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Chapter 3
The Fractured Grey - by Lady Coldfeather

Book Synopsis:

As a young mistress in 15th century Plantagenet England, Cas’s imaginings have never stretched beyond that of her sex or station. That is, until one crazed night, she died.

Cas does not often look to her past; the murky, human memories are loathsome, dull, and full of darker times she’d rather forget. In her new life, her new body, she is untroubled, fierce, strong beyond what is natural to be, and, above all – ruthless.

She has honed herself, shaped her entire resolve, into Winter’s deadliest blade. But the masses are gathering. Someone killed The Lady of The Tides. The Spring King died under mysterious circumstances closely beforehand – and not a soul knows how.

Now her people, the Fey, have one collective finger, and they are pointing it at a child. A seemingly harmless – if not odd – boy. Every court is in uproar; half want him dead, half want to claim him, and Cas, more than anything, wants to stay out of it. It is more than her frigid, cold heart making her shiver; it is more than the frost creeping up her arm sending chills along her skin. Her instincts are screaming at her to run. But her queen, the ruler of Winter, will not let her, and neither will this stranger child.

After almost six hundred years, Cas, allergic to iron, insufferable of heat, and no longer accustomed to humanity, finds herself implicated and dragged back to a world which once saw her dead. She must blend amongst humans and hide her faery face, deceive without lying and hold her secrets close, and pray that her old family don't catch her up. But it's only a matter of time, and as Cas begins to build a fragile, fractured life for herself with her new human friends, she knows she can't run, let alone hide, forever. Even if she has forever.

Average Rating:

The most easiest 5 STARS I have EVER given!

I want to start off by saying that this author is amazing. Relatively new to this site, but she has made a very big mark to me, stamping her presence. I started off by reading her poetry 'Skeleton Me’ and I was blown away by the skill she demonstrated in writing. But then I started to read her actual story writing and let me tell you, blown away is no longer an apt description. Her writing is just pure perfection!

I was drawn in from just the title alone, which is more than any writer has ever had an impact on me before. The fractured grey was such a peculiar title that it forced me to open up the page merely to find an answer to the questions it caused in my head. The long description was set in an order that was just the right amount of information and also just the right amount of mystery mixed together. Before I’d even started to read the story I was thoroughly impressed by the first impression of the book that I perceived. Something tells me though that the writer just went with the flow with this. I don’t think she thought much about setting that mind blowing impression from the synopsis, and she was just writing what came to her head. And that shows an exceptional natural talent for writing that for many people is very far and between.

So when I started to read the story, I was more than excited to write a review on it. Even though there was only a chapter available for viewing. The tale explored in this story is so unique yet it’s a topic that a lot of readers love to read. I have been waiting and hoping to read a supernatural and fantasy story that is not cliché or a remake of some other concept. This author took a genre that is so typical in the media these days and built a whole new foundation for it. It is at a level of its own that the supernatural almost becomes believable! Even as crazy as that sounds, it is the only way I can think of to portray what I was feeling reading ‘The Fractured Grey’. The plot just flowed with such smoothness and care that you can almost believe that outside your bedroom window there is a whole world out there, hidden in the shadows. A world of secrets and danger and mystery that is too much for our fragile human minds to contemplate. But contemplate we do; especially with writing like this to support our over active imaginations!

The descriptions used here are at an exceptional level. I was intimidated by the writing, it showed outstanding skill and charisma and enthusiasm, that I can never hope to match. I’ve mentioned in a previous review my love for word play. And this book has word play galore! I was mesmerised by the way the writer fiddled about with the words, constructing and connecting sentences in such a artful way that even with the advanced vocabulary, everything made sense. The writing itself and the silky surge of literature articulated here almost made the story like child’s play to read. It was interesting and gripping and moved at a pace that was just shy of exactness. The writer shows a really careful pacing in her work. It’s like she can almost imagine when a storyline needs to be more described and when it borders on unnecessarily long. And she cuts that section short and moves on. But that is not to say that the story is inconsistent. Each paragraph and concept shows a skilful continuity, so that there are no loose ends. I appreciated the fact that the story didn’t move too quickly and didn’t drag on either and everything was explained thoroughly.

The novel is narrated in the point of view of the main character, Cas. I loved how her emotions, her thought processes, her position and status were so thoroughly portrayed. It made her character as three dimensional as possible, and as soon as she stamps her presence on the scene, she is all the reader can think about. The author has made her a main character that is exactly that: the MAIN concept of the story! It was nice to be able to appreciate how the character was feeling as the first chapter progressed into the next. Her voice is profound and distinguishable with her personality. It exudes that ruthlessness that is described in the long description of the story. Her tone and her manner, all emphasise her nature within the story. And that was just the first and main character. The author goes onto further describe every character that we come across. Each person is given a spotlight so that we feel as if we already know the personality of everyone in the story.

This may sound unbelievable, but I really don’t think there is anything negative about this story. You will have to read it for yourself to agree with me, but I will completely welcome anybody to try to find a flaw. The spelling, grammar, scene setting, dialogue, tone, structure – it is all impeccably accurate.  It has been a long time since I’ve come across a writer so naturally extraordinary.


I would not just recommend this story to all, I would also commend that it is one of the best written stories I have ever read. Including published works!

There is not much else to say but that this author, and her deliriously intense writing, deserves the greatest of all ratings and a remarkable 5 stars. Please support her! There is more than just talent here.


Don’t thank me. Thank her for her writing!


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