Americas heart attack, My Comspiracy Theory (please rate)
Author: Lucas giddens

Chapter 19


    I do want to settle down and have a family.  I know I have to be able to take care of myself first.  I know of a couple of marriages that the man is just  a bum and got married for the free ride because he is just plain lazy.  Then you wonder what she sees in that so called man.   For some reason that don’t fly with me.  I was raised were the man was the one who provided for the family. 

    If you don’t work man or woman then you don’t eat.  When you get hungry, which job of flipping burgers don’t sound so bad.  Who cares what the job is.  We are so worried about what others think.  At least you are earning your way through life.  There are those who need help but if you can work but don’t and you are depending on our government for a roof over your head and food on the table for you and your family.  Then every American should look down on you, and yes you are a poor example to be an American.   I don’t know how you can live with yourself.  This country has become liberal, week, and decadent.

    I love my country with my mind, body, and soul as I do God.  But I am very disappointed in it as well.  I get aggravated at and with God as well.  I will always be on his side no matter what and along with being an American.  Do you know how blessed we are to be born in the U.S.A.?  We could have been born in another country; were you are being forced to believe in a faith not of your own.

    Don’t you see, the reason our country is so messed up.  Is we are too busy fighting with each other on the correct way of doing things.  We need to pull together as one.  Take a look at a professional football team.  They win the super bowl playing as a team.  Even if they have different looks on what plays are picked but no matter what play is picked, they work together for the win.

    Pardon my analogy on football.  So I will use this.  We all remember the horrific tragedies like, 9-11, Katrina, Gustav, floods, and fires that have taken place.  I look back on that and wonder if that was telling us that we need to work together.  We worked together on all the tragedies and came out on top.  Even though we lost allot of the battles we still won the war.  

    America gives us the right to choose and not be harassed or tossed away into a prison.  Now Jesus Christ the forgiveness and the free will to also choose your own path.  And for years he has allowed us to live in the land of the free.  And in his word he said

    This country is relying on money and technology not on God.  How could he have put it so you would understand it any better when he said in the book of Matthew chapter 19 verses 24, “And again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  It is pretty clear to me what he means by that.  Let’s not forget, he is a jealous God. How long will he tolerate us doing that?

   Out of what little I have been through.  I thank the lord Jesus Christ for everything.  Being born here in the United States made everything else possible and I hate to see it in the shape it is in.  We are letting money take us over just like Judas.  You know the liberal ways are killing us.  The technology is destroying our youth.  And you wonder why we are having an obesity problem.

    We use to have fear in the justice system.   Some even prefer to stay in jail.  They say it is too hard for them to live in the land of the free.  I guess they want to have bed times or told when to sleep.  If you think about it they eat for free and no bills.  All paid for by our government, even though it is our tax dollars at work.  I never saw chain gangs but have heard about them.  That sounds like they use to have to work.  Almost like a punishment that was given to me for doing something wrong.  It made me not want to do that again.  Instead they get three hot meals and a cot.  Of course that is a long time to go without the presence of a woman.

    The children now have a phone attached to them.  Not to talk on like you would think.  They type on them.  I have a nephew that has his eyes glued to the phone.  You talk to him but he still keeps his eyes on the phone.  I want to slap it out of his hands most of the time.  I was raised were you are to pay attention to the person talking to you.  We are getting so technical now that we are going to have to go to a computer and look up how to interact with another human being.

    Dating is cheaper than ever now.  Even I can afford it.  I don’t have to worry about being a gentleman.  Besides they usually beat me to the door.  So, I can’t earn any brownie points and open it for them.  I usually forget to pull the chair out for them at the dinner table.  Of course I was 21 when my accident happened.  I never really went out on a serious date like I had in mind.  I had a efferent way of thinking in my youth.

    Parents can take a deep breath.  With all the technology that we have, has good in it as well.  You know with all the STD’s we have now.  Your children are less likely to get infected now.  There is so much pornography on the computer now.  There is a good chance the child never leaves the house. 

    Before we started living in the Si-Fi world.  People use to meet up with each other and have coffee or do something together.  You would know what kind of mood somebody was in by their expressions or actions.  Now you have to type to them or ask.  The bad thing about it is we know we are drifting away into the technical world, because we have so many movies that the computer world is corrupt.  And we just turn our heads and ignore it. Just like we do with them little, small issues.  The consequence for ignoring that is far more than we can even fathom.  

    The repercussion of ignoring the little issues in life, come back and bite you in the butt later.  America is addicted to technology and money.  Yes, me included.  I am no longer addicted to smoking, dipping, drugs, but money and technology is a different story.  I can understand why Christ did not want his apostles to take anything along with them as they journeyed.  If anybody that says they have no addiction holding them back.  They would be considered a liar. 

    The technology has made the American so lazy.  We get mad when the remote control doesn’t work.  We don’t turn the television on manual to watch the show because we are too busy trying to find the batteries.  When we do get everything we need our show is over. 

    My step father Glenn Pointer made me pull a field of sun flowers up.  Not chop them down which was the easiest way and the fastest.  I still did that when he was not paying attention.  But that is beside the point.  He wanted me to get the roots of them so they would not grow back.  Needless to say they did grow back.  It only took just one flower.  That one ended up being over a hundred because of the seeds   that it yielded.  Now it is more of a mess than it was.

    The point of that parable is that ignoring little things or doing it half as good.  Has a big effect down the road.  With all of the technology we have makes things faster and easier, but look at what at the consequence.    You can deny it but then you are just ignoring the fact. 

    Something so simple like the alarm clock we use to wake up with.  Nobody figured that it would become a necessity.  I know I have to use one.  In today’s society we are slowly getting addicted to the computer.  I would hate being without a cell phone just for calls.  They use them for everything now.  Many years ago I would have never thought that the phone would be transformed into a computer.

P    I was under the assumption that a man controlled his emotions.  It appears that the emotions are in control of most of the American men now.  Take for instance the, hormones.  I for one, let them get the best of me.  I have to remind myself that I am the one in control.  I end up giving into my own want or desire.  I have did stupid immature things like post sex adds on the internet.  I feel bad after I pulled that stupid little immature scenarios then I realize how week minded I was to give in to my temptations.  Hard to believe that my own emotions are what causes my own destruction. 

   Everything has bad in it.  Technology has made things good as well.  Look at the good that has come through it as well.  I’m waiting for them to have the teleporting devices out you know, kina like that star trek saying (beam me up Scotty).  If you think about it man has invented the things that we have imagined.

    Don’t get me wrong.  The technology does help us in many different ways.  We have a tendency to use it for our own little demented ways.  We know that we are born evil.  We have the simple choice on what to do.  Use what we have to help others as well as our self or to use it for our own simple little pleasure.

    Think about this.  You ever wonder why God came down when he did.  Ok, now ask yourself how many people would have believed that the lame, cripple, sick, walking on water, and the solders ear that was cut off by one of his apostles or disciples at the time was suddenly healed back by the lord Jesus Christ?  I am a firm believer but at this day and age I would not believe it.  With computers and the mirrors that the magicians used back before the computers were even invented.  Just look at the special effects the movies use.

    Everybody thinks that their children might have an attention problem.  You know they cannot get the attention of the child.  Did you ever think that it might be because of all the technology that they have to know how to operate as well?  Maybe it is our fault for the attention problem.  Another thing if Christ would have revealed himself in this day and time then who would have believed any of the miraculous miracles that was performed by him with all the technology and the special effects preformed by the computers made by man?


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