Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 8

21:49 hours passed after Jessica and Marcus left the devastated planet of Maroon of the covenants wrath.


          “Marcus… are you sure our fleet can pick up our distress signal?”

          “Yes I’m sure Jessica. We are just floating safely in space out of covenant radars. I’m sure we will be safe until they get here.” Marcus saw Jessica’s saber floating overhead from his cockpit. She was flipped upside down, looking right at him. Both sabers were free floating, and turning slowly due to their controls over the wings.

          “What happens if we do get spotted by the covenant Mark?”

          “Well… that is a tough question to answer. Right now we are undetected because our engines are shut down. They can’t see us, but we can sure as hell see them. And who said you can call me Mark?” He looked up directly at her. Her long black hair touching the bubble canopy, she looked down smiling.

          “We are alone, in space, with no one around. So I gave you a nickname that suits you. Mark to us mean’s a highlander that came from another land to spare other species. My Mark before I became a hybrid ORON soldier was a prefect definition for that name. And now you fit that same definition.” Marcus just chuckled, hearing her true fact about that name. Jax came online on his Sabers dash. The AI wore an old Egyptian battle garb, holding a status of Anubis in his left, and an old Egyptian spear in his right.

          “\I’ve picked up nothing on the radars Field Marshal. Right now as we speak, we are just floating blindly to a gas giant. An unknown anomaly has come up when I was scanning it. There seems to be an artifact from an ancient civilization called the Forerunners. I don’t have much knowledge about these Forerunners. But what came up shocked my intelligent as an AI. This is a similar artifact that was on Reach and Maroon. It seems to be like a research facility of an unknown weapon it seems/.”

          “Shall we check it out Jax?”

          “\I’ve scanned for any covenant ships in an area of ten kilometers and nothing showed up. If you want to check this facility out you may. But I will be jamming com relay and the distress beacon when you land. Once you come back I will bring them back online, can’t risk a covenant ambush now can we/?” Jessica latched her helmet in place and started her Saber up again. Marcus had to use an ORON pilot’s helmet for now. Jessica took off before Marcus, so he took up her six.

          “What ever is in this facility Jax, it better be useful against the covenant. And if it is not, we blow it up. Jessica when we land our number one priority is to search the complex for any data there is. If it can help us or be used against us, we must copy the data on our uplinks. If it can not do us any good, we blow it to hell.”

          “I copy that Mark. Landing zones pin pointed right by what looks like a docking station.”

          “That now makes our job easier. Jax keep our sabers on low energy.” Both sabers zipped by asteroids and some destroyed parts of covenant ships. Marcus saw lifeless elites floating by some asteroids and two of them had space helmets on.

          “Keep your eyes open Jessica. I’ve spotted a few “dead” elites with jump helmets on.”

          “Isn’t that just for space battles?” Jessica and Marcus flew past the gas giant’s hydrogen fields and straight to the core. What they saw was completely shocking to them both. Elite drop pods sunken into the core, and what ever pods didn’t sink, the elites were immediately engaged by some sort of organic fighters. Not human nor covenant it seems to them.

          “What are those things Mark?”

          “I have no idea what they are, but I’ve seen these people some where before. They’ve fight like elites, but move like humans. I’ve forgotten their names they called them selves.” The docking station opened up for the two sabers to land. Marcus unlocked his safety harness, grabbed his standard side arm, and popped the canopy open. Three Forerunners came up to him with their weapons aimed at him. Jessica quickly fired off two warning shots in front of them. Two more aimed their weapons at Jessica.

          “We mean no harm to your kind. We just came here for some fuel, food, and water if you have any. So why don’t we put our weapons away, Jessica.” Marcus looked over to Jessica with her rifle aimed at the two Forerunners. One Forerunner looked oddly at Marcus.

          You… I know you from our last encounter on Nocturne-6. Yes it was you, they’ve called you Marcus. You took some of our people to aid you in your time of war. We never heard from them ever again. And now we want our sons back.”

          “Listen… I have no idea of what you are talking about. I don’t recall the event from Nocturne-6, or even asking some of your people to help us. Who are you?”

          “I, I am the Forerunner called Kilza Ricton. We are the last of our kind since the dreaded infection broke out. Cause of you humans, we had to use our weapons called Halo to cleanse each star systems from sentient life to vanquish the Flood. Costing almost every Forerunner, Covenant, and human’s lives. But our librarian stored every last beings DNA. When there was no sign of the Flood, and there wasn’t any sign of them. We’ve send a librarian to a chosen planet to start your generations again. Millions of years ago our war was pointless. Now you started a war with the Covenant that nearly wiped your race out completely. But you fought back, denied the face of defeat numerous of times. And now you are here with another creation to save humanity. Why have you come to this facility?”

