Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 6
The End of Noble

05:40 hours the UNSC and Forsaken armies smashed in the covenants defenses to get to the prophet Noble.


          “Take out those incoming banshees right now!” The HSM rocket turrets spun around as fast as they could, firing off six rockets at a time, locking onto the enemy’s engine heat. One rocket clipped a banshee’s wing, sending it hurtling down to earth. The next rocket smashed into the third banshee’s frontal plate, exploding in a huge inferno ball of purple and blue flames. All five of the covenants banshees were destroyed, that is when Graft of Light sent a Long Wing carrier down to their position.

          “Set up shop where you see the green smoke boy’s! We need those siege tanks up and running!” Each marine heard the Long Wings engines roaring with great pride, touching down its cargo by their DZ. Each latch holding their tanks in place broke off with a loud hiss. That is when Tania came up behind the new Field Marshal.

          “These tanks can punch a whole deep enough into any covenant ships hull. That is, if they are grounded.”

          “Are you thinking of what I am thinking Marcus?”

          “I believe so Tania let’s get these tank’s fired up and moving.” Marcus took the first Siege tank, opened its hatch that leads to the drivers terminal, and soon he found two gunners for both cannon operation system and a sixty millimeter gunner. Tania took helm of the second tank, she too found gunners as well. Ratchet and Mystic both took the third tank. Each tank started up at the same time, their tracks pushed to each side, their armor suddenly grew out, and their cannon came right out from the tanks hull. Marcus was not playing any childish games any longer. This time, he wanted to end this war. No matter how large the blood shed will take.

          “Siege tanks on me, scorpions follow us as we move.” Marcus was in the lead siege tank. Its engines in full gear, burning with the hatred of those who killed his sister and the other two soon followed right behind him with the scorpion tanks on each side. Then to the Field Marshals surprise, he saw these big grey blobs of metal moving with his tank brigade. The Forsaken elites had their own tanks with them. Blue plasma burned in the backs of each behemoth like tanks.

           “Siege radars read that we are almost in range. Shall we enter Siege mode Field Marshal?”

          “Do it. All marines stand by for orders to siege in the covenant corvette.”

          “Yes sir!” The marines yelled out, and to Marcus’s ears was a sense of comfort. These scaly bastards will pay for killing billions of souls.

          “Enter Siege mode!” The three siege tanks stopped twenty meters away from the downed covenant ship. These spiked pods came out of their hulls, slamming down into the crusty red rocks, and the top of their hull opened up with a hiss. And their main cannon came out, sending their tank cannon in its hull. Will then saw their cannons from his position and they quickly turned to face the ships direction.

          “Load our main tubes!”

          “Loading sir!” The gunners said over the com’s relay. They shoved a huge round in its chamber, and then slammed it shut. Once ready to be fired, each cannon moved thirty clicks east and ten clicks north.

          “Fire one! Cover your ears!” The siege gunner pulled the leaver down on the cannons control panel. The three siege tanks jerked back but stood strong cause of the spiked pods in the rocks. The marines heard a loud bang and hit the ground for cover. Fifteen seconds later, a faint explosion was heard.

          “Eagle eye, did we make contact?”

          “Shields were up; I repeat their shields were up. Send the second wave out. The wraiths mortars should take out their shields without any worries.”

          “Copy that Eagle Eye. Load round two in the chambers!” The gunners opened the hatch letting the spent shell fall out in a tube that leads out of the tank. While putting the second shell in, the Forsaken wraiths fired their plasma mortars.
          “Cannon locked and loaded sir, ready to fire on your mark.” Every marine watched the blue trails of each plasma mortar flying in the air. The first one struck Nobles shields, making it flair up. Then the second mortar slammed into the same spot, causing the shields to shatter around the ship. The other two mortars struck Nobles hull, burning the metal but not making it an entry point.

          “Fire.” The field Marshal said over his com relay. So the gunner yanked on the leaver again, and with a loud bang. The tanks rocked back, kicking up rocks from their spiked pods. With the feeling of eagerness, they watched closely. Only three faint thuds were heard, success. The ships hull caved in, making a huge entry point.

          “All marines move out, now it is time to end this fight!” The Field Marshal opened his hatch from the tank, and by putting each hand on the rim, he pulled him self up and out of the driver’s shaft. Marcus stood on top of the siege tank for a brief moment, watching his marines charging to battle, hearing each warthogs passing with their engines roaring, feeling the heat from each Falcons passing over him flying into battle. He mumbled under his breath before he leapt off of the tank.

          “This is for Snow you prophet.” Marcus grabbed hold of his K-12 shotgun, and regrouped with his squad. Tania, Stealth, Scope, S-259, S-343, and S-102. He thought in his head, ‘Who knew that SPARTAN’S and ORON soldiers could work together.’

          “Tania and Stealth you two are with me. Spartan 259 and Scope, provide sniper support from Falcon 116. Spartan 343 and 102, grab a turret, we might need the heavy punch.” A black falcon swooped over head Marcus’s squad. It touched down a few feet away from them as Scope and Spartan 259 hoped into it. Its engines started to glow, and propellers started to spin like a mad bee. The falcon took off after they saw three more black falcons with more snipers in them.

          “This is Falcon team Panther; we are ready for some sniper support in the air. Hawk Eye will be standing by with pelicans.”

          “Copy that Panther, keep the boys safe from ground fire and A-A batteries. I’m counting on you.”

