Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 4
long night alone

Urina system 14:33 on the Star-turn planet, Marcus found him self left to die.


          ‘There is no turning back from your choice; you wanted to become a Field Marshal. You wanted to avenge the death of your friends. You were the person to call for. So tell me this, are you willing to put every thing on the line to become a Field Marshal?’ Marcus shot straight up from where he was laying. His breath was heavy and uneven like someone, or in this case, something had scared him. The voices in his head were driving him to utter insanity. Marcus staggered up on his feet, holding a dead tree for leverage. The bark on the tree was burnt to a crisp; he could still feel the burning ashes under his palm. So he thought to him self, ‘What am I doing here in this waste land? Have I been forgotten and left for dead?’ that’s when a faint screech was heard. He quickly turned around to see an enemy banshee flying over head. It circled around his position, and Marcus knew it can not be good.

          “Damn vultures… I need to keep moving.” Marcus found no weapon that was left for him, so he would rely on hand to hand combat. The one thought raced in his head.

          ‘Why has no one came to find me yet?’ So he looked around where he was placed and found a road. With no other options, Marcus quickly sprinted for the road. He stepped on a little toy gun and it shattered like glass. That caused Marcus to stop and look back.

          ‘That toy gun was like mine when I was a youngster. Poor kids… none should have deserved to die in this war.’ Marcus focused on his primary objective, fine a place where there was life and make use of any weapons left behind. Then he started sprinting up the road until he reached a sign that said.

‘Welcome to Farvilla, home of the protected. Protected? Look at this place; it was protected until the covenant glassed it.’ So Marcus pushed open the glass metal gates. To what he saw was nothing that could be of use. That’s when he heard the same banshee that was circling him was now fallowing him. So he stood his ground, waiting for it to fire its fuel rod bomb or even fire its twin plasma cannons. But it didn’t, what it did was it came gliding down into the dirt road. It stopped inches away from hitting him. The top part of the banshee opened up, and what walked out of it. Was an elite Ultra that was unarmed?

          “I have kept an eye on you ever since you were blown back from your drop ship. Do not worry; I am not here to do you any harm. What I want is to help you find your way back. My name is Kal’Zeel and I am not one of those over powering male elites.”

          “So wait, you’re a female elite?”

          “Yes I am, one of many female elites that joined the covenant. I never did like this elite body of mine. That is why I have taken form of an animal that was near me.” Kal’Zeel’s body started to glow a bright white, blinding Marcus for a bit. When the light dimmed down, Marcus saw a fox humanoid standing right in front of him.

          “I find this form a bit easier to cooperate with.” Marcus stood there looking at the elite that transformed into a fox hybrid. Not knowing what is going on, he just shrugged the feeling off.

          “OK I have some questions that need to be answered. I want to know what planet I am on right now.”

          “Your on Star-turn on a mission to help your marines with I believe you call them, ACT’s? That is when the covenant led by the prophet Noble, came to Star-turn to invade it. There are six prophets in the covenant armada. Noble Peace Honor Regret Truth and Mercy, all six are apart of the covenant fleet of High Charity.”

          “That answers my question on where I am. Now, why was I left here to die?”

          “You were left here because your human friends couldn’t get to you on time. More covenant ships were appearing from slip space and started glassing the planet. You are lucky to survive the glassing human.”

          “Now how do I get back with my fleet?” Kal’Zeel merely chuckled under her breath. Her long tails sway from left to right.

          “Why are you so eager to leave? Are you not comfortable to be around me? Like I said, I am not here to cause you any harm. All I want to do… is to help you get back to your human friends.”

          “Kal’Zeel, do not test my abilities to kill you right now. I want to know how to get back!”

          “Don’t raise your tone at me human. There are more elites hunting down any one that might have survived our glassing. And don’t call me by my covenant birth name. Call me Tara.” Tara was merely toying with him, messing around with his mind, picking for any clues in his brain. One question popped into her head.

          “Are you not in a suitable relationship with a significant other?”

          “Yes I am in fact. Why must you know if I am?” Tara smirked a bit across her muzzle.

          “Oh, I just wanted to know that’s all. It’s not like she’s dead or not.”

          “What do you want from me, blood?” Tara shook her head as she circled the ORON soldier. Her nine tails were flickering around the dust. Marcus grew unsatisfied at Tara and he wanted to leave.

          “Where can I find a shuttle to take me back to my fleet?”

          “I can help you with that.” Tara smirk grew across her whole muzzle. She pointed to a docking station made by the covenant. She explained to Marcus about the covenants plan. Glass the entire planet and set up a docking station to where they can inhabit the fallen colony. Smart bastard is all Marcus could think right now.

          “In order to take one covenant ship out of that docking station, you will need some back up.” Tara snapped her fingers once then more elites started to appear before Marcus. Active camouflage is a strategic part in the covenant and ORON armies. One with an ace in their mitts wins an entire battle. But all elites in the covenant have active camouflage.

          “You will also need a weapon, can’t go in an enemies base with only your hands.” One of the elite’s gave the ORON soldier a plasma rifle, four plasma grenades, and an energy sword for close quarters.

          “I hope you know how to use our arsenal of weapons human. Cause this is the only thing you will get that is close enough to your liking.” Tara motioned the elites to move out. Marcus saw that all the elites were grey, not like the usual blue and red. So he fallowed close behind Tara which is in her fox form still. Once the rouge elites were in range of the docking stations, covenant wraiths fired their blue mortars in the air. Six wraiths against three hundred rouge elites and an ORON marine, spells trouble for the wraiths.

          “Every one split up, take each flank! Marcus you are with me, are you not?”

          “I am, let’s give them hell.” So the elites split apart from their formations taking each flank. Tara and Marcus went right. The other elites that went left will deal with the wraiths.

          “Marcus… I know I have some explaining to do.”

          “You sure as hell do.”

          “Well most of us in the covenant broke apart from the prophet’s rule. We never did like killing your kind at all. So we defected from the prophet’s rule and formed a rouge faction.” Four blue elites spotted Tara before the rouge elites sliced their backs with both of their energy swords. The covenant’s rouge elite faction was called Forsaken. From the bloods of their fathers, from the bloods of their sons, they will fight against the prophets’.

          “Push on ward’s my brothers! Let no elite that fallows the prophet’s commands stand in our way!” Tara then looked at Marcus before she smiled, and offered a friendly hand out to him.

          “We are on your side for now, Marcus.”


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