,

Brown Eyes











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