Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 7
Things I Want To Do With Enrique 2



























Dear Journal, June 4, 2011

Well, I got back faster! Haha. I will continue my discussion on the things I want to do with Enrique. So we stopped on #10 and are ready for #11.

#11. Share several kisses along with a bed; Yeah…haha…things are getting hotter.=) The bed thing though wouldn’t be sex or anything, just sharing…like they do in movies where a couple enters a hotel room and there’s only one bed, so then they sleep in the same bed whether they want to or not. I’m not saying this would be the situation in which we shared a bed. The situation I’m talking about is the situation like in #2. But the hotel thing could apply also, but we would both be willing to do so.=) Of course…haha. Now for the “several kisses” part, I have nothing really to say except that I hope I kiss good! Haha. I’m pretty sure Enrique kisses good so there’s nothing to worry about there. And maybe he could even give me a couple kissing lessons…=) Things get hotter on # 12 though! I mean really hot! =)

#12. Have sex with him; Wow! I’m starting to get really uncomfortable here! JK! But maybe I am…lol. There’s really nothing to say here cuz I’ve already said it in previous entries.

#13. Get pregnant with his first child and son; Every time I look at this one I’m like laughing at myself inside saying “This is never going to happen!” In fact, #12 is never going to happen either except in my mind. And #13 is only going to happen in my mind as well, as well as # 10. unfortunately…for all three things I mean. Maybe #3 will never happen at all either, but I hope that’s not the case. Okay on to #14!

#14. Get drunk with him; Oh yeah! I so totally wanna do this! Haha. Gosh, that would be epic!

#15. Go to a club and dance “dirty” with him; Only problem with this one though is that he can’t dance…he said so himself. But otherwise this would probably be the night to do everything…like get drunk with him, dance dirty with him, have sex, and get pregnant with his first child and son. Btw, another thing I forgot to point out about #13, like another reason why it would never happen, is because Enrique doesn’t think he’s mature enough to have kids or is not ready to have kids, so you kinda get the drift that he doesn’t like them really, To directly quote him, he says “I mean kids are fine as long as they’re not yours.” I myself don’t know what to do with kids! I mean I only baby-sit sometimes for the money, not because I like to baby-sit kids. I can only really handle baby-sitting animals, and even that gets difficult at times. Okay on to #16.

#16. Chill with him alone on the couch with glasses of wine (maybe something different, Idk) and just talk to him about whatever; Man I’d love to do this! It would be so romantic! It could tie in with #9 and with #12…but probably only with #9 cuz you got to have some alone time with him that doesn’t involve kissing or sex…you know, just friendship time with no strings attached…something relaxed with best friends just sharing stuff with each other. This could also tie in with #8 since the night visit would just be so serene and peaceful…it would be the right time for that stuff. Another thought just popped into my head that Enrique’s song “Stay Here Tonight” would fit perfectly with this situation. Btw, what I mean by peaceful and serene is like a crackling fire in the fireplace with our dogs laying at our feet napping peacefully with us talking about whatever.

#17 doesn’t really have something I want to do with Enrique, but rather is about an event leading up to something I want to do with him,

#17. Go to as many concerts of his that is necessary until he pulls me up on stage with him and kisses me and has a picture with me later; #17 is very descriptive so there’s not much to say except that’s where I’ll probably most likely meet him. I have this little trick up my sleeve where if he kisses me I’ll slip a paper of song lyrics that I’ve written into his back pocket with my phone number on it and that would hopefully lead to #18 and #19 and would tie in with #4.

#18. Be featured in one of his songs; Now this one can only happen if Enrique really, truly wants me in a song with him. I can’t even guarantee our voices would mesh together very well or even if my voice is even that great. So I seriously have no control over this one (not that I have any control over this other stuff that I’ve listed) since it is entirely up to Enrique and what he wants and what’s logical…with the whole voice thing I mean (with all these things that I’m listing I would only do if Enrique really wanted to…so everything that I’m listing here all depends on Enrique and what he wants it’s just some more than others…if you get what I mean).

#19. Take lessons from him on all fields of music that he can give me; This one as well all depends on Enrique and what he wants to do and also my level of talent. But let’s just say I’m really hoping it will happen! To put it mildly, it’s one of my foremost dreams I want to be accomplished. Okay, last one on the list…for right now.=)

#20. Go shopping with him and have him give his opinions on clothes and underwear; I was thinking of this last night while I was shopping and saw a lot of different kinds of clothes and underwear that I liked. But this won’t happen until I am out of the house and on my own, cuz a lot of the styles of clothes I like would be considered very immodest to my parents. For the underwear though we would go to Victoria’s Secret, a place my parents don’t like, but has the best underwear out there, and then we would go to other various stores for clothes.

Man, that would be so much fun! To have a guy’s opinion, especially Enrique’s opinion, would be so awesome and fun! To try on stuff for a man, especially if it’s Enrique, and not have him say it’s too ostentatious or too immodest would be freedom itself. And to have a guy’s opinion on what’s sexy underwear, again especially if it’s Enrique, would be and is something I very much desire. Just to experience all his opinions, his facial expressions, and what he has to say, and also watching all his body language, all the funny stuff he would say/do etc. etc. would like be heaven itself! I know this sounds crazy and insane, and I’m going overboard, but I don’t care! Just to be with Enrique in all these shopping experiences/situations would be bliss itself.

Well, I should go. This entry is pretty long.

Loving Enrique Always,

Brown Eyes




























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