Americas heart attack, My Comspiracy Theory (please rate)
Author: Lucas giddens

Chapter 28
My house


    I have a simple rule at my house that resides in a great nation that is run by a bunch of corrupted, liberal, greedy, maggot terds that have no back bone.  No matter what your belief is you will respect me and whoever else is in my house.  If you can’t do that then don’t even bother knocking. 

    If I own some land one day.  Then the same rules would apply.  We do have a bunch of lawless scum bags that don’t have respect for anything or anybody due to our spineless government.  The politicians have a price tag on them evidently and the police officers are scared to do anything due to these frivolous lawsuits.

    Even if one of our officers catches a person red handed breaking one of the laws protecting the citizens some lawyers that are so greedy for money slash power or our week pathetic government lets them go for some stupid idea of theirs.  Sometimes it is family members feeling sorry the law breaking criminal. 

    Well don’t you think the guardians should have taught them the difference of right and wrong in the first place.  To top it off some of our parents would rather be thought of as being cool, hip, or whatever you want to call it and be a friend not a parent.  Of course our government has made it so that if you administer a little spanking or just slapping them upside the head teaching them right from wrong.  They could send you to jail for corporal punishment. 

    I have a friend that was put in jail by his own wife for giving a little spanking to his own children when they were young.   Some would call you a child abuser for using the good ole fashion methods of discipline.  I know I hated it, but I sure learned from it.  The government of ours has destroyed the very thing that made us strong.

    Yea, yea, yea, you might think im going a little overboard but I really don’t care what others think.  I use to care what others opinion was of me.  I have been through way too much.  I do think that my step father  (Glenn Pointer) was wrong for punching me, but as for the spankings that I have received.  That is a different story because I have told you before that it did indeed help me with my recovery.  If he would of tried to discipline me with corporal punishment at a later age he would have had his hands full needless to say.

    You can stop wondering why our crime rate is so high.  Discipline is the main key.  God even believes in discipline.  He uses it as a teaching method but please look it up for yourself.  He uses it many times in the bible.  That is the Lord Americas God Jesus Christ.  One of my favorite verses is located in the Holy Bible in the book of Proverbs chapter three verses twelve that reads, “For whom the lord loves he corrects.

    I feel loved even though I am a cripple.  Yea it pisses me off at time being this way.  I look at it this way, so  if God would not have disciplined me I would either be dead, suffering from a sexual transmitted decease, or big Bubbas butt buddy rotting away in prison wishing I was dead.

    I do know that we do have some people that cannot work and provide for themselves.  But we do have many that can but would rather sit at home and do nothing.  So they do and our government no matter the party provides for them through the taxpaying dollar. 

    I have to use food stamps to eat on.  I feel ashamed to have to do that.  I do not want to admit it but I am an indigent.  Yea, I need to face reality and I get the chills every time I think about it. My step mother (Becky Giddens)  says, “No not you because you have means.”  Yea but I say, “My intentions can’t do the actions that are required for the task.”  No matter how you look at it the truth never wavers.   With all the technology we have I don’t understand why we cannot make these little cards except only foods that are made in the U.S.A.

    Think about it, beggars can’t be choosers.  It would help out our own economy.  Our farmers would benefit from it as well as our ranches.  For instance the droughts and fires that took place in Texas not that long ago because they needed hay to feed the cattle for the dairy as well as beef and that would help the small people in the trucking organization and many other things as well.  

    I don’t know im don’t have enough education to figure out our debt crisis that our corrupted government has put us in.  I do know that this is our land and we have allowed too much.   Those little things such as our language has only gotten worse.  You can see the gradual change in our television shows over the years.  We need to treat our land just like our house we live in.

    To me it seems to be a huge responsibility to raise a child during this time.  I would not want to because I have a hard time with dealing focusing on my own issues.  I like to play around too much.  The peer pressure alone would have got the best of me.  I thought I had it hard when I was growing up.  The children now have to deal with so much more.

    I’m glad I was raised in a small country town.  I had a rough upbringing but if I was raised in an easy liberal way.  I would either be dead or relying on others.  I was not friends with my step father.  At times I hated him.  But he was a fatherly figure and did not care to be my friend.  Hard to believe I am saying this but I am glad for that.

    It is no challenge in life to do bad.  It is so easy to get lost in the peer pressure and fit in with the crowd around you.  Well, it was for me before the accident.  Hard to believe that I wanted to fit in with others when I look back but the more I think about it, I would like for others to look at me as one of a kind.  Good role models, examples, are very hard to find now.  I am a unique person and proud to be an American role model.

    Some may look at me and say I’m just a crippled up ole has been that has had one too many.  That’s ok, just keep on walking.  Once you get to know me no matter what you believe or even agree with whatever I say.  I’m just a good ole boy that means you no harm.  I’m going to continue fallowing his will rather than my own.  I would consider myself a fool to listen and obey mans word over Gods with all the tribulations that I have lived through.

    No, I cannot even fathom cannot all the wrong doings that I have done against God in my short lived life.

                                                                    Lucas Giddens


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