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Chapter 7
Top Tips - Courtesy of LimikkinSixx

To start, I'll give my top three pieces of advice:

 - Write what you know.

 - Write what you like, not what is popular.

 - Write for yourself, not for a chance at becoming famous.


Your writing won't be genuine and enjoyable, neither to write or to read, if you aren't writing for yourself.

I know that writing can be a struggle. It's time-consuming, very particular, and above all, frustrating. But when you have that right idea forming in your mind, you'll know. It will be the idea that you can't help but over think all the time, and jot down on every scrap of paper you can find.

Keep in mind that it is perfectly okay to take breaks. In fact, you'll find that you’re rejuvenated and ready to write after you've separated yourself from your writing and focused on other things.

Do what makes you comfortable. If someone tells you that you should change something in your story because *they* don't like it, you should consider their advice, but you don't have to change what you've created to appease someone else.

Last of all, have fun with it. You'll end up (and I guarantee this) writing at least two complete drafts of your story. Personally, I've written three already. So it's okay to see how you like the story with a new character or in a new setting. After all, you can change it again.

Don't forget to polish up your vocabulary and English skills along the way. I'll be completely honest when I say that no one likes to sit through writing with no quotations and capitals in the wrong places. Ask for advice, and accept the constructive criticism that others offer you.

Read plenty of books, practice your writing, and just keep trying at it. Despite its name, there is no right answer in writing.

Thank you



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