Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 5

20:40 above the colonized planet of Maroon. The covenant started to invade Maroon since last week.


          “Sir we have two new contacts coming out of slip space!” The radio cracked with static before Commander Roland came through.

          “Take them out before they take us out.”

          “Commander hold your fire, this is ORON-22 on a captured covenant Corvette. I have brought along some reinforcements.”

          “What are you doing on that Corvette son?”

          “Sir taking back Maroon, we need all of our ships to engage the covenants capital ship. The prophet Noble was told to be on that ship.”

          “Are you sure ORON-22? This is a suicide mission.” The two captured Corvettes hovered over the docking bay station. Once above the station, two light blue beams shot down on the deck pad. Elites in grey armor came down the two beams.

          “Hold your fire! These elites are with us!”

          “Have you lost your mind Marcus? You think we can actually trust these covenant scum?”

          “It’s either you trust them, or die by their blades. It is your call Commander?”

          “Alright… marines, form up a strike team! One hog per team! Mount up!” The marines scattered into strike teams as they were told. The Forsaken elites sent down ghosts for them. Three ghosts per strike team.

          “Human! I will be aiding you during your assault! That prophet will die by my blade, for the blood shed of my fathers, for the blood shed of my sons!” Tara held her twine energy swords across her chest. Marcus nodded before he grabbed two K-5S shotguns. Three ORON soldiers were standing right besides him. To his surprise, the three were none other than Amy, Jessica, and Snow. All three were stripped to a bare minimum armor. No shoulder pads, no helmet, no elbow pads, and no knee pads. The reason was to give the ORON soldiers more speed while in action.

          “Marcus all four of us is the last ORON soldier that’s still alive. The rest were killed by covenant activities.”

          “… I know.” Marcus loaded both of his shotguns as Amy and Jessica stripped his armor down just like their armor.

          “Spartan 245 ready for action Sergeant Marcus. Came just in time didn’t I?” The Spartan leaped down from the crane hook, landing down right in front of Marcus. He had his SMG’S at the ready.

          “Where is the rest of your squad Spartan? Did you come alone?”

          “The rest will be here, as for right now we should move before we lose our chance at killing this prophet.” The frigates and battle ships of the 5th slip space fleet moved in range. MAC cannons from Endless Night shot first. The MAC round struck the covenants capital ships right side, disabling its shields momentarily. Then Domain Justice shot an EMP round. Once it hit the ship, all electronics were disabled. Including the ships engines which means it had to make an emergency landing. All of the other covenant ships were engaged with the 5th slip space fleets Frigates.

          “There is our window team, let’s move out now! Endless Night and Domain Justice, thanks for the assist! We owe you one.” Once every one was set to move out, three tanks rolled by from under the docking stations, no make that thirteen, even more warthogs.

          “This is Spartan 303; we came just in time to see ya’ll take down that ship. Hope we’re not late to the party Jon, or we’ll be causing a ruckus around here ya’ll hear me?”

          “Tracy just get your ass ready, you know it’s not too late. Every one mount up, this will make traveling even faster.” All the marines mounted up on each of the tanks armored treads. They even got into warthogs as well. Marcus, Tara, Amy, Jessica, and Snow mounted up on a troop caring hog’. It had no rear armament, but Jessica was packing a HSM launcher, Amy had her SRRS-8 sniper, and Snow had a new grenade launcher the KX-6. Every one was set, even the Forsaken elites whom had their own warthogs.

          “Hey Tara, does your elites knows how to drive our hogs’?”

          “They should, we were using them before we found you. It is very simple to drive one.” First convoy out was the MG-50 hogs, next were the G-56 gauss hogs, then the HSM rocket hogs and troop hog. Last ones out were the scorpion 150 mm tanks.

          “Kilo Foxtrot coming in hot! Watch your head ladies!” Falcons buzzed over every ones heads, making the turret user’s to look up. The range from the docking station and the covenant capital ship was about, 67 clicks out. There was no stopping at all for the convoys. One single stop could screw up their whole plan, causing the prophet Noble to flee in a phantom. But that won’t happen with Saber fighters zipping on by.

          “Kilo Foxtrot, what is our heading?”

          “Thirteen clicks and counting, keep on pushing forward!” Thirteen clicks were not all bad, considering that they have never stopped before. Every one was surprised that the tanks were keeping up with them. The Forsaken elite’s ghosts were right by the tanks just in case they were ambushed.

