Americas heart attack, My Comspiracy Theory (please rate)
Author: Lucas giddens

Chapter 27
The reckoning


    Why worry about the end?  God wanted you to be prepared.  Jesus Christ will help you with the preparation.  The bible has the word prepare in it, one hundred forty eight times or over in the bible.  I’m not as companionate as him.  I would have said the heck with it already.  But I’m prepared, are you?  You draw your own conclusion of the bible.  That is what I came up with.  Although, I will keep reading it I just know it is true to the word.

    You know, I don’t remember a time that my step father said that he loved me.  I have remembered my natural father say it along with my family and many others.  My mother and grandmother, every time we speak or talk to each other.   And hearing the words does mean allot because you will never know the time of your death.  I do know that pretty well.  We can try to predict the end of the world or when Christ comes back, or try to.  But, we can die in any given time.  Living in this country gives us the choice.  Some you have no choice.

    People actually believe that God will forgive you as long as you are good.  Kina like Santa Clause.  Well even if Santa tries to get into heaven with all of his good deeds and that bag of toy’s.  He won’t.  There is only one way and it is made clear in the bible.  The one and only way is threw Jesus Christ.  If Santa has no relationship with Christ then the next chimney will be the last.

   Some that even go to church will be deceived as far as the elect.  Some will say that a loving god will understand.  Well Christ is your lord of lords the one and only God.  If you took the severe beating that he took, you would understand why he deserves the reckoning.  He deserves so much more.  And we don’t even deserve to even look in the same direction.   He gave his life for all of us.  If you don’t recognize him for that, then you deserve to go to hell.  If you have seen The Passion of Christ then you have seen just a potion of what he went through.

    He is a jealous God.  I’m glad he is slow to anger aren’t you?   Sure, we praise him in front of others but yet we only do that for our own benefit.  As soon as that moment is over and we get away from that Godly atmosphere most turn in to complete heathens.  We including myself have a tendency to let money or the ostentatious lifestyle steal the attention away from the Lord our God Jesus Christ. 

    It looks like most Americans are worshiping money or other so called Gods.  We know that money betrayed him before.  Are we not letting it happen again?  That is how it looks to me and that makes me wonder how he sees it.  I am ashamed of myself almost all the time.  I wonder why he died for a miserable sinner such as me.   No matter how hard I try it will never be enough.  I cannot help it.   My mind is deviant, morbid, sadistic, or better yet just pure evil.  But I do try to do the will of God. 

    I look around and see all these protesters holding up signs saying God hates America, or he has left us we are doomed.   That is the reason we are in this shape.  Well let’s get the facts right.  We left him, he never left us.  We simply lost faith and started giving into our own wants.  The consequences for our actions are starting to show up.  You can only blame yourself.

    Just take a look at all the sexual transmitted diseases that are spreading as fast as a wild fire.  I do understand about the sexual desire we have as humans.  I have to be honest sex is the hardest thing for me to deal with.  I wish I was a virgin again and then I would not know what I am missing out on.  I do have to admit that it almost feels too good to pass up on.  The thing about it is that is our desire and pleasure.  Now God did say in the book of Matthew chapter ten verses thirty eight, “And he that does not take up his cross fallow after me is not worthy of me.”

    Christ wants us all to repent of our own will and fallow his.  In the same book of Matthews chapter sixteen verses twenty four it says Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and fallow me.”Another words walk the talk, or practice what you preach.  Jesus Christ even agrees because he says in the book of John chapter fourteen verses fifteen, “If you love me, keep my commandments.”   No college, school, our interoperation needed.

    With that being said, even a head case like me can figure it out.   Just deny your own wants or desires.  Take up your cross showing that you are trying to do his will.  When he said fallow me.  That phrase I want to be like Mike has been changed to I want be like Jesus.  Now he was the best man to ever walk.  Who would not want to be like him?  Going to church is not a necessity in my book.  In order to go to heaven Jesus Christ is a must though.  I do believe any other way false and futile.  You are free and able to believe choose any other religion that man has made here in America.

    God spoke of a treasures that will not rust, tarnish, or can get stolen.  It was not gold, silver, or jewels, they can lose its luster and can be stolen.  If you rely on cash instead of God it can and will burn in hell with you.  What about love and respect?  Can you destroy, steal, and vandalize it?  Can it rust or lose its worth?

     You know my step father was not a church going man.  I didn’t even know that he believed in the bible until a year or so ago.  When I really started studying the bible I decided to ask him.  Why?  Because of his actions showed me that phrase he spoke to me.  Watch, listen, and learn.   He did have a such a crisp clean walk.  His integrity showed in his actions and you did not have to speak.  Mike Easterwood who my mother is married to now has that in his walk.  Actions do speak louder than words.   They might be bald and ugly but they are noble. 

    This country use to be full of integrity.  No matter if you were of the Christian faith or not.  The America way use to be work your way to the top.  All you see and hear are bums sticking their hand out begging and living off the corrupted government.  I am just an American mutt that has committed bad things like lying, theft, vandalism, and the list can keep going on but I’m going to Shut-up.

