Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 52
Witch and unknowns

From Christopher's P.O.V.

Hailey added the last clump of dirt to the pile that was now surrounding the real entrance to the cave. It stood out a little in the forest but it was the best we could manage. I put my hand to my chin, "This won't work."
Hailey put her hands on her hips, "Christopher, have a little hope yeah?"
I gave a painful laugh, "How are we even going to tell the difference? How we will find it?"
Hailey sighed, "I honestly think we will be able to find it." Then she paused and grabbed her arm, "But just in case," She rubbed her arm and little pieces of sparkle fell down from her skin and landed on the bland dirt.
I smiled, "Now its really obvious."
Hailey shook her head, "I'm hungry."
"You're hungry? I haven't eaten in so long. Longer than you anyways."
"Then can we get something to eat?"
I laughed, "Oh we will."
We managed to sniff out a nearby camp and my nerves could barely stand still enough to get blood in an easy way.
I told Hailey what to and she smiled, Her sparkling skin lit up in the moon light peaking through the forest leaves. She gently walked closer to the camp where three homeless men had a small fire lit and were eating out of cans.
Hailey was going to make getting a meal so much more efficient.
The closer she got to the fire, the eyes on the men grew larger. They were hypnotized by her glowing wings that whisked gently out behind her back behind her tattered clothes and shimmering skin. She was like a glorious star in the middle of the dark sky. She softly spoke to them, "Come, follow me. I will show you what you've been waiting for." She poised her hand and beckoned them to follow her with a smile.
Whether the men were waiting for something or not they dropped everything and stood up quickly to follow her. She then turned away and tiptoed in my direction.
I knelt down and felt the bodily slime slip off of me as I changed. I slid my tongue over my teeth and readied myself.
When the men were quite a distance away from their fire, Hailey scampered off into the trees. The men were confused for only a moment until I jumped out with a growl and slithered my way to them.
I took them one by one to the ground each one as helpless as the next. Sweet blood flowed onto the dirt.
After weeks of nothing to eat, there was nothing more satisfying than the smell of gore.  The taste was even more tempting.
I noticed Hailey make her way to one of the bodies while I sloppily ate one of the men. She knelt down beside him and touched her hand to his cheek.
He shook at her touch but then she began humming softly a familiar tune. He used whatever strength he had left to move his hand up and grasp her tiny fingers. A tear fell from her cheek as the man took his last breaths. Then when he had gone, she began to eat.
When we had finished with the bodies i changed back and we washed up a little in the lake.
I wanted to ask Hailey if she knew the man, but I couldn't bring myself to ask.
We made eye contact in the lakes reflection and she smiled softly, "I didn't know the man Christopher. it must seem odd I do such a thing, but you didn't kill him fast enough. Everyone wants to die in the company of someone they love. Someone to tell them everything would be alright. I wanted to give him what I would have wanted."
I thought about it quietly. She must have sensed I didn't understand what she did.
Hailey took my shoulder, "I know that I still ate him. It would have been a waste if i hadn't but honestly, I felt better."
I still didn't say anything. I just splashed some more water on my face and then stood with anger, "I would never have wanted to die in the arms of someone I love. I wouldn't want them telling me everything would be okay when it wouldn't be for either of us. Its a sick lie you told him." I felt my anger fuse out of my mouth.
Hailey was hiding her face. I knew I had hurt her, but I couldn't take back the truth of what I said. I touched her wings lightly and they flinched, "We better get going if we are going to find Maggie." I said gently.
Hailey stood up slowly and nodded. Her body then went still. Her eyes focused on the dirt and she seemed dazed. Another vision. She gasped, "It's Maggie." Her face was frightened, "She is in the presence of something new."
"What do you see, Hailey?"
"Darkness. I can feel them though. Three people. A witch, and
 unknown beings. I sense nothing else."
"A witch? That's not her. Maybe she in her changed form. Your senses can't feel that."
"No, they feel that too Christopher. I believe the changed being and the witch are one."
"Maggie's a witch?"


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