Americas heart attack, My Comspiracy Theory (please rate)
Author: Lucas giddens

Chapter 16
Evil turned good


       Looking back on my child hood days the vampires and ware wolves were evil.  Now they have switched sides.  We somehow made them good guys or girls.  If you watch the movies today you will see where I am coming from.  If you are not a fan of horror movies I will give you the Wild West version.  You know of Billy the kid.  We have made a cold blooded killer a hero.  Take the movie (Young Guns) for an example.  They took a story and make it justifiable for the murders he committed.  The way I see it is no matter what happened.  You still took the matters in to your own hands.  Murder is murder no matter how you look at it.

    Hollywood has a way of looking at things in the opposite way than the common folk.  You can blame the directors, Authors, and movie stars all you want.  I cannot stand it when they get all the fame and fortune for simply lying to us.  Think about it.  The author gets a lot of money for the made up stories that he writes.   The director reads and studies the story.  Turns it around and makes a great deal of money because the movie from the story that the author wrote which was a hit and now the actor that stars in the movie that the director made into a motion picture from the authors great story.

    Maybe having allot of money went to their head.  I don’t know.  I do know, if I would have got a settlement I probably would be dead or a junky living off the scraps that come my way like a bum.  I look back on my life and am very thankful for all the trials and tribulations that I have been through.  I believe you are to work for the great American dream.  Now the children are seeing that the American dream is achieved through law suits, drugs, sex, or what was we were led to believe is wrong.

    Look at how many people made a profit off of that.  We the common folk are giving them money for a story conjured up by man.  Everybody has a story.  Our story no matter what it is was paid for in blood by Jesus Christ.  We look at the stories that God gave us.  My favorite one was of Ananias.  I do wonder what life would be like if he did not do the task God has asked of him.  Those little things have do have a big effect.   Makes you think of what kind of a world it would be without God.

    Look at the examples that our children today are seeing.  The celebrities that get televised and end up getting busted for tearing a hotel room up doing drugs.   Our famous sporting celebrities, that end up fighting on national television.   For instance, just the other day I witnessed two professional football players fighting on public television.  You might of seen it too.  It was a big story that every news station aired it out it seemed like.  The professional teams Tennessee Titans corner back and the wide receiver of the Houston Texans.  Hard to believe that they are professional, I know.

    They are professional football players that are getting paid a large sum of money.  To me it seems that they should show a little respect.  They acted like an immature little kid on television.  If it was up to me they would have been fired and fined.  Make examples out of that situation.  We tolerated that little problem and fined them a whopping 25,000 dollars.  It sounds like a lot of money to common folk like me.  But to them it is nothing because they make millions.  That just shows the generation coming up that money is the answer to our problems. 

    By allowing something like that to happen it opens the door for many other skirmishes down the road. American people will think that money will take care of all the problems we have.  It shows the children growing up, how being a bad sport is not a big deal.  Money can fix everything;   America has already allowed so much by ignoring it at first because it is a little issue.  Well, that little issue has turned into a major problem now.   It appears to me that we have or priorities on the worldly things of men.  Even if you do not believe in any higher power, it seems that you would care about how people see you.  I did not grow up with any religion but I did not want people to have a bad view point about me either.   I wanted people to think well of me. 

    Since my first head injury that caused me to relearn how to do the basic stuff.  Like walking, talking, well pretty much the stuff that you grow up learning.  Except I had to train myself to do it all over again like for instance had to motivate and discipline myself.  I was twenty one during that time. 

    Now, I was lucky to of had discipline and the work ethic to get up and be the best what I can.  I do get down in the dumps sometimes.  That little voice in my head will not let me just sit and feel sorry for myself and I do know that you have to work for what you want in life.  That little voice in my head is the Holy Spirit in my belief.  Some say that’s just your conscious.  Well we live in a country that you are entitled to believe what you want.

    No matter what your belief is on that topic.  You will not change mine; so please, let’s not argue about it.  In the New Testament in the bible has a story about how man will always seek out their own will not our lord’s (Jesus Christ).  One of his own people (apostle) that fallowed him and saw the many miracles that he preformed who was named Peter that new of the horrible things that he was to face.  So he decided to take him aside and try and talk him out of going through with the beating and crucifixion that would lead to his death.

    Now the lord Jesus Christ turned and said, “Get behind me, Satan!  You are an offense to me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”  In the way you would hear it from me, “Shut up and leave me be, you are a coward thinking about yourself and don’t care about others.”  He said it like that because he was making a point to his other followers (apostles) and has a lot better vocabulary.  Plus he was setting the perfect example for everybody to fallow.  You can read it for yourself in Matthew chapter 16 verses 22-23.  He foretells his death and resurrection in a couple of other books in the bible.   That one just stuck out to me.   

    I am a firm believer in discipline for the simple fact of what I have endured in my 35 years of living.  Sometimes I thought it was too much for that little act.  I am very thankful for it when I look back at it now.  If you don’t correct them, they could turn into a big problem later on down the road.   There are those that use excessive discipline that causes harm to the person.  We have the technology now that we can weed out the people that miss use discipline.  The people who do that have their mind in an altered state somehow most of the time.

    The grownups today do not know how to discipline because they have not had any either.  The parent today are either to afraid to administer the discipline because of the rules and regulations of our own government.  Or the child has reached the point of open rebellion.   That little issue that we have ignored has turned into a major problem.  We will continue having the problems by being real liberal on that issue.


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