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Chapter 4
The Hydrargyrion Trilogy: Quicksilver - by LimikkinSixx

Book Synopsis:

The trials begin tomorrow. The winners will move on to greatness and glory, while the losers will be left behind to unravel the dark secret about the trials- what really happens to those who win.

Blair Everett is one of many children born anonymously in Base T8-2, a training base with one purpose: to reinforce the Hands-On Training Program. It teaches young men hard work, fighting skills, and above all- leadership. But their efforts aren’t in vain. In less than a day, the trials will begin. The trials, held every ten years, will determine who is suitable to join the capitol's army and escape the prison that is Base T8-2.

Because Blair is a girl, she is ineligible to join and is forced to watch as her brother and best friend enter the trials. If they win, they can never return to see her again. If they lose, they'll be trapped in Base T8-2 forever.

But when good intentions turn sour, secrets are unearthed, and an unknown entity with startling news makes an appearance, Blair discovers what really happens to those who win. And not only will it be a race against time to save them, it will be a cry for war against the world.

Average Rating:

5 Stars

Immediately drawn to this story by the peculiar title, I opened it to find that the context was just as unusual – uniquely so. The author fuses this clearly original story line in the most detailed and tangible way. My first reaction to reading the prologue was a good one if not the best, but as I read through it again my outlook of the book as a whole became so much more better. I was hooked into the situations of the story, mesmerised by how gripping they were.

I have to admit that I was expecting for this to be one of those ordinary science fiction stories that you read so much of these days - the storylines that revolve around concepts that are established as alike to books such as The Hunger Games. The long description of this story definitely hints at that track of thought. But as I became immersed in the play by play of the starting of the novel, my assumption was straight away contradicted. This author builds up a concept that is solely theirs and I was soon excited, as a reader, about where I was being lead with this story.

I was sort of hesitant about writing a review for this piece, merely because of the fact that there was only a chapter available for viewing. I usually like to base my perceptions on more than one chapter at least, so that anything I praise or advice, for improvement, is fully supported by the entire book and is accurate. Saying that however, I instantly felt that despite the limited content, this book was already on its way to great things. And in the prologue itself it had enough for me to comment on.

The first factor that impressed me in this story was the way in which the characters were developed. The prologue is a section of the story that is outside the actual context of the rest of the book, just so that a bit of background information is provided. So I wasn’t sure if Chasen was the main character or not. But nonetheless, the prologue is narrated in his point of view. The author utilises the narrative exceptionally, describing the character accurately. I loved how every sentence was so personalised to that character alone. With all the situations happening in the setting around the character - his emotions, his thoughts, his feelings towards everything were hinted effectively. Giving the character that important spotlight from the start of the story is key. It sets a base for all the other characters that may arise in the story and shows that even though the author is using a third person narrative, it is not restricted in any way. It can instead be used by the author to portray their main characters in a successful way, so that they are visualised by the readers as the most important individuals of the story.

As I was saying about the character development, the author builds characters that are engaging to the readers. If I take the main character of the prologue for instance: Chasen. He is a believable character. The writer has described his manner, his thoughts and his character as someone that we may have expected of a man of working class level. Usually it takes a whole story to build and progress through the behaviour and nature of the character thoroughly. But this writer accomplishes that all in just the prologue! We see Chasen transition from a hard working man to a protective family man and then onto a courageous soldier for his beliefs nearer to the end. I was pleased that he was given that chance to shine in literary ways.

It’s difficult to say whether or not the plot was believable, as science fiction is supposed to contradict your beliefs right? But I did enjoy the way the plot progressed and how every aspect of the situation, the time the place, was described thoroughly in order to aid the imagination. This brings me on to the biggest commendation for the writer! I absolutely loved the amount of sensory description used. That for me was the main aspect that gave the story its realistic edge. Being given that extra boost of imagination from the writing and effortlessly being able to picture the scenes through words... I was delighted reading the work of someone who effectively utilises that technique.


Overall, an immensely great start to the story and its definitely got me anxious for more. I don’t think there is any advice that I can give for now, but maybe as the story progresses I’ll have more to say. But let’s hope not and be able to enjoy the rest of the work from this writer. I’m happy to give this story its deserved 5 stars.


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