Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 5
Gotta Have This Part!:)

Dear Journal, February 11, 2011

Well the music incident has died down and for that I am glad. The feelings I had the very first time I fell in love with Enrique are gone, but to say that I don’t get those little buzzes from him now and then would be a lie. I still like Enrique and his music, but there are just some feelings of ecstasy that don’t last and there’s nothing you can do to make them stay with you. Some feelings, certain kinds of feelings, have to die while others live on. It’s how the world works. But I will be honest here and admit, even though I don’t want to, that some things have changed a bit between Enrique and me.

Fact is it turns out that his songs stay with me and give me little buzzes when I think of them of him…that includes daydreaming about him too.=)

My situation with Enrique has always been a complicated one and is hard to explain. To put it on paper is even harder. But to say in the least, I still love and adore Enrique. I would still love to kiss him, touch him, meet him, talk to him like a best friend, and my most deepest darkest wish-to have sex with him. So, you can be assured me and him are still going strong….but we’ve left the past and it’s feelings (though wonderful down to the last eensy bit) behind. Whether we’ve grown up or down I’m not quite sure, but I still enjoy him lots.

Speaking of enjoying Enrique, last night while I was awake to fight against a plugged up nose, I began to imagine Enrique and me in the computer room in our house (we were married). I was sitting down at the computer trying to write up a story, but it wasn’t quite working. When Enrique heard me sigh in irritation he stopped what he was doing, which was writing a song, and bent over me and kissed me lightly on the cheek saying “You’ll get it.”

He rubbed my back reassuringly as I said in exasperation “You’re so good with words and I’m not. It just comes to you and flows so perfectly and rhymes so great.”

Enrique laughed as he said “You’re good with words. It just takes a bit more time. Be patient and it will come.”

“Patience is overrated,” I replied, leaning my head back against the back of the chair to look up at Enrique.

“If that were so, I wouldn’t be waiting here patiently for you to finally pay attention to all the hints I’m dropping to you.”

“Like what?” I asked but I already knew the answer.

Enrique never wrote a song while I was in the house unless he had had a great idea or if he wanted us to do something together…most of the time in a dark room under the sheets.

“These.” Enrique replied as he bent down to kiss me once more, his gentle fingers traveling down my neck to my awaiting breasts. Cupping his hand over one he slowly made little up and down motions, and lightly squeezing them once in a while.

I placed my hand around the back of his bent neck and begged for more.

“Want more, huh?” Enrique asked standing up as I rose from the computer chair.

“Absolutely,” I said with a lopsided smile.

“Sexy smile.” Enrique whispered against my hair as he brushed his lips lightly against my neck in a kiss.

Letting him do what he wanted, I felt his cold fingertips creep up under my shirt. Picking me up and wrapping my smooth legs around his waist, he pinned me against the wall and slowly removed my shirt as we continued to kiss. Slipping off my pants, Enrique walked over to our dark room and laid me on my back as I removed his shirt.

Just as he was about to unbuckle his own pants I interrupted “My turn again.”

Enrique smiled and gladly let me do the honors. When I was finished, I let my hands travel up his muscular torso, placing light kisses up and down as I went. Removing my hands from his smooth, tan skin, I looked up at him expectantly and crawled further up onto the bed, beckoning for him to come closer.

He needed no urging. By now he had really gotten me going and his slow, sexy way of making his way over to me by crawling on his hands and knees made it even more worse and he knew it….that’s why he did it and I loved it.

Soon he was just as desperate as I and when he reached me and straddled, he was breathing hard and I could feel his throbbing manhood against my pussy.

“Enough of this teasing.” I said taking deep fast breaths.

“Not just yet you naughty girl.” Enrique replied with a smirk as his fingers began to caress my hot throbbing nub, making circular motions that I could not resist moaning to.

I could feel myself get wet and my cum drop onto his waiting fingertips. Bending his head down he stuck his tongue out to lick the juices. I could feel his warm tongue against my throbbing nub as he made several circular motions with it and it drove me crazy.

“Gosh! Just put it in already!” I moaned out.

Enrique chuckled. But instead of doing it he slowly inserted his index and middle fingers into my hole. My walls contracted around his fingers as he moved them torturously in and out. I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came. When he pulled his fingers out for the last time, I exhaled breath I had no idea I had been holding.

“How was that?” Enrique asked, bending down to kiss me as he straddled me once more.

“You have no idea.” I murmured with a smirk.

Enrique laughed and said “My turn to be pleased. Then, and only then, can we get down to real business.”

“I will gladly do so.” I replied as Enrique flopped down next to me.

Sticking my tongue out as I straddled Enrique, I licked at his chest as I ran my hands up and down his perfect torso. Moving down to his erected cock, I wrapped my fingers around its hot, throbbing length and moved my hand back and forth. Bending my head down, I ran my tongue over the smooth skin and finally put it into my warm mouth. Moving my hand back and forth and my tongue licking the head, I soon had cum shooting into my mouth. As I did this Enrique let out a small gust of air that sounded like a sigh and a groan rolled together.

When I was finished I whispered “How was that?”

Enrique smiled and replied as he straddled me once more “You have no idea.”

I laughed and answered “Let’s get this show goin’.”

“You may finally have your wish.” Enrique said with a smile.

“Thank you.” I replied with a smile of my own.

Enrique inserted himself into my hole and made the moment seem to last forever. For how long it lasted I have no idea, but it wasn’t long before we were past out limits. When things finally settled down we settled under the warm sheets of the bed, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

So, there it is. That’s what I imagined and I would gladly do it if Enrique asked me to. Though this sounds weird, I get this feeling that he’s sitting right next to me as I write this and it make me feel that much closer to him. I can write in here whatever I want to since I can’t talk this explicitly with anyone even if they were a crazy fan of Enrique. Lol. It also helps me get my feelings out about him since none of my siblings enjoy or even want to talk about Enrique.

Well, I think I might go take a shower now if the bathroom’s open, so gotta go!

Enrique is the Best,

Brown Eyes







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