Americas heart attack, My Comspiracy Theory (please rate)
Author: Lucas giddens

Chapter 14


  I had to use discipline that was instilled in me growing up.  I did receive a lot of punishment for doing wrong.  But by the mercy and grace of God I was able to tell discipline apart from the punishment.  My step father that raised me (Glenn Pointer) had a bad temper and was hard on me but he was just and did explain why the discipline or punishment that was administered to me was for.

    When I look back at my past I was no angel.  Don’t get me wrong.  I was helping vacation bible school out for a week.  You could see the difference in the children that have been taught morals or manners some would say by the parents.  I was blessed to be taught how to treat people with respect no matter the age, race, or sex.  I was punished for my rude behavior but am very grateful for it now.  I was not at the time but appreciate that it happened now.

    I have got my butt beat many time for not being polite or watching my mouth.  At the time I despised and hated him at times.  He was training to become a good polite man to be around in the future.  However I was very rebellious and wanted to act my own way and nobody liked a goody, goody. 

    I got older and wanted to impress the girls like most guys.  So my manners went out the window so to speak.  It was not only the lady’s I wanted to be somebody else so I put an act on for my own benefit because I did not want people to think I was a goody, good, two shoes.  It is funny how different I act around my family.  I was the complete opposite.  I guess you could say that I was the perfect heathen slash hypocrite.

    God corrected me because I was very hard headed and I was smart enough to act like I was good person around my family and loved ones.  Basically I was the devils right hand man.  But I could not hide or fool God.  Many people would dislike or even hate God for doing what he did to me if it would have been done to them.  In the book of Proverbs chapter three verses eleven and twelve it reads, “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor detest his correction; For whom the Lord loves he corrects, just as a father the son he delights.”  Why would you hate anybody that wants you to become better?

    God is a Father that will discipline his children.  In the book of Hebrews chapter twelve verses eight it reads, “But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons.”  I don’t know about you, but he corrected me and that alone told me that I am one of his children.  I am positive that he loves me.



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