Americas heart attack, My Comspiracy Theory (please rate)
Author: Lucas giddens

Chapter 3
Luke logic


    Do to what I have lived through and have seen with my own eyes.  I look at our nation that is being run by a bunch of greedy no good, politicians that are no different than a parasite that live off of others.  We cannot blame anybody because we are the ones who allow all this corruption to take place in our own land that we live in.

    I pledged my allegiance to America.  I live by the golden rule that says do unto others as you would have them do to you.  In the small town of Tuscola, Texas everybody knew everybody pretty much.  Even if you did not know them you would help them if needed.  People had and showed manners and courtesy to others but that was many years ago.

    I try to be as good as a man as I can be.  Everybody that knows me will tell you that I am a God fearing man.  I cannot stand a self righteous, stuck up, conceited, selfish individual, that thinks they are so much better than anybody else.  I’m sorry but I find a selfish, back stabbing, carpet picking, dishonest man like  the current president of the United States of America I think he is a lying, deceiving maggot turd.  Wait a second you might look at that is racist.  So, I will rethink what I said he white snot eating maggot turd.  but, America is filled with them.  I know because I am guilty of being that exact person that I despise so much at times.  When I do see that I am showing practicality I will do my best to correct myself. 

    I may be just a country boy with no college degree and a few bad habits that I have acquired along the way in my little life but I do know how to run my house hold.  Respect is required to everybody that I run across.  I don’t like rude behavior in a man so I try to set as good as an example as I can.  If you cannot be a kind and considerate person around me then I will treat you the same as you treat others.  I try to show no partiality no matter the race, ethnicity, sex, hygiene or your financial status.  I have to admit that I stumble. 

    I could pick out bible verses to back up what I am saying.  I was fortunate to be raised and taught by good examples.  They did not only speak of the good works they did like the great many of politicians we have running this great nation but they backed up what they said with their walk in life.

    For insistence I was raised hard.  Some would say old school and was told and shown that my actions in life will have consequences either good or bad depending on my choice.  If it was a good choice the results would be good.  My choices in life were mostly bad so I got punishment a good bit.  I wish I could of got away with it by blaming my dog but unfortunately that did not work most of the time. 

    One of the reasons the crime rate is so bad is due to the liberal way of raising our children.  The parents are either not punishing them for making the wrong choices in life or are too afraid that our own government will persecute somehow.   No matter what the reason is.  We are paying for it in the long run.  I am glad for the persecutions that I received in my younger years by my parents and God.  I look back on it now and realize that it saved me in the long run.

    I never got caught for doing so many wrong things in life.  Thank God I will be forgiven.  But in my faith I will still be held accountable for my immature actions.  You can’t escape the consequences of your actions.  I deserve whatever they are because right and wrong has been around since the beginning of time.  My parents have done a great job on teaching me the difference of the two.

    I wish that I would have been raised in a church atmosphere.  But even when I was not I knew that there was a God or some superior being.  I knew it was wrong to do drugs but I did it anyways.  It gave me that instant gratification that I liked so much.  So I deserved to get what I got if not more.  My parents taught me well enough to know I was in the wrong when I was. 

    If an adult breaks the law and gets sent to prison it is either due to poor parenting or not caring about the punishment.  America needs to have law and order.  I think it has gone too far and cannot be fixed.  I hope that I am wrong.  Hope and change is a gamble.  We simply tried to fix what was not broken.  Let’s go back to our roots before it is too late.

    America has a huge debt that is far from my understanding.  Years ago I do know that we were not in this kind of debt crisis.  The gradual change that we have made to fit our own benefits or the politicians has brought this upon us.  A bible verse just hit me when I wrote that but I am not going to say it.  But it did indeed talk about the gradual change.  I’m going to shut up about the debt crisis because I have a hard time with my personal checking account.

    I do know my own mind.  I have to constantly deny my own bleeding little heart that is desperately seeking the instant gratification for my own benefit.  When my mind is altered or distracted by something.  I cannot concentrate or focus at the problem at hand.  When I was constantly stoned or getting high that had a big effect on me.

