Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 145
The Worms that Drive You



Why do you spring straight out of bed

When frost and darkness cloak the morn ?

What makes you grit your teeth and run

Despite the wind and rain forlorn ?

How is it that you work each day

When aching bones demand respite ?

What makes you sit composing verse

When others sleep into the night ?


How do you face the alpha male

To snarl into his face in rage ?

What brings the courage forth for this

When reason says “Just turn the page” ?

What gives you steel to stand your ground

And fight for what you think is right ?

What makes you man enough to face

That which makes you shake with fright ?


Life’s living canvass lies before you

With it’s texture and it’s shades,

To take the pallet knife and slash

Rich vermilion through your days.

It renders layer upon layer

Of indulgence through your time

But a glint of social conscience

Always regulates the rhyme.


Why is it in the dark of night

When sleep skips forth evading you,

That demons creep on leathered feet

To wrack your conscience into view ?

How do you cope with horrors past

The bad deeds done, the slights, the shame ?

Remorsefulness invokes the cure 

In a summons to a price of pain.


What motivates you, what moves you

In your quest for living right ?

What separates the wheat from chaff,

Or the sun from day and night ?

What separates the doing man

From he who sits to stew ?

....It’s the living worms that drive you

They crown you King of all you do.





Mangere Bridge

23 May 2009



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