    If we get together and I mean all of us including the good, bad, every Christian denomination, the other religions and work together like we did on all the tragedies that took place in the past we can, or better yet will take back our home of the brave, land of the free,  America.  Let’s all focus on one thing, our freedom.  We can argue about politics, Christian denominations, other religions, and whatever we think right and wrong is at another time because the super bowl teams and all the other tragedies we worked together as one.   If we don’t pull together and stay divided like we are.  This country will fall and then we won’t be unique anymore.  It say’s even in the bible which is ignored.  In my buddy’s book Dr. Luke chapter eleven verses seventeen, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every house divided against a house falls.”  We are not the United States like we were many years ago.  Are we divided?

    We are in a war with an enemy far worse than King George.   An enemy that makes him looks like a little kitten but we are losing this war by giving in to our wants and desires.   Yea you can go ahead and laugh, but it is the devil.  And we are getting played by giving into our wants and desires.  Hard to believe our own pleasure will be our destruction.  You can blame it on the devil but it is you that chooses to go after the bait.  All’s he did was put on the hook. 

   You can go ahead and say that I don’t know what im talking about.  Well look what happens when you do give in.  We all love the simple pleasures in life that man is capable of having.  The consequence is hard to bear at times.  In the book of Matthew chapter six verses twenty four it reads, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve God and mammon.”

    Growing up, I had friends in elementary school that served God.  I just did not believe in all that.  They were just brain washed is what I figured.  I wish I would have listened.  Instead I found out the hard way and learned how wrong I was.  I tried to impress people by doing the will of man.  I wonder where I would be if I would have gone after Gods will rather than mans.

    Now, I’m just a crippled up ole has been.  I do know what I’m talking about.  I never finished High School or went to college.  I chose to go down that long dusty, dark, hard dark road instead.  God’s way is the best and easiest.  It is on his time and not mine.  I wanted excitement so I got impatient along with being irresponsible and went on my time schedule.  Im a living testimony, that deserves a whole lot more of a punishment than what I got and will be hobbling to paradise.   I only ask that you wave when you pass by.  I’m getting there at a slower pace now because I chose to fallow my own wisdom.  Don’t make the mistake I did.

    I had a wonderful life and got to watch, listen, and learn, from some of the best men and woman that God created.  I was fortunate enough to get to see with my own eyes people that practice the walk that you hear others just talk.  I do know that being a good person is a never ending battle.  If we want to keep the practice going then we need to start.  It begins with this John chapter three verses six teen,  “For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 

    We all want to be able to make a difference.  Fame was my dream but what good would it be without the freedom.  Liberty is not what I want to sacrifice.  Jesus Christ has given us the freedom of choice and living here in America gives you the right to practice whatever faith you have no matter if it is Buda, Muslim, Christianity, or even you are worshiping arch rival Satan that has already been eliminated.

    We are worried about something or somebody and that causes doubt so that we cannot even focus on just one thing.  And that came from the freedom to make our own choice but God is fair and will not intervene in our choice on committing evil or good acts.  We are going to always think that we need something but the only thing is what comes from Gods mouth.  We are fixated on material items that come from man.  The only evil that we have has come from what Satan temptations that he puts in front of us to take or focus away.  The deceitful king that is full of lies.  Has made us look like fools who believe in another Lord besides Jesus Christ.  Now with the technology, science, communications, or whatever, the evil one who I call Satan has so many different ways that he can corrupt our feeble, little of faith, so called minds.  With everything going on around us, now you can understand better on why we only use a small portion of our minds.  As time goes on it is only going to get worse.  Especially with the technology we are now going to get to the end of the world as we know it will end sooner than you expect.  Know body knows how much time we have.  You can guess and maybe you will get lucky, but luck is a gamble.  I’m going through Jesus Christ, and that’s my story and im sticking to it.

    Most all of us want to be recognized for our actions, you know the glory so to speak.  I did, we tend to make things more difficult than they really are.  Take Christianity for example.  We make it sound harder than it really is and do to our self righteous behavior we are the ones who are responsible for steering others further away from it.

    I often wonder why other people ask me for my opinion our advice on anything.  Maybe it is because I have lived through many trials and tribulations in my short lived life.  I can only speak about the things I have been through and have found out that I did the exact opposite of what was said in the Holy Bible.  I have acquired good friendships through church and I choose to be around that atmosphere because it gives me that positive outlook in life.  I guess it is being around the people that have the mutual faith, I don’t know.  I choose to fallow the faith of Jesus Christ.  I am not near where I want to be in life so I will continue to fall short of his standards.   So, I will continue to get back up and try again.

    A friend told me this and it sounded so good and correct in my opinion.  The letters that spell Holy Bible stand for this………….He Only Loves You Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.  That alone should tell you something.  It did me along with everything else said in the bible.

    People say to me all the time I have allot of heart, but make no mistake.  If I would have kept fallowing my heart then I would have become a grossly obese, lazy, bum that sat on the recliner with a joint and bag of chips dreaming about a good life.  Instead I used my head and denied my own wants and desires that come from the heart like what God (Jesus Christ) has instructed.

    He told us that our heart is full of lies and deceit so many different times.  If I did not take heed in what he said.  I would not have made the progress in life that I achieved.  I am very proud of my accomplishments that I have achieved in my short lived life so far.   It had nothing to do with having heart.  It was the choice I made when I chose to fallow his will and not my own.


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