Americas heart attack, My Comspiracy Theory (please rate)
Author: Lucas giddens

Chapter 4
Mixed signals


    I was raised in Tuscola, Texas.  I lived in the country area.  If you blink you might miss the big city of Tuscola, Texas.  Now my natural mother and father were split up.  I went to live with my mother.  She remarried to a man by the name of Glenn Pointer.  He is a silver smith now, but started out as a Ferrier-Black Smith.  I have to admit he is good at it as well.  He builds spurs now I do know that he takes a great deal of pride in what he builds.  I learned by watching him that if you mess up on it you cast it away and work at it until you get it right.  Don’t give up.

    I was no little angel.  That’s for sure.  All way’s getting into trouble.  Now my Step Father married my mother when I was 11 months old.  So I grew up calling him dad.  I knew that he was my step father.  My natural father was in the Navy when I was real little.  Then lived in California some time later, and I would go visit him once a year.  That was a great vacation for me.  Oh yea, his name was Randy Giddens. 

    When I lived in Texas under my step father’s roof I got in trouble a little.  Well, it was pretty much all the time.  I got my butt busted so much I could hardly sit down.  When I got a butt busted it was with a belt or a pair of bridle rains.  Now his dad (Buddy Pointer) that I called Poppa Bud who owned a bunch of bridles, spurs, a whole lot of western stuff.  So he had a good selection to go by.  

    If I got in trouble at school I would get in trouble at home as well.  I tried to con my mom into not saying anything to my dad.  It did not work most the time.   She did save my butt sometimes though because she knew that the reason would not be heard.  He would make me work out in the field chopping them nasty ole Sun flowers down, digging cactus up, cleaning stalls, or something.  I would rather get a spanking every day for the rest of the year.   Well maybe not.

    I thought he was too strict.  He did not listen to your reason.  If you did something wrong no matter what it is.  You would get punished.  Like most people, I hated punishment.  He would make me work in the field all the time after getting my butt wore out.  Most Kids would get gripped at or spanked a little then could go and play.  Not me I either had a hoe, shovel, or an axe cutting little trees down.  Every day I got out of school I knew that could not go and play.  It was either out in field working or doing homework.  I never had homework or at least said I didn’t.  I wish I would have did my homework.  That was a big reason I was failing.  Due to my grades in school was one of the reasons I stayed in trouble.  Plus me and the principle were on a first name basis pretty much because I visited his office so much.

    I remember sitting at the dining room table eating.  I made the mistake of saying a bad word.  My stepfather back handed me so hard.  It knocked me and the chair down.  I was told to watch my mouth.  He could have told me rather than doing that I thought.  But if you think about it, It is something I will never forget.   I was wrong for saying it in the first place. 

    I hated him at times.  He was just a mean ole man that had no heart, I thought.  Wondering all the time why he is that way.  He would get on to me for little things in life that nobody would know about or see.  I was just a kid; he could have cut me some slack.  He would even get on to me if I did not say sir or mam to my elders.  I had to be polite to everybody no matter what.  I have to give it to him, he was always polite and courteous to others.  He did not goof off he was always working.  From sun up to sun down, work, work, and more work


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