Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 7
Reunion of Old Friends

08:30 hours passed on that day the prophet of Noble was killed. Victory was at hand for Marcus and his marines.


          “So what now Marcus? There is nothing we can do for this planet now.”

          “I know… gather up every last marine that’s still alive. I will be calling for some EVAC to come get us. And I think it is time to visit some old friends of mine.” Marcus left his EVA-C3 helmet behind on his rifle. Tania smiled as she stretched back. If only Marcus knew how Tania felt when she was around him.

          “Radar picked up three strong pings on the planets slip space grids. Around 24:54 on Thursday.”

          “Multiple pings, maybe it’s our cargo transport with our new weapons relay?”

          “Don’t get your head high in the clouds now. No cargo transport pings are that strong. Could be one of our battle fleet’s coming in for evacuation?” The crewmen were arguing and discussing about the pings on the slip space grid for a while since it first showed up. That is when Field Marshal Marcus came inside the orbital defense girds relay. All the crewmen turned over to him, starring in shock that he was alive, that he was one of the last ORON soldiers alive with Amy and Jessica. Not knowing he was here to find his old friends, each crewman thought he was here to check the pings on the grid.

          “Lieutenant, Hammer A. Ratchet of the 4th infantry battalion of Spirit of Fire, can you please step out side for a while. The rest of Delta squad would like a word with you.”

          “You mean… delta… how can this be? Every one in delta was assigned to different squads and teams. How did you assemble delta again?”

          “Simple. I went out to find them and being apart of delta squad my self. It was not hard to find them since I have their suits transponders.” The Field Marshal motioned to the glass doors where Amy, Jessica, Miles, Noah, Stealth, and Scope sat at and waited.

          “But sir, I need to stay to monitor the slip space grid.” Pings were heard rapidly as the Lieutenant sat back down at his stations. Each ping was about one second after each other.

          “We’ve got multiple contacts coming out of slip space! Space probe images detect covenant CCS class ships along with corvettes! Activate the planets defense grid!” The Lieutenant slammed his fist down on a glass box that sealed a leaver. The box shattered into sharp pieces, and Hammer pulled the leaver quickly.

          “This is the Maroon defense grid; we’ve received your request on activating A-A MASS drivers due to covenant contact.”

          “Oh just activate them!” Without another word said from the Defense base. MASS drivers were quickly brought up into their designated quadrants. One marine is all it takes to operate this mammoth gun. When the Lieutenant turned around, Marcus threw his helmet at him.

          “Right.” Was all young Lieutenant said as he shot up from his chair, putting his helmet on while running back to delta.

          “Tania give me a heading.”

          “Well this is a fraction of the covenants fleet. I say that this planet will be destroyed at around… oh I don’t know… 24 hours. They will head for your MASS drivers first but at a cost of a dozen ships.”

          “Right then lets evacuate the remaining ground forces and civilians from Maroon. We will fall back to Domain-3 until our battle fleets arrive.”

          “Seems fair enough Field Marshal, evacuation was already active.” Once out side the defense base, Delta squad made their way to Falcon-2 dry docks. Ten Helsion class cruisers were waiting for evacuation along with Marathon ships. All civilians from Maroon were on each ship.

          “Get those ships star side Commander! We need to get out of here now!”

          “We can’t do that Field Marshal. We need marines on ground providing A-A support with those MASS drivers. If those MASS drivers are not operable, we will be shot down.”

          “Copy commander… Field Marshal Marcus, out.” His com relay clicked off and all he can here are children’s and mothers crying. He looked back at his team, and then he took a rifle.

          “Take these ships out, I’ll find another way off Maroon. Jessica and I will stay behind to make sure the MASS drivers stay online. See you guys on Domain-3.” Marcus took off with Jessica trailing behind him. Tania tried to catch up with him. But Scope and Stealth grabbed her before she could.

          “You heard our C.O. we need to get off this planet.”

          “But we can’t leave Marcus behind!”

          “He told us to go, it’s an order Tania.” Tania seized her struggling in Scopes arms. Stealth led her onto the last Marathon ship still docked. Each crane on the ships side’s detached, as the ship prepped for take off. Each engine roared loudly, burning with a blue passion. Tania watched from the ships aft window as Marcus and Jessica ran down the old dirt trail. Her heart sank deeply; pain emerged into her heart as if someone stabbed her there.

          “Jessica you know our mission. We must by our EVAC ships some time to leave orbit and enter slip space. These MASS drivers must stay online until their clear. Covies or not, we need them to stay online!” Marcus vaulted over a dead log into a swamp area. Once he landed in the murky brown water, some of it splashed back at Jessica. Thank the gods she was wearing her helmet.

