Rising Moons (Thanks ImaginationIsKey!)
Author: XxTwilightPrincessxX

Chapter 1
Alphas and Omegas

Aura was born in Jasper Park, Canada with a friend called Rena. It was where the waterfalls flowed and the meadows filled with many different colored flowers swayed. Aura's mother, Fern and her father, Talon raised her as a perfect wolf pup with no worries, regrets, but had a wish to become an alpha, as her parents made her become an omega. They had the good life.


When Aura was a child, not far from becoming a teenager, things started to go terribly bad...


Aura chased Rena through the grassy meadows by the crystal clear lake. Rena had been Aura's best friend for life. They acted like sisters, except not living under the same den. They often played and ran through lakes, dodged pine trees and played many jokes.


"This elk is mine!" Laughed Aura as she chased Rena through the pine forest. "Uh-uh!" Replied Rena, rolling her eyes sarcastically, shaking her head and giggling. Rena saw a fallen tree trunk and narrowed her eyes, getting ready to jump it.


Rena jumped too early and fell face flat onto some mud. "Oh I think I do have you." Aura exclaimed leaning her paw on Rena and helping her up laughing. Once Aura helped Rena up, she fell onto her back laughing. Rena shook mud off her and it went all over Aura.


"Hey! What was that for?" Said Aura in a sarcastic angry expression. "Rena! It's for alpha training school! Howled Cresent, Rena's father. Rena trotted off sadly. "Hey, wait up! Can't I come with you?" Questioned Aura. "I want to be an alpha, like you!" "Trust me, being an alpha is terrible! I'd rather be a carefree omega, like you..." Replied Rena sadly.


"Hey, cheer up buddy! You've still got me! A friend for life. No matter what, you've got me." Smiled Aura, trying to cheer up Rena. "I don't want to be leader of the pack someday... I want to have fun." Sobbed Rena. "Well I want to be an alpha, and you know wishes don't always come true, right?" Sighed Aura.


Aura took a deep breath in. "What now, Aura?" Asked Rena, trying to ignore Aura.


"It doesn't matter if your an alpha or an omega, you still have me!


No, it don't matter which side your on. No, no, no, no! It doesn't matter, no it doesn't matter today! Friends are here for caring!" Sung Aura.


"No, friends are here for zip." Sung Rena.


"When will you get it, oh when will you get it? Friends are the things that matter."


"I want to be an omega, can't you see? Young, wild and free!"


"I want to be an alpha, strong and brave, but wishes don't come true, listen to me and behave!"


"Stop trying to sound just like my mum. I've already got it so stick your paw up my bu-"


"When will you get it, oh when wil you get it? Friends are here for fun!"


"Can't you hear me? Wild young and free! I've already got it, I've already got it..."


"When will you get it...?"


"I've already got it! Leave me be. I'll figure out how to become an omega all on my own, and I don't need your help!" Argued Rena.


"Oh when will you get it..." Sighed Aura.


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