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Chapter 1
Love and War: Book One, Nephew Chronicles - by StevenCash

Book Synopsis:

Prince Stephan, heir to the Kolarian Throne, is stunned when an attempt is made on the life of his uncle, King William XI-- and the shock increases when he is accused of the crime.

Stephan is subsequently banished from the Kingdom, but finds it a blessing in disguise as his true gift is realized and he must be the savior for his Kingdom.

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4 stars

Starting off I think the graphic design for this book is really great. Not something I’ve ever tried, but creating your own book cover shows a really profound sense of creative control. It puts your personality all over the story. The image totally relates to the story as a whole, and once you start reading the prologue, you will see the truth to that straight away.

My overall feedback of the book at first read-through would be that it is something that you can easily get hooked into. Whether or not you usually go for that genre of writing, once you start reading you will not be able to help but become immersed in the trivia that is the scenes set in this story. The author displays a wonderful knack for descriptive imagery and the settings surrounding the characters are so powerfully built that the tale is extremely easy to follow. Even with just a few chapters posted, there are numerous ideas built and integrated into the story that developing each one throughout the novel will be sure to give a very interesting read. The plot is very believable and I honestly think this writer is onto something very unique with this idea.

To me reading this story though, the plot line wasn't what got me, gripped me and kept me. It was the actual writing itself. I personally have this thing where I love playing about with words, trying out different sentence structures, mixing phrases, creating metaphors! And let me tell you I was pleasantly...pleased with the amount of skill I saw in this book. Some of the sentences were literally to die for, they sounded so good! For example 'unleashing a crimson flow’ and ‘the sun rose...peeling away at the dark night’. Additions like that gave this story and this writer so much potential in my eyes. 

Moving onto the point of view of the narrative: it is effective for this piece of writing. A lot of characters are introduced in just the opening itself and the third person account gives the writer uncontainable access to develop the thoughts of every individual in the story. I thought that the crucial concept of the third person narrative was only just being tapped by the author however. Maybe that’s just because of the limited chapters up for viewing so far, but delving into the thoughts of each character that is talking at a specific moment of the story will add so much more star quality to the writing.

That piece of advice then links to the character development. The voice of each character so far is incredible. You have a picture of how each character behaves almost straight away; from the authority of King William to the strict yet obedient nature of the Lords around the table. But it is not just the voice of the individuals in the story that create a clear picture in readers mind; it is also the physical descriptions. I guess that’s a key concept of any writing; being able to describe a person artfully and accurately. If there’s anything in this book I think that’s one of the main attributes the writing lacks. The characters need to be given more ‘spotlight’ I guess you could say. Especially the main characters! Four chapters into the story and I really did expect Prince Stephan to be more of a prominent figure. Although the writer describes his personality really well...I just don’t have a clear image of the guy. I was waiting while reading for there to be a section, a paragraph, describing the young boy deeply - something that gives readers a character to picture, to start to feel different emotions towards. The main character is a person that the readers need to start to relate to almost as immediately as they step onto a scene. And describing Prince Stephan’s features from the very start is one of the most important ways that the writer could go about accomplishing that in my opinion.

On spelling and grammar front, I think everything is as it should be. Just the minor typing errors that can be easily solved by just proof reading. The dialogue in the story is believable and is consistent with every character. One thing I would say though is that, bearing in mind the setting of the story and the whole royalty aspect of it, I would have expected the dialogue to be a bit more formal. So saying ‘do not’ instead ‘don’t’, ‘will not’ instead of ‘won’t’. That just gives consistency to the story as a whole, and really tells a reader that the author has thought of every aspect of his/her book. 

To summarise, I definitely think this is a story to watch out for. The writer and his novel both have a lot of potential and hopefully this book can grow and progress into something really great.


I hope my advice was beneficial to the writer and my review was beneficial for the readers. I would most certainly recommend this story to others and give it a worthy 4 stars.





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