Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 3
Discussion on "Tonight"

Dear Journal,                                               January 8, 2011

      In the last few weeks I have made four posters of Enrique’s name and have written one poem about him. I have also written a piece about my feelings for Enrique and how crazy it is.
      His newest song “Tonight” is purely sexual and has got me wired. I found myself daydreaming yesterday about being pleased by Enrique and me pleasing him in return (like sexually pleasing him). I was so surprised by the mere images of it in my head that I seemed to become dazed and weak as I sat perfectly still with my arms crossed over my chest in one of the seats in my van (it was the first time that this had ever happened to me, like this detailed, that’s why I reacted like that =D).
        Whenever my mind turns to thinking about Enrique I become so muddled inside. I can’t even remember a thing I want to write in here about him, so I have to make some things up as I go along. Now don’t get me wrong, all I write in here is the plain truth, but what I mean is some things I had planned to write in here I can’t remember what they were, so I have to find other topics on Enrique to talk about until I remember them. I hope it’s soon.
       Going onto another topic of Enrique, I can hardly decide which one of his songs I love the most. I love them all whether they’re in English or Spanish. But the three I love the most are “Tonight”, “I Like It”, and “Heartbeat”. I could name many more but so far these are my top three.
        I wish I could just become famous and just meet him. It’s such a hopeless case since he doesn’t even know I exist.
        To say in the least Enrique is in control of my mental and whenever I listen to him I’m in a euphoric state.
         There is one detail about Enrique I’m glad I know of. That would be knowing he wears boxers. He’s the only male celebrity I know of that wears boxers. Why I’m glad he wears boxers is cause briefs are disgusting. They make everything one big bulge in the pants. To say things plainly, I like things loosely packed and free for the taking and not tight and hard to get to. I’m also glad that he doesn’t wear skinny jeans. Not only does this make a guy unmanly but it also makes things even more tightly packed which is a no-no for me.
         Going back to Enrique’s song “Tonight”, I have become so addicted to his way of appealing sexually to his fans that I’m beginning to want to make songs like that. He does it so expertly that it’s hard to tear myself away. He gets to me so much that I have actually made my own sex song called “Follow My Rules”. For an amateur I think I did fairly well, but duty calls and must stop writing for now.
                                        Loving Enrique Always,
                                                Brown Eyes


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