          “Roger that commander. Panther team going silent.” When they said silent, Marcus didn’t expect them to actually go silent. No one heard their propellers spinning; no one heard their engines going into overdrive. Not even a yellow dot was shown on their motion sensors. Spartan 343 and 102 had Vulcan turrets in their hands when Marcus turned around.

          “You two work fast.”

          “Have to on the fields of battle Field Marshal.”

          “Smart ass.” Marcus took his position with Tania as they both sprinted to catch up with the marines. Spartan 343 and 102 started off in a fast jog. Can’t run with a huge turret in your hands now can you.

          “We’ve got enemy contacts coming out of the corvette Field Marshal!” The marine sergeant yelled from cover. Marcus saw Zealot elites with duel plasma rifles pushing back his marines. So Marcus switched from his K-12 shotgun to his SRRS-8 sniper rifle with iron sight. He really didn’t need a scope for it since his whole life was wasted on using the damn thing. Amy came up right behind Marcus, handing him some flash bangs.

          “Amy I don’t need these right now.”

          “You will once you’re inside the belly of the beast. Who knows what lies inside that monster.” Amy quickly fired her sniper at a Zealot on top a jagged rock. The Zealot growled before firing its needle rifle at her. Marcus shot his sniper at the same Zealot, this time it was right in its neck. The Zealot fell, gurgling on its own purple blood before it bled to death. Sonia, a new Spartan, came from the shadows and activated a protective shield around the three. Each pink shard bounced off the shield and shattered in the air.

          “Thanks Sonia, I really owe you one.”

          “It’s nothing to worry about Amy. Come, I need your help of the ridge where we crashed.” Sonia pointed her rifle up the ridge where she came from. Amy nodded before running off. Marcus just continued pushing forward, putting pressure on the Zealots, pushing them back to the corvette. Marines were ordered to lay down heavy fire so Marcus, Tania, and Stealth could move up.

          “\Vector two ninety five is a hot zone of an unknown substance leaking from the corvettes engines. Course of action: stay clear of the radiation can provide our units to stay alive. Direct action: Turn on your bio-tech detector to pick up any more radiation leaks/.”

          “Thanks for the heads up Isaac. You heard the AI marines, bio-tech sensors on. We can stumble in a patch of plasma radiation.” The marines did as they were told. Sergeant Leroy slammed a fresh MAG into his AR5B rifle before he activated his bio-tech sensor. That’s when a Zealot gunned him down with his duel plasma rifles.

          “Man down! I repeat we’ve got a man down!”

          “Leave him marine and focus on what’s at hand!” More Zealots were rushing out of the Corvette to join the fight. That is when ten warthogs came over the ridge, gunning down the closest Zealots and providing the marines heavy machine gun support.

          “This is the flag ship summer’s End to any ground forces still fighting. We are here to join the fight!” The summers End broke atmosphere at a breaking speed of 390 knots. Then it banked a hard right, sending drop pods and pelicans down at the same time exiting atmosphere. Three drop pods fell right on top of the Zealots before they could do anything. Once on the ground, their hatch blew off, slamming into three more Zealots, killing them on impact.

          “ODST’s?” But they were SPARTAN’S, trained as Orbital Drop Shock Trooper’s. Each ODST’s had their KS-12 shotguns out and ready. Their Captain sprang out of her pod, within the process, shooting a Zealot straight in its chest cavity. She saw the purple blood flying out of its open wound, and she felt the warm and sticky grey entrails on her arms. Captain Liana shook the entrails off of her before standing up. The other two ODST’s came up behind her, and in Marcus’s view. He saw the three ODST’s standing by a burnt tree with more drop pods coming down like meteors. All ODST SPARTAN’S regrouped around a familiar looking marine. With the same silver hair that coated her shoulders like snow. And her body had the same figure as the old Field Marshal.

          “Marines, let’s show these elites who their dealing with.” That voice! That voice echoed in Marcus’s head. He heard that same voice from… Snow! As Marcus went up to the group of ODST’s, blue mortars came crashing down between him, and the marines. All the ODST’s took action, three with HSM launchers, and four with SRRS-4’s sniper rifles. The rest had their KS-12 shotguns out, charging the enemy blindly. Marcus saw this as an opportunity to get the upper hand in this battle.

          “Panther team, move in on grid two-vector-sierra-nine-kilo-alpha-twelve. We have friendly marines that could use some sniper support.”

          “Rodger dispatch, moving to grid two-vector-sierra-nine-kilo-alpha-twelve. We will take care of those elites for them.”

          “Marcus, I see a phantom leaving the Corvette! Thermal scans shows that the prophet is on it!”

          “Not if I can help that.” Marcus sprung off the ledge where he stood before grabbing a fallen marines HSM launcher off of a rock. He saw the phantom through his black tinted visor, so he doubled timed it. Tania came from behind Marcus in her ghost.

          “Need a ride ORON?”

          “Yes.” Is all he could say right now, so Marcus hopped onto Tania’s wing of her ghost. He sat on the wing like a gargoyle, holding his HSM launcher on his shoulder, hoping he would get a lock on the phantom. Tania hit the boosters to gain more speed. That is when Marcus heard the HSM beeping when they got close. Within three seconds Marcus was locked onto his adversaries’ phantom. Marcus shot both rockets out of its tubes. Both rockets left a small trail of smoke as they raced forward to the prophet’s phantom. Ten seconds passed and the rockets made contact on the phantoms main engine and cargo space, causing the phantoms systems to overload and explode in midair. Tania turned her ghost around to head back to the rally point.

          “It’s finally over Marcus.”

          “No, I have a feeling that it has just begun.”


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