          “We have five clicks and counting people! Field Marshal, if we make it out alive, drinks are on you!”

          “You bet my white furry ass they’re not Gunny!” Every one chuckled silently for a brief moment, until they saw incoming covenant blue ghosts. The Forsaken group painted all their vehicles grey like their armor. Gauss hogs’ opened fire right away when they were in range. The gauss cannon, when fired, sounded like a thunder clap, leaving behind a lightning bolt pattern smoke from the barrel. Each shot struck one enemy ghost in the front, leaving a huge gaping hole in its armor. Forcing the ghosts to turn back, the scorpion tanks fired their 150 mm cannons.

          “They are no mach for our fire power! Give them something to choke on marines!” The HSM hogs’ sped up, passing the tanks and gauss hogs’. Each gunner on each HSM hog launched six missiles at the remaining ghosts. Sending a huge wave of sixty rockets, and made evading out of the question. Once the ghosts can’t evade, the rockets soon caught up, blowing each covenant ghost out of view.

          “Kilo Foxtrot what’s our heading to the capital ship now?”

          “Hang on ma’am… heading is currently two hundred and fifty-five meters away.”

          “Punch it marines!”

          “Field Marshal, watch out.” A covenant banshee rammed into the Field Marshals warthog at full speed. Killing the gunner and the passenger, who ever was in the banshee, hoped out of the cockpit, and made its way to where Snow was lying on the ground. The elite Zealot grabbed Snow by her neck, yanked her off of the rocks forcefully, and activated its energy sword.

          “Marcus!” Was the only word she can yell, when the Zealot stabbed her in the torso with its energy sword. Her shields flared, she heard the warning signal going off in her helmet as she felt the white hot plasma scorching her fur flesh and organs.

          “Snow, no!” Marcus hopped out of his warthog, and tackled the Zealot to the ground while grabbing hold of his combat knife. The Zealot tried to fight back the ORON soldier, but Marcus was quicker. With one swift and powerful thrust to the Zealots neck, the combat knife went straight through the elite’s scaly neck. Purple blood spurted every where from its wound.

          “We need a corpsman over here!” Marcus got off of the elite, left his combat knife in its neck, and rushed over to Snow.

          “M… Marcus…”

          “Snow, every thing will be fine. Just stay with me, please don’t die.” Marcus placed one hand on her wounds to stop them from bleeding. His other hand grasped Snows.

          “Marcus… go on without me. It’s no use… I’m bleeding eternally… leave! You are the… new Field Marshal… make me proud out there… my friend…”

          “NO I will not leave you! I made a promise that I will never let another ORON soldier die! I don’t think I can be a Field Marshal… where is that corpsman!” The corpsmen rushed over as quickly as he can, until Snow’s grip faded.

          “Snow, Snow please don’t leave me!... SNOW…” Her hand fell out of Marcus’s, and he could feel her soul leaving her body. The corpsmen took out the field dressing and the bio-foam, ready to patch up her wounds. That’s when Marcus took her dog tags off of her neck, and wiped the blood off of them.

          “It’s to late… we can’t do any thing to bring her back. I am in command now, get back to your hog.” Marcus stood up while looking at Snow’s motionless body. He saluted to his fallen friend, no, his fallen sister. The troop hog came up behind him, so Marcus grabbed hold of Snow’s body, and sat it right by him in the back. He held her head close to his chest, not one single tear would be shed during this mission. He loved Snow, and Snow loved him back. Both of them spent twenty five years training to become the best of the best. And all of that was taken away by one, single elite.

          “What is our heading update Kilo Foxtrot?”

          “We’ve got thirty three more meters to go! What happened to Field Marshal Sn…”

          “She’s KIA.” The radio went dead, no one spoke a word. They showed respect to their fallen leader. And they will soon appraise their new leader.

          “Make them pay for what they’ve done to her son.” Marcus held back his sorrow’s for one last time. He spoke out in the com’s relay with a hint of sadness in his tone.

          “They will pay, all of them no matter what happens to me. They will pay, on the blood of my dead family.” Soon the meters started to click away as the convoy reached their target. Each Falcon landed around them, dropping off Spartan’s that were riding along.

          “Look. They’ve set up a defensive line in front of the ships access point. Can we get through them?”

          “Yes we can, all tanks fire at will!” All ten tanks fired their 150 mm cannons, striking the covenant defense blockade.

          “This is for the souls you bastards took away from us!”


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