A Girl Named Her
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 21

He kissed her today.... He came over, and in a moment of weakness for them, he kissed her. It was amazing. Perfect. Passionate without much going on. It just meant the world to her. When it stopped, she wanted to just kiss him again over and over. But instead the kiss had to linger there after it ended. And it made her want to cry. His lips were so soft on hers. Oh, how she missed those lips on hers. It was completely magical. Sparks flew. To her anyway. When he went to leave, They sat in his car, and talked. But then the conversation changed all the little dreams and great feelings she was having in her head. He told her not to tell the girl he chose over her... It broke her heart the minute he said it. It made her feel like he regretted the entire thing. . . By asking her not to tell this other girl about the kisses, he made her feel like this girl was more important than her. Which apparently she is becasue he still chooses that girl over her. He still wants to be with her. Even after telling her he still loves her, and telling her that within the next few months they will probably be together again. But he still wants to be with this other girl. WHY!?!?!?! Why won't he just pick her!? What makes that girl so god damn great that he chooses her over the girl he "supposedly" loves. Why is he so intent on building them up and talking about getting back together some time, then breaking her down? He build it up theat he has chosen her, but then he turns around and still chooses her! He says how bad he wants to be with her, and misses her and loves her, but he wont pick her.

So she feels confused. She doesnt know what to believe or think becasue all week it has been lies and pain and hurt and tears. She wants to believe he loves her and whithin the next few months they will be together, but she knows he wants this other girl, so she cant keep telling herself it will happen if it wont. So she is going to keep crying, and keep hurting becasue he keeps breaking her heart. . .


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