Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 20
the ending.or maybe not

I awoke at seven in the morning to a alram clock that was seconds away from being knocked to the floor if it won't shut up. I dragged myself slowly out of my bed feeling slightly sore,the images of yesterday flooded throughy my mind making me smile and think of Crest. Oh how I miss him so,the room jus seems too empty without my little vampirre here to brighten things up.
wow,how easy and weird to say that,my vampire.its unbelieveable how fast things changed this year.I started school waiting to deal with homework,the populars,and bullying; but yet I was in themiddle of a.vampire werewolf standoff that has been going on for years.and I just now figure out, and an amazing forbidden love with a young vampire who really isnt that young.
I went into the bathroom and showered,letting the soothing water realx my muscles and enjoying the amazing smells of my Axe bodywash. Ied got out and got dressed and walked to the living room thinking that I had the house to myself since my aunt has worl all day today,boy was i wrong.
BOOM! is all I heard and just that noise got me a little shook up,but as I walked further ahead what I saw chaged evertything.
The tv was on and from the sound radiating from is on full blast,i know that I didnt leaveit on for the simple fact I hate to waste energy when theres no reason for it. When I saw the culprit in action all I could do was laugh as I saw Crest sprawled out on my sofa totally culptivated by call of duty modern warfare three. So thats why I heard the loud noise when I came in here.Boys!
lol, nothing like a war game to turn any guy into a trigger happy kiling machine. I heated up some coffee and sat next to him hoping that my presence would cuase him to turn away from the gamefor a second and spend time with me.
I was wrong.ugh! I pushed him and he started laughing and set the controller on the floor after putting the game on pause.He smiled at me and wrapped his arms around me as I snuggle close to him,inhaling the scent of him that I love so very much.
"good morning love, how did you sleep?" Crest asked me while kissing my forehead. I looked at him and smiled and said "I slept fine just wish that this moment with you can last forever". He smiled at me and leaned in to kiss me. "I dont see why it cant last forever sweetie" he told me as he holds me tighter to his chest. I lay my head on his chest and enjoy the even sound of his heart beating.
Two hours pass and i open my eyes and stand up to stretch while stumbling into the kitchen. Ding! I hear the sound of the doorbell and watch as Crest walks to it and sees who it is. He steps out of the doorway to let Dominic and Raven in as they all settle down on the couch. I went to hug Raven but he pushed me away before we came into contact with one another. "wats wrong?" i asked him. Him and Dominic shared a look and the moment he turned back to me i knew that something was up and that it wasnt good.
"So im guessing that mr,romeo told you what he really was?" Dominic asked me while standing up his expression guarded. "Yes I told her yesterday"Crest replied. "well isnt that great Kara knows about you so now you can have your goons hunt her down and kill her" Dominic screamed at Crest,his face getting red with anger. "What the hell is wrong with you?!"Crest asked, "Id never do such a thing to her or anyone". "Bullshit!". Raven blurted out as he punched Crest in the jaw and pushed him against a wall. "Raven what the hell are you doing,let him go!" I yelled at Raven trying to pull him away from Crest. "Back off Kara,this has nothing to do with you" Dominic told me. "He has something for me and all if he gives it to me than everything will be fine."Raven said while keeping his eyes on Crest.
"I dont have anything of yours and i would like it if you let go of my shirt" Crest told Raven."Where the hell is my necklace?" Raven asked Crest while keeping a strong hold ripping Crests shirt. "I dont know what the hell your talking about,I dont know anything about your necklace" Crest replied. "You lying bastard!" Dominic said while taking a step closer to Crest. "Enough! dammit! Why dont you all stop acting like babies and sit down and talk this through like normal people. Raven and Dominic looked at Crest and moved away and sat down. "Im sorry Kara but theres one thing you should know about us.we arent normal" Raven said while looking at me with soft eyes.

i looked at him dumbfounded;"no ones truly 'normal"i said. He looked at me and started to say the words that would question our friendship forever; "we are.....


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