Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 48

      Maggie's P.O.V.


Madalla released Dontle and Caspus from their handcuffs. They climbed out of their chairs and brushed their dresses off neatly.

Madalla then went to a shiny potion bottle and tried to touch herself up in her reflextion. When she was finished with her hair she turned to me, still sitting on my chair. She rubbed her hands together, "Lets get started then, dear."

Caspus took my hand and led me down the four tables to where Madalla stood. Madalla smiled, "These are the four witches tables. The fourth one at the end is for you, that one that isn't glowing. Mine is red, Caspus green, and Dontle yellow. I do not know what color yours will shine but I'm sure it will reflect who you are in some way."

"How does red represent you?" I asked.

Madalla glared at me, "Do not ask such questions." Then she cleared her throat, "To transform you it takes a number of spells and a few different levels of pain."

"Pain for who?" I asked.

"Pain for you dear. Who else?" Madalla cackled, "Dontle and Caspus go get the pot. I'll explain to Maggie here what its all about."

Dontle and Caspus opened a tile on the floor on the other side of the room and went down the stairs that led into the open tile.

Madalla turned back to me, "We put you in a pot. We throw a few things in. I say a few spells and then you have our powers. Then you can help us."

"Once I am changed, I go to Knowledge with you and help you get your daughter." Then I paused, "On one condition." Madalla frowned as i continued, "We don't ask where the water is. We ask for your daughter."

Madalla tried not to scream she opened her mouth to yell something furious at me but stopped mid breath. She thought for a moment and then whispered, "You know who has it. You know where the water is."

I stepped back from her and took a breath, "No," I paused, "No I don't."

Madalla's lips pursed down and she glared, "You disgusting little creature. You know where the water is! You know!" She advanced on me and I stepped back quickly.

"No! No! I don't know where the water is! I was just saying that you could ask for your daughter instead of the water. Save some time is all!"

Madalla took her nails and jambed them into the nearest table and scraped down into the wood, "You will learn not to lie to me dear."

Dontle and Caspus pushed through the door and hefted a pot down onto the floor. Madalla called them over, "Over by the fire."

They continued to drag and push the huge black pot over to the fireplace.

The pot was larger than I was and I could probably sink down in and sit at the bottom with my entire head submersed in water at the top.

Madalla rushed to the fireplace and pushed thick gloves over her fingers. She then went to the bottom of the glowing fireplace and carefully placed her hands on two handles that lay just outside the fire on a metal plate. I hadn't noticed before that the fire was sitting on a mobile tray and was only placed under the chimney for the smoke.

Madalla motioned her hands at Dontle and Caspus. The two girls again hefted the pot and this time sat it ontop the fire. Madalla removed her glove, "Thank you darlings. I can take it from here."

Madalla went to a table filled with potions and bottles and took a handful of carefully selected bottles. Caspus and Dontle each rolled one of the fireplace chairs up against the wall and sat in them and watched Madalla and the black pot.

Madalla smiled at me as she walked past to the pot. She held a tiny blue bottle over the pot and opened it carefully. The bottle then poured gallons of water out into the pot. She then motioned to me, "Come here deary and get yourself into this pot." Madalla smiled, "You can keep your clothes on dear don't worry."

I nodded and slowly helped my self into the gradually heating pot, "How long will it be?"

"It should only take a few moments. But I should tell you that when the pot feels hot and you feel as though you are going to burn and die do not worry. You may be able to feel the pain of the burns but the burns are not really there."

"I will feel the burns? For how long?"

"I said it should only take a few moments Maggie. Shut your mouth with the questions and let me ask them."

I frowned, "Fine then. Ask away."

"Who has the water?"

I shut my mouth and did not say a word. I would not tell her.

Madalla smiled, "Alright dear," She changed her voice so that it sounded sweet and loving, "Tell me who has the water. Tell me now, who has the water."

I breathed in her words and sighed. Every word she muttered was so sweet and delicious. I wanted so bad to tell her.

I looked away from her and grasped the edges of the pot which were beginning to get hot. I held tightly and shut my eyes trying to do everything in my power not to tell her.

Then I heard her say, "Fine. We will do this the hard way."

I didn't look up. I heard a few shakes of a bottle and then Dontle spoke, "Madalla, that isn't in the Spells directions!"

I opened my eyes in reaction just in time to see Madalla let a few drops of glittery pink liquid into the pot with a smile on her face.

I stared into the water and watched as the little flakes of pink multiplied and scattered around the pot of water. I tried to inch my legs away from the pink specks but there wasn't enough room in the pot. I looked up to Madalla who stood by Dontle and Caspus who had now rushed over to watch. Madalla was still smiling.

I looked down into the water and the glitter specks were no longer there. Nothing had happened. But then I felt it.

There was a shifting feeling in my stomach as the water slowly moved around me. I thought for sure my face was green.

I needed to puke badly. I had to, but I couldn't. My body would not let me. I clasped my hands around my stomach and breathed deeply. My breath came out in a wraspy tone and it felt as though I couldn't breath. I needed so badly to remove things from the inside of my body and could not. I began to choke and weeze badly. I held up my hands around my throat and looked to Dontle begging for help with my eyes. She only stared with fear and stepped back a few steps and turned around.

Madalla glared at me while she spoke to Dontle, "Do not get her water Dontle. Do not get her drink."

Dontle stopped and slowly turned back around to look at me again. She looked sorry but I could not tell.

I needed to drink. 

There was boiling hot water all around me. I remembered the pink specks floating. I should not drink this water but my throat was burning. It felt as though hell was in my esophogus. I couldn't stand it any longer.

I dipped my head down into the hot water and took a drink.

Immedietly the pain in my throat stopped and I could breath. I took some more scoops of water into my mouth and then sat back down in the water and relaxed a bit. I stared at the boiling water and held myself together.

I could feel it burning my skin and it hurt very badly. It was nothing compared to the pain in my throat but it still hurt. I couldn't give Madalla any more pleasure though. I had to last through the burns.

Then I heard Madalla cackling and I looked up. She smiled, "Tell me who has it, tell me where it is and I'll let you out of the pot."

I couldn't tell her. I could not give Christopher away. I did not say anything.

"Fine, have it your way." Madalla frowned and folded her arms across her chest. She slid her weight to one hip and stared at me.

I sat there in the water for a while praying that whatever happened next was not terrible. 

Praying could do nothing for me.



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