          “Where to Field Marshal?”

          “We must back track to the nearest MASS drivers around Falcon-2 dry docks. Then we can search for a Pelican or if we are lucky enough, a Saber fighter.” Both ORON soldiers rushed through the waters and mud. The sound of each MASS driver sounded like thunder clapping away in a level six hurricane. Three Corvettes were seen above the city of Versi. One was hit badly by their MASS drivers; the other two were engaged by Marathon ships.

          “Marcus phantom!”

          “I see it! Just keep moving!” Jessica ran right up to his right with her rifle shouldered. The phantom’s plasma turret fired once in range, one grunt operating it. So both ORON soldiers hit the deck behind a dead log twice as big as a hunter. The phantom dropped crimson Zealot elites that are an elite strike force.


          “I know Jessica!” Marcus threw three fragmentation grenades between two elites first, grabbing hold of Jessica’s arm before all three went off. Both ORON soldiers ran passed the explosion of water, mud, and white hot steel shrapnel. Jessica fired her AR5C rifle with her special ammunition called ghost points. By not hitting the Zealots shields, it went straight through and struck their bodies. Marcus grabbed the last Zealots arm with its energy sword, twisted around to its back, and snapped its shoulder right out of its socket. The Elite roared in pain up to the skies, both ORON soldiers left it to die. As both of them left, the Zealot watched them from its left eye. Knowing he will not die from its wound, it sworn revenge on both of them.

          “Something tells me that we’re too late!”

          “Marcus up in the sky, the covenant started glassing!” Jessica grabbed Marcus by his arms, forcing him down to the waters for cover as an enemy Corvette over one MASS driver glassed the A-A gun to dust. Their armor flashed a red warning sign, signaling radiation was filling the air. More Corvettes’s glassed the rest of the MASS drivers and were heading to the Defense grid’s base.

          “Jax can you pull up a list of ships still in dock, we need to get off of Maroon now.”

          “\I am on it Field Marshal. There is one Pelican still docked in the ship breaking yards of Vigor. And two Saber-117 star fighters docked in Jacinto sir/.”

          “Which one’s the closest distance on foot?”

          “\Jacinto Field Marshal/.” Once Marcus heard his information, he broke out into a lightning bolt sprint with Jessica. The NAV point on Jessica’s helmet got them closer to Jacinto. They were going to make it off of Maroon after all.

          “Marcus look up ahead, I see the ship breaking yard.”

          “Double time it Jessica, because here comes a Corvette!” They’re going as fast as they can. Jessica’s motion sensor pinged thirty miles back. She looked back for a quick second.

          “Marcus we have incoming banshees!”

          “Jax get Jacinto’s A-A turrets on line now!”

          “\I’m three steps ahead of you Field Marshal, the A-A turrets are online and ready to open fire once in range/.” Forty miles were the anti-air turrets range, and Marcus knew they were about ten miles short. A flash of blue plasma jolted passed Marcus’s head, searing a few hairs off of his face. He could also hear the air crackling when it came by.

          “Shit!” Marcus threw down a strange looking disk in front of the banshees. Once three flew passed it, the disk opened up and activated an EMP pulse that disabled all banshees.

          “Keep moving!” Marcus flipped the safety off of his rifle, knowing the covenant might be over the next ridge. The covenant was always faster and smarted. But this time, Marcus was ready for them.

          “Stay by the trees Jessica and fire at any covenant in view.”

          “Understood” Marcus leapt down the ridge onto a covenant elite. He then took its sword and activated it, sending the blades deep into its neck. He left the sword in its neck and shot seven grunts in their heads. Those things are always weak and dumb.

          “Jessica you can move now. Its all clear down here, and looks like it was a Covie patrol unit.” Marcus saw one ghost near the fifth dead grunt. Jessica slid down the ridge and onto the dead elites back. She took its energy sword to keep.

          “Thinking of what I am thinking Jessica?” Jessica nodded getting into the ghost. Marcus was on the wing like he was with Tara and Tania. Jessica took off to Jacinto ship breaking yard that’s only a few meters away.

          “Quickly get off. Jax prep the Saber fighters for take off.”

          “\Already on it Field Marshal, sabers were prepped on your arrival/.” Jessica and Marcus took off into the ship breaking yards docking station. Once they’ve reached the Sabers, Jessica took the blue saber, and Marcus took the red saber.

          “All secure latches off now, all engines are ago! Take off now!” Jessica punched her engines taking off before Marcus. Soon after, Marcus punched his engines following Jessica.

          “This is Field Marshal Marcus and Lieutenant Colonel Jessica, we are away. Good luck out there men.”


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