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Chapter 2
Forever yours... - by Ankita Sengupta

Book Synopsis:

Jennii and Wil have been best friends since they went to the same Reception class. They realise, in their teenage years, that they are helplessly in love with each other but there's something keeping them apart- Wil needs a heart transplant.

Knowing he will die sometime in the near future, he doesn't allow them to be more than friends. Jennii knows she'll never fall in love again- not as long as she lives. She'd do anything to be a part of Wil. And her wish is granted.  

For the transplant, Wil needs someone who thinks like him, who feels like him, who loves like him...he needs Jennii.

This book is lovingly dedicated to my best friend Jennii.


Average Rating:

4 stars

This is a story that will have you absorbed in no time at all. It has such a heart warming plot line that the writer has developed superbly. Every concept of the story is so sweet and loving, that it all compliments the very serious and saddening story line. This book is original in that it explores a side of love that not many people have ever tried to do. The concept that you love someone so deeply; you are willing to do anything for them; willing to be anything for them. The writer takes a health issue that is rare yet so devastating and weaves words and feelings into it, that even if the idea is something that is not at all common, it suddenly becomes realistic in your minds. You can believe that a situation like that has happened in the real world – is still happening in the real world, whether or not you have actually witnessed it.

The one aspect of the story that got me straight away was the relationship that the writer developed between the two main characters Wil and Jennii. These two characters have been the best of friends for so many years and are only just realising the feelings that they have for each other beyond the platonic kind. I loved how the writer just straight away got into their thoughts about each other from the very first chapter. With a story like this some may have expected for their love for each other to gradually develop throughout the chapters, a thought at a time. But the fact that the writer didn’t take this technique deserves credit. These friends have had YEARS to know each other, and I liked how the author didn’t waste time developing further emotions, and just straight away hinted at how they meant more to each other then friendship. For a reader, I appreciated that the story didn’t have to drag on through all that unnecessarily.

Furthermore, the writers words in describing Wil and Jennii when they are together is very well thought out. The two have a relationship that is unlike any other pair in the story. They are two different people when they are together and completely altered individuals when they are with other people. For instance, the Jennii with Will is soft and humble and appreciative of the friendship that they have. It is simple but intense. But the Jennii with Ethan, another character in the book, is a much more liberal version of herself. Someone that is outgoing - too outgoing in comparison to her nature when she is around Wil. The same goes for Wil. He is soft worded and kind and attentive with Jennii and yet his manner and how he holds himself is different when he talk to other people. Those small differences make their relationship seem so much more powerful as it is the simplest of all the interactions of the characters in the story. And that highlights its importance.

I think the one advice I’d give is to further exaggerate that difference. Just to increase that sense of something very special between the two main characters. I think I would have liked to see Wil and Jennii’s relationship even more simple and primal, and alternately make them greater, exaggerated versions of themselves in dialogues with others.

A point I noticed about this story is that it is very heavily based on dialogue and not enough descriptions. Where there are descriptions though they are great. It would increase the quality of writing so much more if more descriptions were brought to light. One such example is scene setting. There isn’t much of it. A scene always puts a reader right at the heart of the story; practically paints them in as an additional character. And in this story, I felt sort of lost. I didn’t know how to picture the surrounding effectively in order to feel what the characters were feeling. Such as the times when Wil goes to the hospital - it should be a place that’s foreboding; menacing to him because he knows what his presence in the hospital means. At the moment it seems as if he is just sauntering in there without much care. Adding descriptions of what he sees and smells and feels in the hospital environment would garner so much more attention from the readers.

I also felt that the story kept slipping between tenses. It is heavily based in the present tense, but sometimes the writing veers off that course and past tense terms mix in as well. But I am sure a thorough proof-read at the end of the novel will sort that out. Personally I would have preferred if the story was entirely told in the past tense. Then it would feel like someone looking back at a time of sadness and love in their past, and savouring every detail of the memory. It would enhance the seriousness of the situation of a heart transplant and it would also target more importance on the relationship that Wil and Jennii share. But that is solely my opinion, and the writer may have used present tense to portray some other sort of importance.


So far the story is a good one and is left off at a crucial cliff-hanger, which only more chapters will resolve. It is now at a point when love, the ultimate emotions of the story, is put to the test.

I would most definitely recommend this read for those readers that love connecting with the characters in the story. It is a simple and lovely tale of two individuals that mean the world to each other. It deserves an exceptional 4 stars.


Thank you,


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