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Chapter 6
Personal Recommendation

This is a personal recommendation of a book from me. Hopefully I'll be putting up a few of these, because there are a lot of books up on this site that are truly amazing and yet they still receive such low ratings. This is a plea to all readers of this page! Don't be fooled by the low ratings of some stories, because I can guaranteed the best written work are the ones that have not gain enough popularity. It is our job as readers to comment on those stories, build up the ratings so the books of those writers can get to that level of popularity they deserve!

So first recommendation for you all:

Title: Matches of Fate - by mandapanda96

Genre: Thriller/Adventure

My Rating: 5 Stars

Book Synopsis:

"Screams filled the polluted air as they lit the whole world on fire. One by one, all existing life wiped out and the only thing left was a single, charred matchbox that was filled to the brim with those cursed matches. ..

The Ashes, Year: Unknown

I’d always been able to catch myself before I fell and bruised myself after tripping again and again since I was, and still am a complete klutz; but one day, I forced myself to ask a question that I didn’t want to know the answer to-and the question was this: When my world fell apart, who would be there to catch me when I failed to do so on my own? Now that it has come to the time when I must be braver than ever before, I find myself to be absolutely terrified of the future that faces me. Everyone who cares about me pales in comparison to the knowledge of my realization…nobody can save me."

I was originally supposed to give a review for this book, but there's only so many review you can give to people that need no criticism. This is one of those stories that is brilliant of its own accord and add to it the writing technique, it has a bright future as a whole.

Please read!

Link to 'Matches of Fate by mandapanda96'


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