Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 53

From Maggie's P.O.V.

The forest seemed darker than usual being alone. I could only make out anything that the moonlight hit. Which wasn't a whole lot because of the trees. I don't know how far I had come or which direction I had gone since getting off the boat but I knew I wasn't going the right way.
I heard a crackle of twigs in the dark trees behind me. I turned around to see nothing. Movement of shadows and rustling of leaves ran along quickly around me. I nervously spun around in a circle trying to keep an eye on the shadows moving in the trees.
I felt pressure on my back. I seemed to freeze up and I fell to my stomach and dirt covered my skin. I slowly looked up from the woods floor.
A girl hovered above me shadowing the moonlight from my face. She had a smirk on her bright red lips and joy sparked her dark red eyes.
I turned over and scooted away from her quickly. She leaned down onto the ground and crawled closer to me as i scooted away. Her blond hair fell by her striking cheek bones. Her mouth opened and she hissed revealing two sharp pointy teeth sticking out from the rest. She curled her tongue over them.
My back hit something cold. I turned around to see another figure shadowing above me.
He was tall, pale, and his dark hair slithered down his head to chin length, accompanied by stubble on his strong chin. He was glaring.
I scooted back the other way and hit the girl again. She grabbed my should and head. I screamed, "Stop!"
She let go of me suddenly. I looked up at the man who was now giving the girl a puzzled look. The girl asked him, "Why do i obey her Slake?"
Then I realized. My voice hand changed on reflex of the situation. With my new powers I would control them. Thank you Dontle.
I spoke again with the sweet new taste in my mouth, "Step away from me girl." I had more commanding confidence then ever before.
I stood to my feet now that the girl had backed away. I brushed myself off then prepared myself to speak to the man but he stopped me. His arm reached to my shoulder tightly, he gave a small smile, "Tell me witch, what brings you to my end of the forest?"
I laughed trying to hid my fear, "What makes you think this is your end of the forest?"
He smiled as he stroked his finger down my cheek, "You'll come to learn words aren't the only strong force in the world child."
I slapped his hand off of me, "You'll come to learn there is more than what meets the eyes and ears."
He laughed, "Such a dear thing aren't you? So tell me, when did you join with Madalla and her two dim witted followers?"
"I am no part with Madalla."
The man began to circle me, "You should not test me on my knowledge of Madalla. I know much of her. She is the only one who holds or gives her tongue."
"I did receive my tongue from her, but not on pleasant manners."
"There is no such thing as pleasant manners," He paused, "Why are you here? What do you want?"
"I am searching for my friend, Christopher."
"Christopher you say? Never heard of him. His whereabouts?"
"I do not know."
"Lost him?"
"He lost me."
"I see, so tell me dear, what do you plan to with Madalla, now that she is out to kill you?"
"Kill me?"
"Well, you honestly didn't think that Madalla would just let a trusted help to her just betray her, then leave, and let them live?"
I thought about that. What was this guy going to do with me? Was he with or against Madalla?
He stared me down. "Are you with or against Madalla child?"
I had promised Madalla I would help her find her daughter, I couldn't go back on my word. But she had left me to find the Water, mine and Christopher's Water. The Water that would keep us alive. I decided, "Against."
He smiled, "But why?"
"Private business."
The girl then spoke, "There is no private business between you and Madalla. Not here. I am the business of you and Madalla. Tell me everything."
The man then cupped his hand around the girls mouth, "Silence Persephone. Your time will come."
Persephone? My eyes shot up, "Your name is Persephone?"
I stared at the girl, she had a strong resemblance to Madalla's paintings. There was even a slight touch of Madalla's features in her. How had i not noticed before?
Persephone cocked her head to the side, "What of it witch?" She snarled.
The man pushed her shoulders and sat her on the ground, "My name is Slake, this is Persephone. We are the vampires of the forest. We are the only ones who still remain. Tell me, who are you?"
I didn't hesitate, "Maggie. I am new to the forest."
"Apparently not as new as you think if you are already associated with Madalla. Tell me what you know of Persephone. We will not harm you."
I only thought for a moment before replying, "She's Madalla's kid. Taken from her Mother as a child. Madalla has been searching for her ever since. She wants Everlasting Water to earn more life so that she may find her."
"And this water is yours, it take it?"
"Tell us where the water is."
Persephone stood up again, "What would we want with the Water fool? We already live forever!."
Slake cleared his throat, "Once we know where the water is we can track Madalla and stop her."
I was confused, "Why would you help me?"
"We aren't out to give Charity Maggie. We are out to kill."
Persephone laughed, "Yes. And she will deserve it too. She will suffer."
"But she has been looking for you. She has been trying to find you for so long! She loves you!"
Persephone choaked, "She loves me? That woman's heart is colder and deader than mine. She could never love me." She glared at her feet, "I've been hiding from her."
Slake spoke, "I've finally convinced her that she needs to come out of hiding and seek out Madalla to her death."
I cleared my throat, "Madalla said you were taken from her?"
Persephone angrily laughed, "You obviously don't know the story, witch."
Slake put his arm around me, "Why don't you tell her then?"


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