          “We were fleeing from our colonized planet, Maroon, it was overwhelming with covenant. And we couldn’t hold them back any longer. We will not stay long, but we must have your data from your facility. Just in case that the covenant try to take you over like they did to Reach, Harvest, and Maroon.” Jessica watched closely, peering through the Forerunner’s thoughts, knowing what he will make of us, questioning what direct actions he’s planning to take, analyzing our situation to find a solution to suit us. All Jessica saw was another covenant, she dare’s not to trust another sentient life form but only her creators.

          “Feel free to take what is necessary to your knowledge, human. I shall warn you once that you need a fail safe code to access the same terminal I will lead you too. Only I know the code, we Forerunners’ do not trust one of our kinds as much. After the Halo event occurred, we lost all hope in civilization, and our own race.” Jessica grabbed her data board for IDE (immediate data extraction.) and came up to Marcus’s side. Kilza waved off his Forerunner brethren. Doing so, Jessica locked her rifle on the magnetic field on her back. Kilza led them to their facilities data board system, terminal 248/9015, the only terminal still operable from the Halo event. Jax was in his hibernation state onboard the Saber star fighter, a red warning flashed on the sabers grid. This caused Jax to come online and activate the sabers defense shields and weapons.

          “\Field Marshal, we have an unknown enemy contact coming out of slip stream space. The signal matches the same signal as a covenant CCS battle cruiser. Warning: I’ve located five more prophets on that ship/.”

          “Hold up Jax, send that back. My connection must be patchy; did you say five more prophets?”

          “\That is correct Field Marshal. I guess the covenant does not follow under one rule of a prophet. Scanning: I’ve hacked into the covenant’s battle network. So much open channels and so much chatter. Assessing: I’ve found out the remaining five prophets, and who they are. There is the prophet of Peace, tends to get the upper hand of a battle with a small carrier fleet, claiming that he is here to make peace with the humans, do not believe him. Then there is the prophet of Honor, more like an ancient protoss believer, he believes in honor in death and combat, he is a skilled war commander of his fleet Howling Moon. That one we need to stay clear from. The prophet of Truth, huh more like lies to me, he believes that going with the covenant armada is a path of virtue and hope. He does not get that the truth will hurt in the end. Oh my… the prophet of Mercy. Why, she is the one Commander James has encountered before in a space battle with his 3rd slip space fleet. When it was just his flag ships, she gave him mercy and let him live. We must get her to defect from the covenant. And the last prophet, prophet of Regret, he made his enemies regret ever facing the covenant in the face of obliteration. With a smaller fleet then Peace, Regret turned numbers into nothing. That shows you to never under estimate your opponent. Field Marshal we have a new objective. We must report back to the Commander on what we have found about the covenant’s prophets. Of course, we will wait until your mission is over/.” In all what Jax was saying is true about the prophets. Marcus heard every last word down to objective, and he knew what the objective would be. Get the prophet of Mercy to defect with her fleet. That is what Marcus is thinking the objective will be.

          “Copy all that Jax, we are in process of IDE right now. If those ships get any closer, signal a red flag and we will OSCERMIKE ASAP. Right now Jessica planted the IDE data board into the system’s main terminal…” The COM’S went dead after his last word. Jax can do nothing to retrieve it, unless getting his position out to the covenant’s armada. Marcus and Jessica were locked in a firefight against covenant elite Spec Ops. Kilza took a shot of plasma to his torso, so Jessica took him behind cover applying some first aid to his wound.

          “Where did they come from?”

          “I don’t know Mark, Kilza’s wound is bleeding badly. We need to get out of here now.” Marcus shot three elites dead with his side arm, dropped the spent clip, and slammed a fresh MAG into his pistol.

          “We can not go now, we are pinned down.” Jessica shot two elites on the railings over looking the terminal. Kilza didn’t even move a muscle when the bullet shells fell on him. Two elites in teal armor held their hands up, signaling to seize fire.

          “We are from the prophet of Mercy’s fleet humans. She has been expecting you on her ship. Do not keep her waiting.” The elite then slid down the bulk head from the railing, right down to the terminal where Marcus and Jessica were pinned down.

          “You will be transported to her ship by our own transport. When she is done with you, she will have you both safely brought back to this facility. Speak no words of her or us, or you shall take your last breath on Mercy’s ship. Did you hear my words without confusion human?”

          “I under stand clearly, when can we meet with your Prophet you speak of?”


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