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Chapter 5
Moving - by T.M.Grubb

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5 Stars

This review is going to be short. Just as short as the actual work itself but limited words are just what I need to portray what I get from this piece.

I had no expectations before I started reading. And you want to know why? It was what I call a slate free of any marking. There was no long descriptions, no hint of what was in the chapter that I was about to read. That I guess is the ultimate concept of a short story. It should start as a secrecy of sorts and end in even more mystery. A tale knitted in such a way that you start with a yearning for the words, and you end with a yearning for more – anything more. But this page, this book labelled ‘Moving’ was more than just fulfilling that short story criterion. It was a story that needed no descriptions. That might sound weird as I’m saying it now, but you’ll have to read the actual work to understand what I mean. It is a piece of writing that is entirely dependent on the thoughts of the reader. You are free to make of it what you want. The books exterior, the author – they seem like some other compartment in your mind when you’re focusing on the words. They can’t influence your assumptions; they can’t influence what you feel for the words that create different images in your head.

If we flip reverse that statement, you have to acknowledge also that a reader cannot comprehend what the writer was thinking of when writing these sentences. These are a multitude of words that breathe the definition of conceptualised. A writers mind can be simple and yet on a wholly other plane it can be an abyss of complexity. And this authors mind is definitely intriguing in whichever way it works.

This piece of writing is poetry in a format that is not of the usual kind. And anything outside the norm intrigues me.

I really liked how the writing is sectioned off into distinct paragraphs. Reading in one go makes it seem as if the paragraphs are disjointed, no word in one section matching with any other of the chapter. But then as you try to picture the scenes you are reading, you can form links between sentences until the entire whole becomes clear.

I started reading the book with headphones on and music playing. Realised what a mistake that was when the words I was seeing and the musical lyrics playing in my ears became overwhelming. So I read the story in silence after that and realised it for what it was: a page of beautifully orchestrated writing. The words are strung along in perfect combinations; a litter of metaphors that answer a question in your mind just as effectively as they propose a couple more riddles. I bet I could write poetry just from explaining this short and distinct work by T.M.Grubb!

My only criticism would be that there isn’t more!

My absolute favourite part is a section in the ending paragraph. Honestly, I will not know how to explain why it is my favourite or why I felt such a strong reaction to the words, but feel it I did.

“The lines in my hands are fading, as are the bottles. I reach out in cowardly desperation to affirm their existence, but my arms are heavy and beyond my own control. They rise slowly, conjuring the prospect of contact but they are no longer visible to me.”

I love this site merely because of the fact that there are SO MANY talented writers. Each and every one are underappreciated – ridiculously so. But I for one am fully grateful for the magnificence they create with their words. 5 stars and nothing less for ‘Moving’ by T.M.Grubb.


Thank you


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