Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 6
Things I want To Do With Enrique

Dear Journal June 2, 2011

I know I haven’t written in here for awhile, but who cares, right?=)

Well just like every other entry this will be about Enrique =), but today I’m going to write down the things I want to do with Enrique in detail instead of just writing it down on a list like I did before.

#1. Talk about dogs with him; This description will be a little short since I don’t know anything about his dog or what he does with his dog or what kind of relationship they have. Also, I don’t know what he would say because surprisingly I haven’t imagined the conversation yet.=) Basically, we would share stories about our dogs and us and how great our dogs really are and how we couldn’t live without them etc., etc. Then we would talk about what we really like about them, what we dislike, our opinions on dog stuff like conflicts, behavioral problems, debates etc. Then if we were having problems with our dogs we would give each other suggestions/advice on how to handle it…you get the drift.=)

#2. Share each other’s houses between us; What I mean by this is like one night Enrique would sleep at my house and the next night I would sleep at his. That’s all there is to explain about that one except for one little detail I forgot…both of us would be at home in the other person’s house. By that I mean we wouldn’t have to ask to use something like a pair of shoes (not that he or I for that matter would wear each other’s shoes…he wears size 10 and I wear size 7, but it’s just an example), an ipod, etc. What I mean by not needing to ask to use something, I mean what I own he would own, what he would own I would own, so there would be no reason to ask to use it.

#3. Become best friends with Enrique is pretty much on my priority list…it’s a biggy!=) I want to be one of his most amazingest, bestest friends he ever had!=)

#4. Feature Enrique in one of my songs; If I ever become a professional singer I want to feature him in one of my songs if he will accept. So, I’m really hoping this will happen!=)

#5. Do a work-out/weight-lifting program with Enrique; Haha, I just thought we could help each other out! Gosh, don’t give such a hard time! We both need motivation cause we’re both LAZY with exercising and Enrique needs to work up some huge muscle in his chicken legs and I need to get rid of all my fat.=D Okay onto #6.…

#6. Change each other’s style of dress; I don’t know what Enrique’s “style” is, but I’m loving it! I wouldn’t change how he dress for the world! In the way he dresses he looks so relaxed and that’s what I want my guy to be: relaxed ! But if he wants to change my style of dress I’ll let him, cause I even think I need to get a better, sexier wardrobe!=)

#7. Break each other of undesirable habits; Since I haven’t met Enrique yet I don’t know what habits of his I would want to break. I mean who said I would even want to? He’s perfect just the way he is…but now that I think of it there is one habit of his that I wouldn’t mind breaking and that would be him sitting down on the pot when he pees. I mean that is just kinda pushing the line of unmanliness! Now for me, I’m sure there would be lots of undesirable habits he would like to change about me. One habit I can think of that he’d probably want to break is me picking my nose. Trust me, it gets grosser…I actually eat it! EW! I know, but it’s habit. Btw, one thing I forgot to mention in #6 is that I would change one style of Enrique’s dress if I found out otherwise that he doesn’t wear this certain item…and that certain item would be BOXERS!=D I’ve heard that he wears boxers, but I’m not positively sure about that, I mean who can be when you can’t even ask the person/!=)

#8. Carry on a heart to heart conversation; By that I mean I would tell Enrique all the things in my life that are really important parts of my life and what I’m mentally scarred from, including some really personal stuff that happened to me when I was like 5 or 6, if I could really, really trust him). Enrique, if he wanted to, would do likewise and talk about what’s scarred him mentally and the really important parts of his life. Like I’m talk about serious stuff here! No Joke! And of course I would only tell him those things if I could really trust him, like I said before, and also only if he wanted to hear and talk about all that and wanted me to tell him all about that stuff.

#9. Have a casual conversation-going over different topics; I just like the whole idea of Enrique and I having a relaxed relationship with no strings attached. I want to be able to have a casual conversation going over different topics just like my friends and I do. Like for example we could talk about clothes, politics, house decorating, music stuff, what’s happened to us in the day/ week etc. Oh my word my head is spinning with all the things we could talk about! I want to talk to him right now! Oh God, send him to my door within the minute or within the second!=O I’m freakin’ out here! Well, at least my mind/ brain is.=) Okay, onto #10, our last one for this journal entry….I have lots more but I’m only doing 10 things in this entry.=)

#10. Date him; Omul! This is SO on my priority list! JK! It would be a bonus if I could date him, but it’s not on my priority list. Besides, with the age difference (maybe my height and looks as well) I don’t think he would go for me. I mean seriously, 21 years older than me? No guy in his right mind would go after a girl that much younger than him! Besides, my relationship with him today is just being his friend. I’m probably not his type anyways. And another reason why he wouldn’t want to date me is cause he’s already got his picture perfect girlfriend and he’s been with her for like 10 years…that says a lot! Another reason would be that the paparazzi would be all over it saying “Hey! Enrique, how are you enjoying your child girlfriend over your steaming hot ex-girlfriend Anna Kournikova?!” That would be embarrassing for him, for anybody actually. It would be humiliating and he would never go for it, and he would also probably find it disgusting. There’s so much more I could say on this subject, but for 1. I’ve forgotten it, and 2. It would probably take up the whole journal.=) Oh well…I gotta go…I’m getting writer’s cramp.=(=)

Will Write Soon,

Brown Eyes 


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