Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 4
Things Happen

Dear Journal,                                             January 17, 2011 

      This is a day to remember, but also a day to forget. This is a day to undo and to do again. Today I had decided to watch the “I Like It” music video by Enrique Iglesias. I’ve watched it before but I hadn’t watched it in a while. Things would have gone fine if the video had just loaded properly, but it didn’t. So I was waiting for it to load and I was desperate to watch it. So desperate was I that when Mom went to check her email, I left it up, hoping she wouldn’t find it…no such luck. She watched some of it and was horrified to tears (that’s what she said b/c she said it had “mild porn” in it). I was so stupid! I feel like crying, but I can’t or someone will see or hear me and I can’t risk that right now.   
       Saying things simply, I can’t talk about or listen to Enrique again. But deep inside of me, I wish this was not true and that I could find away to enjoy Enrique to the fullest like I once did. The feelings I had then were so strange but so wonderful at the same time. The worst things is I have no one that will sympathize with me. All of my siblings hate him and don’t want me to listen to him anymore. It’s so hard to live sometimes. I don’t want to lose him or the feelings I got when I listened to him, watched him, and looked at him. To say in the least everything about him turned me on, but now I’m not so sure what to think. This is so hard to accept. I don’t know how I’ll survive. I wish I could just go back to what things were. It’s so hard to think that I’m losing interest in Enrique. I don’t want to. But it seems like everyone around me is making me change what I love and I can’t stop it.
       It was so silly to even think that I had a chance with Enrique. He’s like 35 and I’m only 14. I just loved the idea that he would pick me to love forever. But like everything else, it’s impossible.
       Before I lose all sight  of him, I just want to say one thing that I like about him that I haven’t said before. I like his accent. It’s one of the most unique voices I have ever heard and love hearing it. But now I can’t.
       One thing I found pretty awesome though was that both me and Enrique love dogs and the color black.
       My siblings say her looks like an underwear model and that he has a girly voice. But I think different. And that’s one thing that will never change, no matter what.
        I won’t ever forget this part in my life, and I will never delete the pictures I picniked of him. And as soon as I can draw better than what I do the first thing I will draw is him. I won’t get rid of my posters I made of his name or the poem I wrote about him. I have a notebook with his name in it and several of the English song titles he has. I will definitely not get rid of that! As soon as I can I will find a newer and better water bottle with Enrique’s name on it and once I hopefully become a published author, I hope to God he will read my books.
        Even though I’m not sure what I will be when I grow up, I hope someday I will meet Enrique Iglesias and become one of his best friends.
        I’m not quite sure I will continue writing in here about Enrique, but if I put another entry in here you know that I will continue writing in here.
                                          Brown Eyes


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