Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 49

From Maggie's P.O.V.


I screamed the loudest I had ever heard myself scream before as the pain crept inside me and attacked my insides.

It felt like knives stabbing me from the inside out and the ouside in. Its pain was undescribable and I screeched and hollered over and over again.

The water was all around me. I had to get out. I had to get out.

I lifted myself up and stood on my feet. I stumbled to the side of the pot and tried to climb out. Madalla grabbed my shoulders tightly and spit on my face. Then she shoved me back down into the water and let my head soak before she let go.

I surfaced.

Tears were running down my face like a river. I could no longer scream. I just sat in the pot cringing with unbearable pain.

Madalla leaned over the pot and got in my face. She grabbed my neck and shoved my head against the side of the pot. Again she changed her voice to tell me, "Tell me who has the water and where it is."

I could not hold up any longer. The pain and her voice was too much for me. I coughed out the answer without further thought, "Christopher," I coughed, "Down the tunnel."

Madalla dropped her hands and stomped away from the pot, "Of course! Christopher would have it! It all makes so much sense. Too bad we had to go through all that trouble just to get four words." Madalla cackled to herself.

Caspus followed her in excitment and only Dontle was left watching me at the pot. She gave me a sorroful look.

I was still in deep pain. The powers of the pink potion were still in tact and I feared it would never stop.

Dontle bent down and picked up the remaining bottles on the floor. There was three. She took them in her hands quickly and looked back at Caspus and Madalla before she did so. Then at the once in one quick movement she smashed the three bottles on the edge of the pot and everything that was inside poured into the pot.

Madalla turned around speedily and fear struck her eyes, "Dontle! No! I was not going to give her those!"

Immediate thoughts of more pain came to my mind. More tears fell from my face as I watched green, red, and purple liquids fall to the bottom of the pot.

Madalla screamed in Dontle's ears, "Now she will have our Powers you dimwit! After we already know where the water is! After we already got what we wanted! Do you think I really wanted her to have those powers once I learned she knew the whereabouts of the water? Are you insane?"

Madalla continued to yell but I didn't here.

In a way Dontle had just provided me with a gift. I now would have a very powerful skill with me. One that could become of great serfice to me.

Did Dontle feel sorry for me? Did Dontle care about all the pain I was going through?

But another thought struck my mind.

Now that Madalla knew about Christopher, what would happen next?



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