Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 50
New Tunnel

From Christopher's P.O.V.


Hailey softly spoke, "Christopher, I know you are worried but you shouldn't take this situation carelessly."

I looked at Hailey, "Why would I take it carelessly?" I sighed, "I need to go find Maggie."

"What about the water?"

"I don't need the water. I need to find Maggie."

"Christopher, what did I just say about carelessly? You need this water, I need this water, Maggie needs this water."

"She won't when she is dead."

"Christopher you have to protect the water!"

"With what? My sharp teeth? I can do nothing to save this water. I have to find Maggie."

Hailey didn't say anything for a moment. She glanced around the room and then stood up,  "Alright. I can do nothing either I suppose. We will go in search of Maggie."

I laughed, "We?"

Hailey glared at me, "You didn't think I would just sit here and wait for death to take me did you?"

"Well you're a little girl. You can't come."

"Christopher, if you think about what I've been through, I'm not so little anymore am I?"

I stopped and thought about all that had happened to this little girl recently. I couldn't deny her right to come. "Alright lets go but I need something to eat first."

"Don't you think we should have a plan first?"

I stood up next to Hailey, "Okay, and what do you propose we do miss Hailey?"

She giggled, "We can make a new tunnel next to this one. It will just lead to dirt. And then we can cover the entrance to this tunnel just until we get back."

"You don't honestly think anyone would fall for that?"

"Yes I do. At least for a little while. Only to stump them. Eventually they would find the real tunnel entrance but it would hold anyone up for a while."

I smiled, "Alright, but after that, we get something to eat."

Hailey laughed and started up the dirt walls of the tunnel.

I followed.


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