     I was even dumb enough to get hooked back on them after my accident.  It was not marijuana that started me off that time.  Everybody says that it is the gate way drug.  First off let me explain to you that I already had the urge to do drugs from the first time I did them.  But to help me decide to do them were that groovy mind altering pain pills that the doctor prescribed.   That’s right I said a doctor.  So that made it legal for me to get high. 

    People from everywhere say that, ”God won’t give you more than you can handle.”   I hate to burst your bubble but it is not in the bible.  Secondly I was the one who gave that temptation to me, not God so the addiction to the drugs my own fault.   I did the drugs and liked the way they made me feel, so I am the one who brought that temptation on.  But when the drug wore off then I became moody.  I don’t want drugs to dictate mood.                  

    Want is the key word.  If God would do me the favor of taking my want away that would make my life so much easier.  I was the one that wanted to quite the drugs and night life.  That want causes mixed emotions like anger, jealousy, and the list can continue.  You might get mad for me saying this but the Americans today act just like a bunch of cry babies when they don’t get what they want.

    I was probably one of the worst ones and still am.  That’s probably a good reason why God slapped me upside the head.   He gave me everything I need but I wanted more.  I want a log cabin on some land with a Victoria secret lingerie model wife.  Instead I have a rat infested trailer house living off food stamps and a boring job that does not even pay me enough to take a girl out on a date.  If I ever do find a girl to put up with me I can’t be a good gentleman because she beats me to the door and is first to the dining table.  My way of saying I can’t open the door and pull out the chair for her to sit but I am alive.  Needless to say I have no room to gripe because there are some worse off.

    America needs to be the United States instead of the divided states.  We need to become one nation under God again and take back our land from the corrupted bureaucrats.  We oppose the government but yet we do nothing.   We need a revolution. 

    The Muslim faith based nations did it by an armed revolution.  But they had an bad dictator running so they needed to take it by force.  Our government works but we have these greedy, corrupted, politicians.  We can do it without the bloodshed.   


     One of the reasons the Muslims got back the nation is because they stuck to gather no matter their other differences.  That is what got us through the many destructive forces that we have endured.  You know like the hurricanes, tornados, 9-11, and the raging fires.  If we do not stand up beside each other then the liberty we have will be taken away.

    It has been proven that you have to help yourself before you can help others.  We are going into debt helping other nations out when we can’t even fix our own problems.  If the rich our ones that have the extra money would help our own nation out rather than others nations we would not be in this predicament.   Believe it or not our own bleeding little heart is what is causing this.

    I believe the bible.  Yes, some things in it sound impossible.  You can call me crazy but I’m use to that.  You can say it is impossible but you still won’t change my mind.  My own logic is based on the bible.  We have over looked the wisdom in the bible.  That is all I’m trying to say.     

    To me the bible is the truth.  One of the biggest mistakes that I make pretty much on a daily basis is letting my alligator mouth over load my bird dog butt.  Another way of putting it is that I need to listen carefully but decipher it quickly so the other person does not think I’m a total idiot. The bible says to do that and don’t get mad so fast.  In different w ords doing that alone would save me in arguments or fights.  My step father used the other phrase on me all the time.

    I could show you or tell you were about it is located in the bible.  I have learned a great deal by going through the many trials and tribulations that I have endured.  I had to learn the hard way in many things.  I do wish that I was not so stubborn or hard headed as many would say.  I am blessed to be alive and am reading the bible on a daily basis because I’m still wet between the ears so to speak.

    By now you know good and well that I base my life around the teachings of the bible.  Jesus Christ hung around the poor people.  He knew that the rich people and the self righteous, law making, and law breaking, hypocritical, lawyers, and politicians.   For instance the republican and democrat politician’s parties plus the liberal media and people that think with their bleeding hearts are basically the same things as scribes back in the biblical days.

    Oh yea, the republican or democrat parties are the same thing as Pharisees and Sadducees.  I am still trying to figure out the category they fit under.  That doesn’t really matter though.  I do know that they were not on the good graces of Jesus Christ, apostles, and disciples. 


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