Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 46
Madalla's Secret

Maggie's P.O.V.

Dontle screamed as she and Caspus were dragged into the room and flung onto chairs by the fireplace. Madalla strapped them onto the chairs with handcuffs, glaring at them for a moment with pure frustration in her eyes. Then she rushed back to me and flung me into the third chair by the fireplace. She looked for handcuffs on the side but there was none.

Madalla had tears in her eyes. She turned around and paced the floor in front of us. We said nothing as we watched her fling her arms around and wipe tears from her eyes. Then she went to the paint dropped on the floor from her surprise and tried to clean it up.

She was shaking so badly that she fell to the ground on her knees and then toppled over like a tower of blocks. She lay there on the tile floor shaking and wailing. Her hair was in a tangled heap and she crunched up a little.

I looked to Dontle and then to Caspus. They both gave me scared looks.

Obviously, Madalla wasn't usually like this.

I tried to swallow but my mouth was too dry. I took a deep breath and spoke, "Persephone,"

At my words Madalla quit shaking and sat there on the floor hiding her face in the tile. I opened my mouth again, "Who is she?"

Madalla sat on the floor for a while longer before she slowly pulled herself up into a sitting position. Her light hair shadowed her face and in the firelight she looked deadly. She sniffed, "You think I take Elixir to stay beautiful? You think I want that Everlasting LIfe because I'm selfish and only want to have eternal life?" She asked in a grumbly loud voice.

I didn't say anything.

She stood to her feet, still looking like a mess, "I don't want that water for no reason! I need it!" She screamed, "Have you heard of the myth of Persephone and Demeter?"

I shook my head.

"Persephone was the Goddess of Springtime, Demeter the Goddess of Harvest. Demeter was Persephones mother. One day when Persephones was picking flowers, Hades, from the Underworld came and took her away. Demeter mourned for a very long time until the God Zeus wanted to help because crops were failing. He tried to get Persephone out of the Underworld but she ate the seeds of a pomegranite. If you eat in the Underworld you must stay forever. Persephone can only visit her mother in the spring and summertime. That is where we get seasons."

I then nodded, this story sounded familiar.

Madalla started walking closer, "This is similiar to what happened to me dear. My daughter, Persephone was taken from me." Madalla gave a shaky breath and glanced at Dontle and Caspus who had obviously never heard this story from the looks on their faces. "We were having a picnic with her father in the meadow. She wanted to pick me some flowers and so she did. I was so stupid. She was so young. Too young to look after herself. Her father and I were preoccupied with each other and didn't notice when someone else came into the meadow."

Madalla fell to the floor in front of my chair and her face was turned to the ground, "The thing took my daughter away from me before I could stop it! It took her away and I don't know where she went! I've long since outlived my life trying to find her. Taking medicines and potions, giving myself more life, more time, to try and find her."

I whispered, "You want the Everlasting Water so that you can live longer and find your daughter."

Madalla looked up with tears in her eyes, "If I don't get that water I will die not knowing what happened to her!"

I gave her a blank look as I lost myself in thought. I spoke my mind, "if Knowledge the owl knows everything why can he not tell you where your daughter is?"

Madalla screamed with all her might and picked herself up off the ground, "I have already tried! Knowledge will not tell me!" She screached again and ran to the third table. She knocked off all the glass bottles and then ran back to my chair. She grabbed the sides and wailed in my face, "My daughter does not want me to find her. She does not want to be found by me! Knowledge will not tell me because of this!" She fell down to the floor again and cried loudly.

I reached down and placed my hand on her back, "If Persephone does not want to be found, why do you still seak her?"

Madalla slowly turned her head to me again and stared deeply into my eyes, "I love Persephone with all my heart. No matter how much she does not love me back, she will forever be in her Mother's heart."

I had no words.

Madalla had spoken such and it was a true surprise. She had really loved Persephone with all her heart. Searching for her for so long without any luck had made her the cruel person she was today. All she really wanted was to be with Persephone again.

Madalla climbed up off the floor again and went to the nearest portrait of the girl, "To see her face, to touch her skin, to hear her voice just one last time would be enough. Then I could die."

Her words reached my heart. I couldn't help but hurt for her. She was in true pain. Pain I did not know of. 

I looked to Caspus and Dontle. They both had tears in their eyes as they watched Madalla in fright.

My thoughts were jumbling around in my head. I couldn't help but feel that what I was about to say was the right thing to do.

"I will do what I must to help you find your daughter."  


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