Enrique Iglesias Journal <3
Author: Brown Eyes

Chapter 1

Dear Journal,                                           December 28, 2010

      I am dedicating this journal to the topic of the famous, hot singer Enrique Iglesias.
      First off, he is one of the most hottest men alive. Second, he has an amazing voice and great songs. Third, even though he’s not a Christian I still love him.=)
      Everyone is getting tired of me talking about him 24-7, but I don’t care. I love to talk about him and have yet to meet another person who does also. Looking at pictures of him is not enough for me. In order to have a normal day I have to hear his voice and watch him do what he does best: being sexy.=)
      Unfortunately, though, I can’t buy any of his albums until I am an adult or out of the house. To make things worse I cannot listen to him whenever I want. I have to keep his music a low profile from my parents since they would disapprove of it, as would they of the pictures. I’ve gotten on Myspace and Twitter so I can be friends with him on his fanpage, but I would really like to talk to him and have a normal conversation with him.
        Enrique is 35, but I wish he wasn’t that old, but whatever. If he asked me out, though I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t  cause I’m probably not his type, I would say yes. Same goes for if he asked me to marry him, but none of this is gonna happen, let alone meeting him in person. If I was gonna be his type I would have to be tan, skinny, and toned.
        Since I have been visiting my relatives I haven’t been able to “communicate” with Enrique and I’m getting quite restless. It is never a good thing when I go one day without listening to him and even more so when I have gone days and days without listening to him. Hopefully I will be able to listen to him soon

                                            Loving Enrique Always,
                                                     Brown Eyes


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