Americas heart attack, My Comspiracy Theory (please rate)
Author: Lucas giddens

Chapter 6
The Truth


    When I was 16 years old my Mom and step father were split up.  So I got to move to my natural father’s (Randy Giddens) house.  He lived in the Rio Grande valley in Edinburg, Texas.  He was not strict at all compared to what I was use to.  I called him dad as well because he was my father by blood.  He was into the construction field of work.  He was good at what he did.  In charge of crews of men that worked for him.

    I found out that the rules are so much easier.  Eating in the living room on T.V. treys was even new to me.  I could just sit back and relax when I got home.  Life was so easy.  We would even get paid for doing stuff around the house.  Easy stuff like mowing the yard, life was so easy.  I never got paid for the work I did at my step fathers.  Granted, it was a punishment most of the time.  Not all the time though.  Looking back at it now and what it did was teaching me about the way it really is.

    I started skipping school and hanging out with my friends.  I got to stay over at friends and go out.  I never stayed out of trouble with my step father.  I loved this new freedom I had.  I could go as I please.  My dad was easy with me.  You could reason with him.  My step father would not hear your reason. 

    My natural father was working out on the road most of the time.  I never liked school so, I started skipping.  It was easy to do.  My dad and step mother finally found out.  I ended up getting out and got my G.E.D.  I ended up working on one of my dad’s crews.  It was easy work and I got paid good.

    Then I knew I had it made in the shade.  You have to admit it is easy to come up with a reason.   It was for me.  I ended up making up a reason just to get my way.  I did not feel bad for it then.  But I would now.  Maybe it was because my dad I was living with now introduced me to God.

     If you think about it though, the little things turn into big deals later on in life.  I look back at it now.  It is easy to con your way through life.  I could lie to get my way again.  I would feel bad now though.  Maybe that is because I have the Holy Spirit in me now.  You can con anybody except God.

     I do thank God for everything that I have been through, and I do mean everything.   If I never was raised like I was.  I am afraid I would not of had the work ethic to get out of the wheel chair.  I had to work my way from a wheel chair, walker, cane, and finally to nothing.   It takes discipline and work to achieve anything in life. 

    That was the easy part, you know working for it.  The hard part was excepting my physical disability, you know the mental part.  I would be lying if I said everything is peachy king now.  It drives me crazy because some people automatically assume that something is wrong with me like im either drunk, a mental head case or both.  But it is on me if I allow that to bother me.  I don’t know why I care about what others think of me.  Maybe it is my own pride but for some reason I let that get the best of me.

    At first before my accident my natural father was more of one of the guys than a fatherly figure.  Now my step father was a good example in many ways until that unfortunate incident because when he did that I lost all trust and respect so to speak for the man.  To put it in a way that would describe how I felt towards him is that I hated him and wished that he would die.  He destroyed everything he has ever said to me.

    Sorry, I tend to get off the topic at times.  The point im trying to make is that my natural father (Randy Giddens) made the biggest impression and really inspired me by turning his life completely around before my very eyes.  He left his old lifestyle and started going to church.  Now when Jesus Christ said in the book of Matthew chapter sixteen verses twenty four, “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and fallow me.  He actually did it and I got to see firsthand the change in his life as well as my stepmother’s life (Becky Giddens). 

    By doing that he alone has changed my opinion along with many others I am sure.  That was one of the reasons I started to study and fallow in the path of Christianity.  Nobody knows how much time we have to see or be around those we love.  We all make an impression in somebody’s life.  If he would not have changed before my eyes I do wonder were or what I would be doing.

    I’m here to tell you that your actions alone can make a big difference in so many lives.  My mother (Breta Easterwood) is married to a good man named (Mike Easterwood) that is another good example to look at.  I have to call him and get him to reword things because I am not one that explains things in a real tactful manner.  If I would use my own words you might take offense to what is written or it would not make any since.  My mom says I need to add tact to what I say.


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